Inquiry into Pedestrian Safety in Car Parks

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On 4 December 2008 the Road Safety Committee received terms of reference from the Legislative Assembly to inquire into and report by 31 May 2010 on pedestrian safety in car parks.

The Final Report for this Inquiry was tabled in the Parliament on Wednesday 26 May 2010. 

View the Media Release:
pdf Media Release 9.48 Kb

The Government Response to the Road Safety Committee's Review of the Inquiry into Pedestrian Safety in Car Parks was tabled in the House on 5 April 2011.

If you would like further information, please contact the Committee on (03) 8682 2847 or

Report and Response


The Final Report for the Inquiry into Pedestrian Safety in Car Parks was tabled on 26 May 2010:

pdf Final Report (2.24 Mb)


The Committee issued a media release upon tabling the Final Report on the Inquiry into Pedestrian Safety in Car Parks.
pdf Media Release (9.48 Kb)


The Victorian Government Response for the Inquiry into Pedestrian Safety in Car Parks was tabled in Parliament on 5 April 2011.
pdf Government Response (547.38 Kb)


The Committee has received submissions from the following individuals and organisations. If you require assistance accessing these submissions please phone (03) 8682 2846.

  1. Gardner, D. (pdf, 60 KB)
  2. Bergman, T. (pdf, 204 KB)
  3. Boroondara City Council (pdf, 116 KB)
  4. Wellington Shire Council (pdf, 124 KB)
  5. East Gippsland Shire Council (pdf, 55 KB)
  6. Edis, S.P. (pdf, 157 KB)
  7. Monash University Accident Research Centre (pdf, 706 KB)
  8. Mentiplay, D.R. (pdf, 6.4 MB)
  9. Ballarat City Council (pdf, 128 KB)
  10. Hobsons Bay City Council (pdf, 565 KB)
  11. Casey City Council (pdf, 208 KB)
  12. Moyne Shire Council (pdf, 116 KB)
  13. Beulke, G.E. (pdf, 129 KB)
  14. Melbourne City Council (pdf, 100 KB)
  15. Yarra City Council (pdf, 62 KB)
  16. Knox City Council (pdf, 889 KB)
  17. Shepherd, D. (pdf, 112 KB)
  18. WorkSafe (pdf, 130 KB)
  19. Watkins, E. (pdf, 197 KB)
  20. Surf Coast Shire Council (pdf, 85 KB)
  21. Wangaratta Rural City Council (pdf, 187 KB)
  22. Manningham City Council (pdf, 119 KB)
  23. Mount Alexander Shire Council (pdf, 692 KB)
  24. O'Brien Traffic / ALDI Stores (pdf, 537 KB)
  25. Latrobe City Council (pdf, 77 KB)
  26. Banyule City Council (pdf, 121 KB)
  27. Maribyrnong City Council (pdf, 113 KB)
  28. Insurance Council of Australia (pdf, 77 KB)
  29. RoadSafe Westgate - Community Road Safety Councils of Victoria (pdf, 348 KB)
  30. Pedestrian Council of Australia (pdf, 13.2 MB)
  31. Bayswater North Community Renewal Paths and Parking Actino Group (pdf, 1.8 MB)
  32. Glen Eira City Council (pdf, 312 KB)
  33. Stonnington City Council (pdf, 279 KB)
  34. Monash City Council (pdf, 300 KB)
  35. Greater Dandenong City Council (pdf, 61 KB)
  36. QIC Limited (pdf, 148 KB)
  37. Warrnambool City Council (pdf, 98 KB)
  38. Westfield Shopping Centre Management Co Pty Ltd (pdf, 147 KB)
  39. Queensland Transport (pdf, 160 KB)
  40. Bayside City Council (pdf, 76 KB)
  41. Brimbank City Council (pdf, 359 KB)
  42. Gannawarra Shire Council (pdf, 60 KB)
  43. Greater Geelong City Council (pdf, 3.9 MB)
  44. VicRoads (pdf, 7.6 MB)
  45. Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Ltd (pdf, 661 KB)
  46. Yarra Ranges Shire Council (pdf, 297 KB)
  47. Peninsula Advisory Committee for Elders (pdf, 702 KB)
  48. Moreland City Council (pdf, 95 KB)
  49. Transport Accident Commission (pdf, 526 KB)
  50. Shopping Centre Council of Australia Limited (pdf, 73 KB)
  51. Colonial First State Property Management Pty Ltd (pdf, 162 KB)
  52. Department of Planning and Community Development (pdf, 12.62 MB)


Hearings and Transcripts

The Road Safety Committee held public hearings on the Inquiry into Pedestrian Safety in Car Parks. Transcripts and presentations from the public hearings are available for download on this page.


Monday 27 July 2009

55 St Andrews Place, Melbourne

10:30am–11:30am VicRoads
pdf Transcript (36.15 Kb
pdf Presentation (277.46 Kb)

11:30am-12:15pm Victoria Police
pdf Transcript (52.19 Kb)
Presentation (685.69 Kb)

12:45pm-1:30pm Monash University Accident Research Centre
pdf Transcript (34.83 Kb)
Presentation (275.78 Kb)

1:30pm-2:15pm Municipal Association of Victoria
Transcript (20.67 Kb)

2:15pm-2:45pm Transport Accident Commission
Transcript (34.41 Kb)


Monday 14 September 2009

55 St Andrews Place, Melbourne

10:30am–11:00am Melbourne City Council
Transcript (49.54 Kb)

11:00am-11.30am Stonnington City Council
Transcript (46.51 Kb)

Presentation (6.07 Mb)

11.30am-12:00pm Boroondara City Council
Transcript (33.26 Kb)

Presentation (652.70 Kb)

12:00pm-12:45pm Bayswater North Renewal - Paths & Parking Action Group/Maroondah City Council
Transcript (50.87 Kb)

Presentation (481.39 Kb)

1:15pm-1:45pm Department of Planning & Community Development
Transcript (28.70 Kb)

Presentation (443.93 Kb)

1:45pm-2:15pm Wilson Parking Australia
Transcript (48.43 Kb)

Presentation (4.45 Mb)

2:15-2:45pm WorkSafe Victoria
Transcript (27.04 Kb)


Overseas Briefings

Monday 3 August 2009

Wellington, New Zealand

Ministry of Justice - Crime Prevention Unit, Car Park & Safer Parking

New Zealand Parking Association

Wellington City Council

Tenix Solutions New Zealand Ltd


Interstate Briefings

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Sydney, NSW

Pedestrian Council of Australia
Transcript (65.88 Kb)

Transcript (42.52 Kb)

ARRB Group Ltd
Transcript (47.12 Kb)
Presentation (766.29 Kb)

National Roads and Motorists' Association Limited (NRMA) Motoring & Services
Transcript (33.10 Kb)

Woolworths Limited
Transcript (26.32 Kb)

Roads & Traffic Authority
Transcript (30.43 Kb)



Terms of Reference

To the Road Safety Committee – for inquiry, consideration and report no later than 31 May 2010 on the current rules and standards that apply to pedestrian safety in car parks; and the committee is to recommend potential measures that relevant authorities should consider to improve safety for pedestrians.