Inquiry into Sustainable Urban Design for New Communities in Outer Suburban Areas

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Response to Inquiry


The pdf Government Response 2.15 Mb  to the Inquiry was tabled in Parliament on 16 May 2005.

Terms of Reference

Referred to the Committee from the Legislative Assembly on 3 June 2003 -

For Inquiry, consideration and report by 31 March 2004 on sustainable urban design for new communities in outer suburban areas and, in conducting the Inquiry, the committee is to:

  1. Identify the current practice of urgan design for new communities and articulate the potential contribution of urban design to sustainability objectives;
  2. Examine best practice urban design in urban development projects by state agencies;
  3. Examine and report on the relationship and opportunities in the achievement of urban design objectives between the public and private domains;
  4. Investigate the potential effectiveness of the Pride of Place program in the achievement of sustainable urban design for new communities; and
  5. Investigatge the contribution of key elements of urban design to the achievement of greenhouse strategy and Melbourne 2030 objectives, including:
    - water sensitive design;
    - provision of public open space;
    - road safety;
    - public safety;
    - reduced car dependency; and
    - physical and social well-being.

Following requests for an extension in the Inquiry reporting date, the Committee is now due to report to the Parliament on 30 September 2004.




  1. pdf John Prideaux 79.13 Kb
  2. pdf Disability Support and Housing Alliance 6.61 Mb
  3. pdf Mornington Peninsula Shire Council 813.12 Kb
  4. pdf RMIT University, Environment & Planning Programme 131.44 Kb
  5. pdf Dave Jones 585.83 Kb
  6. pdf Interface Group of Councils 1.42 Mb
  7. pdf Victorian Farmers Federation 753.92 Kb
  8. pdf Drapac Property 495.83 Kb
  9. pdf Andrew Lockwood-Penney 1.57 Mb
  10. pdf Public Transport Users Association 1.06 Mb
  11. pdf Women's Health Victoria 352.54 Kb
  12. pdf Alison G. Walpole 200.83 Kb
  13. pdf Neighbourhood Watch 306.59 Kb
  14. pdf Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Services 692.75 Kb
  15. pdf RMIT University, Centre for Applied Social Research 5.02 Mb
  16. pdf City of Greater Dandenong 193.79 Kb
  17. pdf Alan Parker Design 3.65 Mb
  18. pdf Frankston City Council 1.54 Mb
  19. pdf Mitchell Shire Council 707.59 Kb
  20. pdf Surf Coast Shire 207.53 Kb
  21. pdf Jones & Whitehead Pty Ltd 4.00 Mb
  22. pdf Brotherhood of St. Laurence 1.18 Mb
  23. pdf Delfin Lend Lease Ltd 689.57 Kb
  24. pdf Green Wedges Coalition 2.81 Mb
  25. pdf Environment Victoria 2.28 Mb
  26. pdf Greenway Hirst Page Pty Ltd 697.43 Kb
  27. pdf Casey Foothills Association 1.72 Mb
  28. pdf Protectors of Public Land (Victoria) 1.75 Mb
  29. pdf Shire of Yarra Ranges 2.21 Mb
  30. pdf Planning Instute of Australia 3.30 Mb
  31. pdf VicRoads 1.74 Mb
  32. pdf Protectors of Public Lands (Victoria) 892.49 Kb
  33. pdf Urban Development Institute of Australia (Victoria) 2.33 Mb
  34. pdf Housing Industry Association 2.08 Mb
  35. pdf Fred Bauer Project Management 7.86 Mb

Hard copies of submissions and appendices are available upon request to the Committee Secretariat.


Cover_tOn the 5 October 2004 the Committee tabled its report on the Inquiry into Sustainable Urban Design for New Communities in Outer Suburban Areas.

The report was tabled in the Legislative Assembly by Committee Chair Don Nardella MLA, and in the Legislative Council by Johan Scheffer MLC.

The Committee wishes to thank all of the people and organisations who contributed their time and knowledge to assist the Committee in its deliberations for this Inquiry.

 pdf Inquiry into Sustainable Urban Design 2.41 Mb

 zip Inquiry into Sustainable Urban Design Report Images 2.15 Mb


 pdf Government Response 2.15 Mb