Inquiry into the Proposed Lease of the Port of Melbourne

Hearings and Transcripts

Public Hearing Schedule

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this Inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available.
Please note: hearing dates and venues may be subject to change.

Wednesday 4 November 2015
Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
9.00 am Port of Melbourne Corporation
Department of Treasury and Finance
pdfCorrected Transcript545.37 KB


Wednesday 28 October 2015
Hastings Community Hub, 1973 Frankston-Flinders Road, Hastings

Time Witness Transcript
10.00 am Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
Frankston City Council
City of Casey
Greater Dandenong City Council

pdfCorrected Transcript83.34 KB

pdfMornington Peninsula Shire Council Written Submission2.7 MB

pdf Frankston City Council Written Submission 413.61 KB

pdfFrankston City Council Presentation3.56 MB

pdfCity of Casey Written Submission 741.61 KB

pdfGreater Dandenong City Council Written Submission 2.48 MB

11.00 am Captain Richard Cox pdfCorrected Transcript55.34 KB
11.45 am Mr Sandy Galbraith  pdfCorrected Transcript55.87 KB
1.00 pm South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance

pdfCorrected Transcript58.09 KB

pdfWritten Submission 264.24 KB

pdfSEMMA Presentation6.47 MB

1.45 pm Preserve Western Port Action Group

pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 66.78 KB)

pdfWritten Submission 64.67 KB
pdfAttachment_1 1.69 MB

pdfPreserve Western Port Presentation4.12 MB

2.30 pm South East Australian Transport Strategy Inc.

 pdfCorrected Transcript46.04 KB


Tuesday 27 October 2015
Grains Innovation Park, 110 Natimuk Road, Horsham

Time Witness Transcript
8.30 am Great South Coast Group  pdfCorrected Transcript33.29 KB
9.15 am West Wimmera Council
Horsham City Rural Council
Northern Grampians Shire Council
 pdfCorrected Transcript52.34 KB
10.30 am Johnson Asahi  pdfCorrected Transcript54.08 KB
11.15 am Wimmera Development Association  pdfCorrected Transcript38 KB
12.30 pm Wakefield Transport  pdfCorrected Transcript57.14 KB
1.15 pm Wimpak  pdfCorrected Transcript38.77 KB


Wednesday 14 October 2015
Knight Kerr Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
9.00 am Qube Logistics pdfCorrected Transcript58.7 KB
9.45 am ANL Shipping

pdfCorrected Transcript50.39 KB
pdfWritten Submission177.66 KB

10.30 am Regional Cities Victoria

pdfCorrected Transcript44.58 KB
pdfWritten Submission322.37 KB

11.30 am AusTrak

pdfCorrected Transcript50.06 KB
pdfWritten Submission15.57 MB

12.15 pm

DP World

pdfCorrected Transcript 84.21 KB
pdfWritten Submission102.25 KB

1.45 pm Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

pdfCorrected Transcript80.13 KB
pdfWritten Submission1.01 MB

pdfAnswers to Questions on Notice(PDF 1.69 MB)

2.45 pm Infrastructure Partnerships Australia

pdfCorrected Transcript 80.56 KB
pdfWritten Submission891.74 KB

pdfAttachment16.36 MB

pdfAnswers to Questions on Notice389.07 KB


Tuesday 13 October 2015
G3, 55 St Andrews Place, Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
09.15 am

Infrastructure Tasmania, Tasmanian Government (via teleconference)

pdfCorrected Transcipt 48.2 KB
pdfWritten Submission 469.88 KB


Tuesday 13 October 2015
Knight Kerr Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
10.00 am Wine Victoria

pdfCorrected Transcript 72.24 KB
pdfWritten Submission130.09 KB

11.00 am Committee For Melbourne

pdfCorrected Transcript77.33 KB
pdfWritten Submission195.91 KB

11.45 am Australian Paper

pdfCorrected Transcript76.01 KB
pdfHandout16.26 MB

12.30 pm Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia Inc

pdfCorrected Transcript71.03 KB
pdfWritten Submission949.61 KB

1.45 pm City of Maribyrnong

pdfCorrected Transcript42.35 KB
pdfWritten Submission433.87 KB


Wednesday 30 September 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
9.00 am Victorian Farmers Federation pdfCorrected Transcript102.38 KB
pdfWritten Submission889.43 KB
10.00 am Maribyrnong Truck Action Group pdfCorrected Transcript79.74 KB
pdfPresentation2.66 MB
pdfWritten Submission260.46 KB
11.00 am Freight and Trade Alliance pdfCorrected Transcript100.83 KB
pdfWritten Submission434.72 KB
11.45 am South East Melbourne Group of Councils pdfCorrected Transcript66.34 KB
pdfOpening Statement215.5 KB
12.30 pm Australian Competition and Consumer Commission pdfCorrected Transcript109.48 KB
pdfWritten Submission438.88 KB
2.15 pm Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry pdfCorrected Transcript94.87 KB
pdfWritten Submission1.79 MB
3.00 pm Australian Industry Group pdfCorrected Transcript74.57 KB
pdfWritten Submission 263.97 KB


Tuesday 29 September 2015

The Connection, 7287 Midland Highway, Shepparton

Time Witness Transcript
9.30 am Greater Shepparton Council
Indigo Shire Council
Towong Shire Council

pdfCorrected Transcript79.54 KB
pdfWritten Submission (Shepparton)328.33 KB
pdfWritten Submission (Indigo)3.94 MB
pdfWritten Submission (Towong)800.03 KB
pdfAttachment (Towong)177.42 KB

10.30 am Rail Freight Alliance pdfCorrected Transcript52.21 KB
pdfWritten Submission670.43 KB
11.30 am Committee for Greater Shepparton
Kreskas Bros / KB Logistics Pty Ltd
pdfCorrected Transcript66.74 KB
12.15 pm Australian Grain Link

pdfCorrected Transcript47.42 KB
pdfHandout_-_Australian_Grain_Link.pdf2 MB

1.30 pm Colin Rees Group pdfCorrected Transcript 78.94 KB
pdfWritten Submission2.76 MB
2.15 pm Bega Cheese pdfCorrected Transcript 57.68 KB
pdfWritten Submission399.08 KB


Thursday 24 September 2015

City of Greater Geelong Offices, 57 Little Malop Street

Time Witness Transcript
9.00 am City of Greater Geelong pdfCorrected Transcript51.62 KB
pdfWritten Submission2.39 MB
9.45 am Riordan Grains Group pdfCorrected Transcript68.26 KB
pdfWritten Submission167.93 KB  
pdfAttachment267.04 KB
10.45 am Rocke Brothers pdfCorrected Transcript 53.84 KB
11.30 am G21 - Geelong Region Alliance

pdfCorrected Transcript64.78 KB
pdfWritten Submission106.69 KB

12.45 pm Geelong Chamber of Commerce pdfCorrected Transcript58.14 KB
1.30 pm Committee for Geelong pdfCorrected Transcript67.31 KB
pdfWritten Submission442.17 KB


Wednesday 9 September 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Time Organisation Transcript
9.00 am Australian Peak Shippers Association pdfCorrected Transcript68.91 KB
pdfWritten Submission133.06 KB
10.00 am Patrick Asciano pdfCorrected Transcript74.45 KB
pdfWritten Submission2.01 MB
11.15 am Australian Logistics Council pdfCorrected Transcript73.34 KB
pdfWritten Submission2.93 MB
12.15 pm Essential Services Commission pdfCorrected Transcript76.43 KB
pdfPresentation158.1 KB
2.15 pm Salta Properties

pdfCorrected Transcript67.26 KB
pdfPresentation293.63 KB
pdfPort Rail Shuttle Presentation7.28 MB
mp4Video Presentation17.95 MB
pdfWritten Submission9.34 MB
pdfAttachment 1646.7 KB
pdfAttachment 21.35 MB

3.00 pm Victorian National Parks Association pdfCorrected Transcript68.57 KB
pdfWritten Submission486.47 KB


Tuesday 8 September 2015

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

 Time  Organisation  Transcript
 9.00 am  Department of Treasury and Finance pdfCorrectedTranscript80.51 KB
pdfPresentation285.7 KB
pdfWritten Submission1.01 MB
 10.00 am  Port of Melbourne Corporation pdfCorrected Transcript83.93 KB
pdfPresentation2.22 MB
 11.15 am  Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics, Victoria University pdfCorrected Transcript86.82 KB
pdfPresentation1.43 MB
pdfWritten Submission127.38 KB

pdfAttachment 11.58 MB
 12.15 pm  Victorian Transport Association pdfCorrected Transcript64.48 KB
pdfWritten Submission6.05 MB
 2.15 pm  Association of Bayside Municipalities pdfCorrected Transcript56.15 KB
pdfPresentation1.43 MB
pdfWritten Submission304.71 KB
 3.00 pm  Shipping Australia Limited pdfCorrected Transcript60.02 KB
pdfWritten Submission84.01 KB
 3.45 pm  Port Phillip Conservation Council pdfCorrected Transcript55.23 KB
pdfWritten Submission1.16 MB



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