Inquiry into Penalty Rates and Fair Pay


The Penalty Rates and Fair Pay Select Committee has reopened submissions.

The Committee invites written submissions from individuals and organisations addressing one or more of the issues identified in the terms of reference.

To assist with your submission, please see the Guidelines from making a written submission to a parliamentary committee.

The submission closing date is 16 February 2018.

You can make a submission:

  • By Email to
  • Using the eSubmissions form
  • By post to:

Committee Secretary
Penalty Rates and Fair Pay Select Committee
Parliament House, Spring Street

All submissions are public documents (and may be published on the Committee’s website) unless confidentiality is requested and granted by the Committee. Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee. Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

1. pdfSharon Murphy (PDF 143 KB)

2. pdfDaniel McLean (PDF 143 KB)

3. pdfAngelos Kenos (PDF 143KB)

4. pdfTimothy Mason (PDF 143 KB)

5. pdfUnited Voice (PDF 3.01MB)

6. pdfYouth Affairs Council Victoria (PDF 189 KB)

7. pdfIan McSporran (PDF 117 KB)
7A. pdfIan McSporran (PDF 137.52KB)

8. pdfBallarat Regional Trades Hall (PDF 321 KB)

9. pdfName withheld (PDF 339 KB)

10. pdfAdam Bandt MP (PDF 101 KB)

11. pdfYoung Workers Centre (PDF 947 KB)

12. pdfJobwatch (PDF 193 KB)

13. pdfVictorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 768 KB)

14. pdfAi Group (PDF 185 KB)

15. pdfProfessional Pharmacists Australia (PDF 213 KB)

16. pdfMalaysian Progressives in Australia (PDF 139 KB)

17. pdfVictorian Trades Hall Council (PDF 314 KB)

18. pdfRestaurant and Catering Industry Association (PDF 529 KB)

19. pdfRetail and Fast Food Workers Union (PDF 876 KB)

20. pdfVictorian Women Lawyers (PDF 130 KB)

21. pdfMcKell Institute (PDF 419 KB)

22. pdfLaunch Housing (PDF 184 KB)

23. pdfBrendon O'Connor MP (PDF 7.78 MB)

24. pdfCouncil to Homeless Persons (PDF 196 KB)

25. pdfTina Caddy (PDF 106 KB)

26. pdfTimothy Belcourt (PDF 89 KB)

27. pdfDaniel Rebbechi (PDF 108 KB)

28. pdfDanniel Jones (PDF 104 KB)

29. pdfJulia Sutton (PDF 109 KB)

30. pdfWendy (PDF 60 KB)

31. pdfLouise Deutscher (PDF 65 KB)

32. pdfSharon Askew (PDF 82 KB)

33. pdfPhillip Tyson (PDF 81 KB)

34. pdfCarol Burney (PDF 107 KB)

35. pdfHealth Workers Union (PDF 345 KB)

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