Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2007-2008


The Committee tabled the Report on the 2007-08 Budget Estimates - Part Three on Thursday, 20 September 2007.

Download Full Report (PDF 2.4Mb)

Title pages (PDF 172Kb)

Committee Membership (PDF 107Kb)

Duties of the Committee (PDF 143Kb)

Chair's Foreword (PDF 150Kb)

Reommendations (PDF 229Kb)

Section A Overview (PDF 362Kb)

  • Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 204Kb)
  • Chapter 2 Key Aspects of the 2007-08 Budget (PDF 324Kb)

Section B Key Themes (PDF 682KB)

  • Chapter 3 National Reform Agenda (PDF 310Kb)
  • Chapter 4 Impact of Portfolio Spending Including New Budget Initatives in Iimproving Productivity in Victoria (PDF 359Kb)
  • Chapter 5 Departmental Asset Investment (PDF 306Kb)
  • Chapter 6 Departmental Workforce - Comparative Analysis (PDF 210Kb)
  • Chapter 7 Communication, Advertising and Promotional Expenditure (PDF 295Kb)
  • Chapter 8 Departmental Output Structures and Performance Measures (PDF 216Kb)
  • Chapter 9 Regional Victoria Initiatives and Related Issues (PDF 320Kb)
  • Chapter 10 Measuring the Commitment of Ministers and Departments in Servicing the PAEC (PDF 210Kb)

Section C Growing Victoria Together (PDF 362Kb)

  • Chapter 11 Overview of the Linkages between the Budget Estimates Hearings and Growing Victoria Together
    (PDF 362Kb)
  • Chapter 12 Thriving Economy (PDF 243Kb)
  • Chapter 13 Quality Health and Education (PDF 230Kb)
  • Chapter 14 Healthy Environment (PDF 230Kb)
  • Chapter 15 Caring Communities (PDF 242Kb)
  • Chaper 16 Vibrant Democracy (PDF 308Kb)

Section D Other (PDF 362Kb)

  • Chapter 17 Quality of Material Provided by Ministers and Departments in Reponse to Questions Raised by the Committee (PDF 215Kb)

Appendices (PDF 684Kb)

Minority Reports (PDF 795Kb)

Extract from the Minutes of Proceedings (PDF 199Kb)