Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2007-2008


The Committee tabled the Report on the 2007-08 Budget Estimates - Part One on Thursday, 24 May 2007.

Download Full Report (PDF 6.15Mb)

Title pages (PDF 180Kb)

Committee Membership (PDF 113Kb)

Duties of the Committee (PDF 143Kb)

Chair's Introduction (PDF 187Kb)

Report Body (PDF 1.10Mb)


1 - Transcripts of Evidence

Chapter 2 - Parliamentary Departments (PDF 3.3Kb) - attached letter (PDF 183Kb)

Chapter 3 - Department of Education (PDF 487Kb)

Chapter 4 - Department of Human Services (PDF 474Kb)

Chapter 5 - Department of Infrastructure (PDF 1.99Mb)

Chapter 6 - Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (PDF 539Kb)

Chapter 7 - Department of Justice (PDF 381Kb)

Chapter 8 - Department of Premier and Cabinet (PDF 316Kb)

Chapter 9 - Department of Primary Industries (PDF 114Kb)

Chapter 10 - Department of Sustainability and Environment (PDF 65Kb)

Chapter 11 - Department of Treasury and Finance (PDF 291Kb)

Chapter 12 - Department for Victorian Communities (PDF 347Kb)

2 - Documents tabled for each Portfolio (HTML, PDF 172Kb)

3 - Acronyms and Abbreviations (PDF 112Kb)

Minority Report (PDF 213Kb)

Extracts from the Proceedings (PDF 145Kb)