Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2008-2009


Report on the 2008-09 Budget Estimates - Part Three

The Committee tabled the Report on the 2008-09 Budget Estimates - Part Three on Wednesday, 15 October 2008.

Download Full Report (PDF 2.91Mb)

Title pages (PDF 77Kb)

Committee Membership (PDF 12Kb)

Duties of the Committee (PDF 21Kb)

Chair's Introduction (PDF 30Kb)

Recommendations (PDF 38Kb)


1 - Introduction (PDF 34Kb)

2 - Key Aspects of the 2008-09 Budget (PDF 94Kb)


3 - COAG Reform Agenda and Productivity in Victoria (PDF 101Kb)

4 - Departmental Asset Investment (PDF 128Kb)

5 - Departmental Workforce – Comparative Analysis (PDF 48Kb)

6 - Communication, Advertising and Promotional Expenditure (PDF 35Kb)

7 - Departmental Output Structures and Performance Measures (PDF 58Kb)

8 - Regional Victoria Initiatives and Related Issues (PDF 172Kb)

9 - Departmental Income / Revenue Initiatives (PDF 62Kb)

10 - Concessions and Subsidies (PDF 120Kb)

11 - Analysis of the Government Response to Recommendations in the PAEC Report on the 2007-08 Budget Estimates (PDF 48Kb)

12 - The Budget Estimates Hearings and Growing Victoria Together (PDF 54Kb)

13 - Thriving Economy (PDF 304Kb)

14 - Quality Health and Education (PDF 69Kb)

15 - Healthy Environment (PDF 95Kb)

16 - Caring Communities (PDF 147Kb)

17 - Vibrant Democracy (PDF 80Kb)


1 - Acronymns and Abbreviations (PDF 16Kb)

2 - List of Persons and Departments providing Evidence and Responses to the Estimates Questionnaire (PDF 31Kb)

3 - Responses to Requests for Clarification on Specific Issues (PDF 220Kb)

4 - Responses to Further Information to be provided and Questions on Notice relating to the 2008-09 Budget Estimates (PDF 1.36Mb)

5 - Responses to Unasked Questions relating to the 2008-09 Budget Estimates (PDF 19Kb)