Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2008-2009


Report on the 2008-09 Budget Estimates - Part Two

The Committee tabled the Report on the 2008-09 Budget Estimates - Part Two on Thursday, 12 June 2008.

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Title pages (PDF 174Kb)

Committee Membership (PDF 99Kb)

Duties of the Committee (PDF 130Kb)

Chair's Introduction (PDF 166Kb)

Report Body (PDF 313Kb)


1 - Transcripts of Evidence

Contents (PDF 104Kb)

Chapter 2 - Parliamentary Departments (PDF 122Kb)

Chapter 3 - Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (PDF 123Kb)

Chapter 4 - Department of Human Services (PDF 363Kb)

Chapter 5 - Department of Infrastructure (PDF 193Kb)

Chapter 6 - Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (PDF 523Kb)

Chapter 7 - Department of Justice (PDF 387Kb)

Chapter 8 - Department of Planning and Community Development (PDF 688Kb)

Chapter 9 - Department of Premier (PDF 98Kb)

Chapter 10 - Department of Primary Industries (PDF 189b)

Chapter 11 - Department of Sustainability and Environment (PDF 267Kb)

Chapter 12 - Department of Treasury and Finance (PDF 204Kb)

2 - Further Information to be provided and Questions on Notice for portfolios (PDF 164Kb)

3 - Acronyms and Abbreviations (PDF 128Kb)