Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2008-2009


Hearings will be conducted during May 2008 and transcripts will be available on this page.

12 May

  • Premier and Cabinet (PDF 181Kb, MSWord 213Kb) - Presentation (PDF 221Kb) - Secretary Presentation (PDF 194Kb)
  • Multicultural Affairs and Veterans' Affairs (PDF 49Kb, MSWord 79Kb) - Veterans Affairs Presentation (PDF 146) - Multicultural Affairs (PDF 94Kb)

13 May

  • Treasury and Finance (PDF 239Kb, MSWord 274Kb) - Presentation (PDF 352Kb)
  • Human Services (PDF 236Kb, MSWord 266Kb) - Presentation (PDF 617Kb)

14 May

  • Education (PDF 195Kb, MSWord 231Kb) - Presentation (PDF 688Kb); Addendums: Blueprint for Early Childhood Development and School Reform: School Reform Discussion Paper (PDF 456Kb) | An Overview (PDF 398Kb) ; Wannik, Education Strategy for Koorie Students (PDF 982Kb); Strengthening Outcomes, Refugee Students in Government Schools (PDF 1.10Mb)
  • Public Transport (PDF 179Kb, MSWord Kb) - Public Transport presentation (PDF 896Kb)

15 May

  • Police and Emergency Services (PDF 164Kb, MSWord 209Kb) - Presentation (PDF 371Kb)
  • Corrections (PDF 62Kb, MSWord 92kb) - Presentation (PDF 224Kb)
  • Parliamentary Departments (PDF 89Kb, MSWord 122Kb) - Attachment (Parliament Reconciliation of Budget Papers and Appropriation Bill) (PDF 9Kb) - Presentation (PDF 92Kb)
  • Arts (transcript to follow) - Presentation (PDF 113Kb)

16 May

  • Primary Industries (PDF 144Kb, MSWord 183Kb) - Presentation (PDF 464Kb)
  • Small Business (PDF 56Kb, MSWord 88Kb) - Presentation (PDF 593Kb)
  • Roads and Ports (PDF 161Kb, MSWord 202Kb) - Presentation (PDF 1.23Mb)
  • Children and Early Childhood Development (PDF 82Kb, MSWord 121Kb) - Presentation (PDF 318Kb)
  • Planning and Community Development (transcript to follow)
  • Womens Affairs (PDF 42Kb, MSWord 75Kb)

21 May

  • Aboriginal Affairs and Local Government (PDF 84Kb, MSWord 118Kb) - Aboriginal Affairs Presentation (PDF 102Kb) - Local Government Presentation (PDF 104Kb)
  • Consumer Affairs (PDF 70Kb, MSWord 96Kb) - Presentation (PDF 99Kb)
  • Gaming (PDF 94Kb, MSWord 127Kb) - Presentation (PDF 152Kb)
  • Housing (PDF 91Kb, MSWord 131Kb)

22 May

  • Senior Victorians (PDF 46Kb, MSWord 75Kb) - Presentation (PDF 215Kb)
  • Mental Health (PDF 68Kb, MSWord 95Kb) - Presentation (PDF 271Kb)
  • Energy and Resources (PDF 95Kb, MSWord 125Kb) - Presentation (PDF 327Kb)
  • Community Services (PDF 114Kb, MSWord 149Kb) - Presentation (PDF 892Kb)
  • Community Development (PDF 78Kb, MSWord 110Kb) - Presentation (PDF 283Kb)

23 May

  • Innovation (PDF 42Kb, MSWord 71Kb) - Presentation (PDF 262Kb)
  • Environment and Climate Change (PDF 83Kb, MSWord 115Kb) - Presentation (PDF 309Kb)
  • Planning (PDF 165Kb, MSWord 204Kb) - Presentation (PDF 32Kb)
  • Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs (transcript to follow) - Presentations - *1 (PDF 57Kb), *2 (PDF 56Kb), *3 (PDF 64Kb), *4 (PDF 4.05Mb),*5 (PDF 69Kb),*6 (PDF 64Kb),*7 (PDF 68Kb),*8 (PDF 58Kb),*9 (PDF 56Kb)

30 May

  • Information and Communication Technology (PDF 36Kb, MSWord 71Kb) and Industry and Trade (PDF 60Kb, MSWord 93Kb) - Presentation (PDF 498Kb)
  • Major Projects (PDF 68Kb, MSWord 109Kb) - Presentation (PDF 427Kb)
  • Regional and Rural Development (PDF 97Kb, MSWord 144Kb) - Presentation (PDF 676Kb)
  • Skills and Workplace Relations (PDF 62Kb, MSWord 93Kb) - Presentation (PDF 451Kb)

3 June

  • Attorney-General (PDF 76Kb, MSWord 110Kb) - Presentation (PDF 348kb)
  • Finance and WorkCover and TAC (PDF 104Kb, MSWord 144Kb) - Presentation (PDF 304kb)
  • Industrial Relations (PDF 63Kb, MSWord 101Kb) - Presentation (PDF 425kb)
  • Racing (PDF 37Kb, MSWord 69Kb) - Presentation (PDF 193kb)
  • Tourism and Major Projects (PDF 46Kb, MSWord 81Kb) - Presentation (PDF 426Kb)
  • Water (PDF 107Kb, MSWord 157Kb) - Presentation (PDF 422kb)