Inquiry into the Victorian Government's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Round One Hearings, Transcripts and Questions on Notice

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Time Witness Transcripts/Presentations/Tabled Documents Questions on Notice

Hon Daniel Andrews MP

Chris Eccles

Department of Premier and Cabinet

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Hon Jenny Mikakos MLC
Minister for the Coordination of Health and Human Services – COVID-19

Prof Brett Sutton
Chief Health Officer

Kym Peake

Terry Symonds
Deputy Secretary, Health and Wellbeing

Department of Health and Human Services

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 2.41pm Associate Professor Julian Rait OAM
Australian Medical Association (Victoria)
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 3.34pm Angus Clelland 
Chief Executive Officer
Mental Health Victoria
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 4.17pm Lisa Fitzpatrick
State Secretary (Victoria)
Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
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Wednesday 13 May 2020

Time Witness Transcripts/Presentations/Tabled Documents Questions on Notice

Hon Tim Pallas MP
Minister for the Coordination of Treasury and Finance – COVID-19

David Martine

Department of Treasury and Finance

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pdfRevised Response to Question 2 of Questions on Notice 219.49 KB

Hon Martin Pakula MP
Minister for the Coordination of Jobs, Precincts and Regions – COVID 19

Simon Phemister

Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

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Paul Guerra
Chief Executive Officer      

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

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Luke Hilakari

Wil Stracke
Assistant Secretary

Victorian Trades Hall Council 

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Tim Piper
Head Vic Branch

Julie Toth
Chief Economist
Australian Industry Group (Ai Group)

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 4.00pm David Jochinke
Victorian Farmers Federation
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 Thursday 14 May 2020

Time Witness Transcripts/Presentations/Tabled Documents Questions on Notice

Brendan McClements
Chief Executive Officer

Holly Little
Head of Corporate Affairs

Visit Victoria

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Felicia Mariani
Chief Executive

Susie Filleti
Head of Memberships and Partnerships
Victoria Tourism Industry Council

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 10.26am Liz Price 
Chief Executive Officer
Great Ocean Road Tourism
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Gil King
Chief Executive Officer
Real Estate Institute of Victoria

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Paul Zahra
Chief Executive Officer

Fleur Brown                                                                  Head of Communications

Australian Retailers Association

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 1.10pm Justin O’Donnell
Executive Chairperson/President
Chapel Street Precinct Association Inc.

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 1.53pm Judy O’Connell
Victorian Small Business Commissioner
Victorian Small Business Commission

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 2.36pm Joe Toohey
Arts Industry Council
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 3.29pm Wes Lambert 
Chief Executive Officer
Restaurant and Catering Australia
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  Monday 18 May 2020

Time Witness Transcripts/Presentations/Tabled Documents Questions on Notice 

Hon James Merlino MP
Minister for the Coordination of Education and Training – COVID-19

Jenny Atta

David Howes
Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Services

Department of Education and Training

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 11.13am Anne-Maree Kliman 


Andrew Dalgleish
Deputy President and Principal of Montpellier Primary School

Victorian Principals Association (primary schools)

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 11.56am Prof Margaret Gardner AC
President and Vice-Chancellor 
Monash University
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Sue Bell                                                                        President

Colin Axup                                                                    Deputy President and
Principal of Suzanne Cory High School

Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals

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Meredith Peace
Branch President

Justin Mullay
Deputy President

Australian Education Union Victoria

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Molly Willmott 

Lincoln Aspinall
National Education Officer

National Union of Students

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Felicity Bellingham
President (Victorian Chapter)

Helen Hatherly
Vice-President (Victorian Chapter)

Australian Association of Special Education 

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Nina Laitala 
Executive Officer

Wai Yan Moe                                                                Student, Cheltenham Secondary College                               

Victorian Student Representative Council 

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 Tuesday 19 May 2020

Time Witness Transcripts/Presentations/Tabled Documents Questions on Notice

Hon Jill Hennessy MP
Attorney-General - Minister for the Coordination of Justice and Community Safety – COVID-19

Rebecca Falkingham

Colin Radford
Chief Executive
Worksafe Victoria

Emma Cassar
Corrections Victoria

Louise Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Court Services Victoria

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Hon Lisa Neville MP
Minister for the Coordination of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – COVID-19
Minister for Police and Emergency Services

Graham Ashton
Chief Commissioner
Victoria Police

John Bradley
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Rebecca Falkingham
Department of Justice and Community Safety

Andrew Crisp
Emergency Management Commissioner
Emergency Management Victoria

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 pdfQuestions on Notice (Victoria Police)248.74 KB

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Shorna Moore                                                              Director of Policy and Engagement

Nerita Waight                                                                Chief Executive Officer                                                Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service  

Samantha Sowerwine                                                  Principal Lawyer                                                          Justice Connect Homeless Law

Federation of Community Legal Centres 

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Sam Pandya

Adam Awty
Chief Executive Officer

Law Institute of Victoria 

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pdfQuestions on Notice219.18 KB 

Kerry Thompson
Chief Executive Officer

Cr Coral Ross

Municipal Association of Victoria 

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Lisa Darmanin
Victorian Branch Secretary

Michelle Jackson
Victorian Deputy Secretary

Australian Services Union 

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 Wednesday 20 May 2020

Time Witness Transcripts/Presentations/Tabled Documents Questions on Notice 

Hon Jacinta Allan MP
Minister for the Coordination of Transport: COVID-19

Corey Hannett
Major Transport Infrastructure Authority

Paul Younis

Jeroen Weimar
Head of Transport Services

Department of Transport

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 11.03am Adrian Dwyer
Chief Executive Officer
Infrastructure Partnerships Australia 

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 11.56am Rebecca Casson
Chief Executive Officer
Master Builders Association Victoria 

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Emma King
Chief Executive Officer

Brooke McKail
Manager, Policy and Research

Deborah Fewster
Manager, Advocacy and Engagement

Victorian Council of Social Service

pdfTranscript152.28 KB  pdfQuestions on Notice88.90 KB 

Alison Macdonald
Acting Chief Executive Officer

Alison Birchall
Acting Policy Unit Manager

Domestic Violence Victoria 

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Jennifer Beveridge
Chief Executive Officer

Ben Cording
Principal Solicitor

Tenants Victoria 

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Jenny Smith
Chief Executive Officer

Kate Colvin
Manager Policy and Communications

Council to Homeless Persons 

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 4.06pm Tina Hogarth-Clarke
Chief Executive Officer
Council on the Ageing Victoria
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 4.49pm Patricia Sparrow
Chief Executive Officer
Aged and Community Services Australia
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