Inquiry into the Victorian Government's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


The date that the Committee is accepting written submissions to has been extended to 30 November 2020.

  1. pdfTenants Victoria751.33 KB
    1a. pdfTenants Victoria224.29 KB
  2. pdfChildren and Young People with Disability Australia1.10 MB
    2a. pdfChildren and Young People with Disability Australia2.14 MB
    2b. pdfChildren and Young People with Disability Australia1.37 MB
    c. pdfChildren and Young People with Disability Australia2.49 MB
  3. pdfYouth Affairs Council Victoria846.31 KB
  4. pdfAssociation for Children with a Disability751.30 KB
  5. pdfName withheld530.47 KB
  6. pdfBenjamin Cronshaw534.15 KB
  7. pdfName withheld541.23 KB
  8. pdfBus Association Victoria Inc.1.08 MB
  9. pdfSDA Victoria670.83 KB
    9a. pdfSDA Victoria750.50 KB
    9b. pdfSDA Victoria1.37 MB
    9c. pdfSDA Victoria746.09 KB
    9d. pdfSDA Victoria1.10 MB
  10. pdfRungkarn Ratanaporn720.34 KB
  11. pdfBehind Closed Doors113.43 KB
  12. pdfPaz Bempekli723.02 KB
  13. pdfName withheld532.62 KB
  14. pdfBrianna Melville660.57 KB
  15. pdfEvgenia Lega768.85 KB
  16. pdfSPELD Victoria665.35 KB
  17. pdfAged Care Crisis Inc.3.23 MB 
    17a.pdfAged Care Crisis Inc.1.76 MB
  18. pdfVolunteering Victoria1.05 MB
  19. pdfJames Groombridge612.16 KB
  20. pdfJacqueline Wright754.58 KB
  21. pdfChristine Cocks569.33 KB
  22. pdfName Withheld532.37 KB
    22a. pdfName Withheld869.25 KB
  23. pdfKon Kostopoulos596.84 KB
  24. pdfMedical Insurance Group Australia1.21 MB
  25. pdfName Withheld535.56 KB
    25a.pdfName Withheld553.80 KB
    25b.pdfName Withheld1.46 MB
    25c.pdfName Withheld573.24 KB
  26. pdfMarie dela Rama909.67 KB
  27. pdfIan Tredinnick532.64 KB
  28. pdfCitrus Australia610.92 KB
  29. pdfAndrew Turner537.47 KB
  30. pdfSusan Rennie628.19 KB
  31. pdfPharmaceutical Society of Australia
  32. pdfAustralian Physiotherapy Association792.59 KB
  33. pdfLeslie Sims818.94 KB
  34. pdfEthnic Communities Council of Victoria965.28 KB
  35. pdfRoyal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists666.91 KB
  36. pdfAustralian Museums and Galleries Association Victoria2.16 MB
  37. pdfDjirra1.25 MB
  38. pdfThe Pharmacy Guild of Australia661.37 KB
  39. pdfJoe Garra596.52 KB
  40. pdfVictorian Public Tenants Association1.06 MB
  41. pdfRSPCA Victoria1.88 MB
  42. pdfGippsland Community Legal Service1.15 MB
  43. pdfArts Industry Council of Victoria825.93 KB
  44. pdfExercise Sports Science Australia ESSA13.02 MB
  45. pdfMonash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre1.54 MB
  46. pdfLiberty Victoria1.15 MB
  47. pdfAustralian Institute of Health and Safety1.76 MB
  48. pdfGender Equity Victoria2.01 MB
  49. pdfMulticultural Centre for Womens Health766.64 KB
    49a. pdfMulticultural Centre for Womens Health800.31 KB
  50. pdfAboriginal Housing Victoria1.14 MB
  51. pdfMelbourne School of Population and Global Health and Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne941.71 KB
  52. pdfCentre for Multicultural Youth1.82 MB
  53. pdfMaurice Blackburn669.06 KB
  54. pdfJustice Connect1.21 MB
  55. pdfAustralian Medical Association1.21 MB
  56. pdfFlat Out Inc Harm Reduction Victoria1005.10 KB
    56a. pdfFlat Out Inc Harm Reduction Victoria682.81 KB
  57. pdfParents Victoria Inc.1.21 MB 
    57a.pdfParents Victoria Inc.1.20 MB
    57b.pdfParents Victoria Inc.1.44 MB
  58. pdfSex Work Law Reform Victoria1.31 MB
  59. pdfThe Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia671.09 KB
    59a. pdfThe Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia1.53 MB
  60. pdfLa Trobe City Council2.57 MB
  61. pdfEric Windholz537.96 KB
    61a. pdfEric Windholz2.29 MB
  62. pdfName Withheld116.23 KB
  63. pdfWomens Legal Service Victoria618.84 KB
  64. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service1.25 MB
  65. pdfConsumer Action Law Centre1.04 MB
  66. pdfConsumer Policy Research Centre3.68 MB
  67. pdfFinancial Counselling Victoria1.36 MB
  68. pdfCastan Centre for Human Rights Law136.24 KB 
    68a. pdfCastan Centre for Human Rights Law2.19 MB
  69. pdfRebecca Lagalla530.54 KB
  70. pdfJesuit Social Services822.38 KB
  71. pdfLewis Blanch530.88 KB
  72. pdfThomas Anthony530.40 KB
  73. pdfAustralian Industry Group1.08 MB
  74. pdfLoddon Mallee Aboriginal Reference Group777.89 KB
  75. pdfAndrew Jakubowicz597.08 KB
    75apdfAndrew Jakubowicz1.33 MB
  76. pdfAboriginal Executive Council AEC790.50 KB 
    76a.pdfAboriginal Executive Council AEC839.48 KB
    76b.pdfAboriginal Executive Council AEC1.78 MB
  77. pdfVictorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation2.48 MB
  78. pdfVictorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency1.60 MB
  79. pdfVictorian Healthcare Association992.75 KB
  80. pdfMilnes Ellis530.95 KB
  81. pdfRenters And Housing Union RAHU VIC1.20 MB
    81a. pdfRenters And Housing Union RAHU VIC10.65 MB
  82. pdfName Withheld530.80 KB
    82a. pdfName Withheld564.14 KB
  83. pdfJulie Perrie624.32 KB
  84. pdfOrygen1.23 MB
    84a. pdfOrygen1.42 MB
    84b. pdfOrygen2.65 MB
    84c. pdfOrygen652.60 KB
  85. pdfRonald Medlicott1.55 MB
  86. pdfName Withheld618.21 KB
  87. pdfVictorian Aboriginal Legal Service1.81 MB
  88. pdfVictorian Pride Lobby691.25 KB
  89. pdfCouncil on the Ageing Victoria1.65 MB
  90. pdfJohn Smith530.81 KB
  91. pdfGrattan Institute792.22 KB
    91a. pdfGrattan Institute5.44 MB
    91b. pdfGrattan Institute3.74 MB
  92. pdfAndrew Andreotti530.49 KB
  93. pdfMark Gendala
  94. pdfMichel Canetti530.50 KB
  95. pdfFiona Macdonald531.55 KB
  96. pdfRuth Featherby816.47 KB
  97. pdfAustralian Muslim Social Services Agency703.97 KB
  98. part 1. pdfCedar Meats part 110.83 MB
    part 2. pdfCedar Meats part 210.02 MB
    part 2. pdfCedar Meats part 310.32 MB
  99. pdfEarly and Mid-Career Researcher Forum848.13 KB
  100. pdfCommission for Children and Young People682.89 KB
    100a. pdfCommission for Children and Young People4.14 MB
  101. pdfFederation of Community Legal Centres2.20 MB
    101a. pdfFederation of Community Legal Centres3.65 MB
  102. pdfSacred Heart Mission1.01 MB
  103. pdfPublic Transport Users Association2.41 MB
  104. pdfCohealth707.58 KB
  105. pdfPalliative Care Victoria993.18 KB
  106. pdfMelissa Murphy-Webster530.64 KB
    106a. pdfMelissa Murphy-Webster1.16 MB
    106b. pdfMelissa Murphy-Webster608.10 KB
    106c. pdfMelissa Murphy-Webster584.13 KB
  107. pdfMallee Family Care1.26 MB
  108. pdfVictorian Alcohol and Drug Association2.12 MB
    108a. pdfVictorian Alcohol and Drug Association733.82 KB
  109. pdfFitzroy Legal Service905.19 KB
  110. pdfGeorge Dickson608.45 KB
  111. pdfElaine Wilson530.90 KB
  112. pdfAnthony Michael Dunn530.48 KB
  113. pdfEllena Tsatsos530.44 KB
  114. pdfJakub Mancewicz606.78 KB
  115. pdfRowdat Mandour530.52 KB
  116. pdfArjun Singh530.58 KB
  117. pdfName Withheld531.41 KB
  118. pdfName Withheld531.26 KB
  119. pdfKassandra Mouzis Brudenell532.96 KB
  120. pdfName Withheld532.61 KB
  121. pdfGerredina Kovac530.97 KB
    121a. pdfGerredina Kovac710.61 KB
  122. pdfAlexander Mogilevsky530.62 KB
  123. pdfRoss Angelo530.40 KB
  124. pdfThor Thuess532.66 KB
  125. pdfVicente Tommasi532.16 KB
  126. pdfKatrina Vincent530.50 KB
  127. pdfNatalie Taouk531.39 KB
  128. pdfJohn Dinsdale532.42 KB
  129. pdfName Withheld533.40 KB
  130. pdfName Withheld530.51 KB
  131. pdfEamonn Beamish530.46 KB
  132. pdfBernhard Lademann532.17 KB
  133. pdfDiane McCann530.37 KB
  134. pdfName Withheld532.41 KB
  135. pdfName Withheld536.41 KB
  136. pdfGillian David530.75 KB
  137. pdfDarryl Hill532.25 KB
  138. pdfName Withheld 532.10 KB
  139. pdfName Withheld532.24 KB
  140. pdfAnn Morey531.12 KB
  141. pdfName Withheld531.01 KB
  142. pdfSimon Shields532.62 KB
  143. pdfOrysia Ellis534.38 KB
  144. pdfName Withheld569.61 KB
  145. pdfNatalie Faulkner532.67 KB
  146. pdfMichael Skolnik530.39 KB
  147. pdfName Withheld530.37 KB
  148. pdfMichelino Allocca534.02 KB
  149. pdfSarah Nicholson531.69 KB
  150. pdfName Withheld531.70 KB
  151. pdfName Withheld532.25 KB
  152. pdfGuenter Nichols546.17 KB
  153. pdfName Withheld531.73 KB
  154. pdfName Withheld531.12 KB
  155. pdfName Withheld532.07 KB
  156. pdfName Withheld532.35 KB
  157. pdfName Withheld536.34 KB
  158. pdfName Withheld532.65 KB
  159. pdfLindsay Tighe530.96 KB
  160. pdfName Withheld530.38 KB
  161. pdfPaul Drummond603.92 KB
  162. pdfName Withheld531.78 KB
  163. pdfName Withheld531.94 KB
  164. pdfName Withheld586.08 KB
  165. pdfJohn Grigg672.11 KB
  166. pdfName Withheld533.21 KB
  167. pdfVeena Veena877.77 KB
  168. pdfNikki Tuck73.48 KB
  169. pdfTania Betts531.80 KB
  170. pdfDaniel McOwan531.19 KB
  171. pdfLucinda Baulch532.59 KB
  172. pdfNewton Reynolds533.05 KB
  173. pdfKimberly Fleury531.63 KB
  174. pdfName Withheld530.89 KB
  175. pdfCarl Nolet 630.96 KB
  176. pdfRosemary Konig530.85 KB
  177. pdfName Withheld533.45 KB
  178. pdfNicole Newell533.49 KB
  179. pdfPeter Morey607.89 KB
  180. pdfName Withheld531.17 KB
    180a. pdfName Withheld580.56 KB
  181. pdfGloria Delahunty532.30 KB
  182. pdfName Withheld532.11 KB
  183. pdfName Withheld530.81 KB
  184. pdfName Withheld560.60 KB
  185. pdfJohn Baiter531.03 KB
  186. pdfWendy Donnellan532.96 KB
  187. pdfName Withheld532.27 KB
  188. pdfName Withheld530.52 KB
  189. pdfName Withheld534.03 KB
  190. pdfDeb Griffiths531.31 KB
  191. pdfName Withheld530.84 KB
  192. pdfVilmos Bajor530.35 KB
  193. pdfName Withheld530.67 KB
  194. pdfName Withheld530.45 KB
  195. pdfTimothy Mapperson533.87 KB
  196. pdfName Withheld531.77 KB
  197. pdfIrene Crabtree531.32 KB
  198. pdfKim Cullen771.28 KB
  199. pdfWarren Howden532.84 KB
  200. pdfName Withheld532.34 KB
  201. pdfName Withheld533.22 KB
  202. pdfHarold Jacotine533.49 KB
  203. pdfMichael Keane532.05 KB
  204. pdfRoyal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices1.31 MB
  205. pdfName Withheld763.67 KB
  206. pdfToni Steinbergs536.29 KB
  207. pdfName Withheld530.63 KB
  208. pdfRobert Braxton530.39 KB
  209. pdfYouthlaw1.99 MB
  210. pdfName Withheld557.65 KB
    210a. pdfName Withheld597.61 KB
  211. pdfLynn Nash531.42 KB
  212. pdfAdam Roberts1.17 MB
  213. pdfMichael Doyle667.70 KB
  214. pdfAlexandra Smith557.78 KB
    214a.pdfAlexandra Smith688.10 KB
    214b.pdfAlexandra Smith1.35 MB
    214c. pdfAlexandra Smith812.51 KB
    214d.movAlexandra Smith16.68 MB
  215. pdfName Withheld560.54 KB
  216. pdfAlyce Rivalland560.01 KB
    216a. pdfAlyce Rivalland1.13 MB
  217. pdfSamuel Dales697.46 KB
  218. pdfAndrea Galas708.59 KB
    218a.pdfAndrea Galas1.19 MB
    218b,pdfAndrea Galas1.19 MB
  219. pdfAustralian Centre for Justice Innovation1.47 MB
  220. pdfWilliam Waclaw Kurowski560.02 KB
  221. pdfName Withheld557.85 KB
  222. pdfName Withheld558.06 KB
  223. pdfTommy Batir558.26 KB
  224. pdfPublic Pathology Australia1.19 MB
  225. pdfWilliam Twigg559.86 KB
  226. pdfName Withheld610.75 KB
  227. pdfName Withheld564.35 KB
  228. pdfCarers Victoria741.30 KB










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