Inquiry into Gender Responsive Budgeting


Submissions for this inquiry will be accepted until 30 November 2021. For further information, please contact the Committee secretariat or via email to

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfEquality Rights Alliance574.08 KB
    a. pdfEquality Rights Alliance - Attachment A2.70 MB
  2. pdfUK Women's Budget Group1.11 MB
    a. pdfUK Women's Budget Group - Attachment A3.82 MB
  3. pdfWomen's Health Victoria768.56 KB
  4. pdfCardinia Lakes Early Learning Centre575.22 KB
  5. pdfWomen in Social and Economic Research WiSER, Curtin University858.28 KB
  6. pdfDarebin City Council832.30 KB
  7. pdfGender Equity Victoria4.02 MB
    a.pdfGender Equity Victoria - Attachment A1.52 MB
  8. pdfOur Watch1.30 MB
  9. pdfNational Foundation for Australian Women973.66 KB
  10. pdfWomen's Health Goulburn North East1.15 MB
  11. pdfWIRE Women's Information Referral Exchange1.04 MB
  12. pdfEMILY's List Australia814.65 KB
  13. pdfCentre of Policy Studies, Victoria University1.29 MB
  14. pdfVictorian Women's Trust888.85 KB
  15. pdfProfessor Jennifer Curtin7.51 MB
  16. pdfWomen's Health West775.85 KB
  17. pdfWomen's Legal Service Victoria755.60 KB
  18. pdfAngela Jackson and Leonora Risse1.06 MB
  19. pdfAustralian Women Donors Network582.35 KB
    a. pdfAustralian Women Donors Network Attachment A1.41 MB
    b. pdfAustralian Women Donors Network Attachment B5.68 MB
    c. pdfAustralian Women Donors Network Attachment C767.56 KB
  20. pdfDepartment of Premier and Cabinet3.33 MB
    a. pdfDepartment of Premier and Cabinet Attachment A 2.11 MB
  21. pdfGender Institute, Australian National University1.24 MB
  22. pdfJesuit Social Services1.51 MB
  23. pdfWellsprings for Women1.20 MB
  24. pdfMulticultural Centre for Women's Health888.49 KB
    a. pdfMulticultural Centre for Women's Health - Attachment A1.02 MB
    b. pdfMulticultural Centre for Women's Health - Attachment B1006.48 KB
    c. pdfMulticultural Centre for Women's Health - Attachment C1.03 MB
    d. pdfMulticultural Centre for Womens Health - Attachment D1.52 MB
  25. pdfCentre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health642.56 KB
  26. pdfVictoria Police942.32 KB
  27. pdfDepartment of Families, Fairness and Housing871.76 KB
  28. pdfStatistics Canada1.03 MB
  29. pdfOffice of Auditor General Canada1.23 MB
  30. pdfKPMG Australia 12.20 MB
  31. pdfVictorian Local Learning and Employment Networks 853.36 KB
    a. pdfVictorian Local Learning and Employment Networks - Attachment A2.40 MB
  32. pdfHealth and Community Services Union 2.63 MB




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