Inquiry into the Review of the Auditor-General's Reports 2009-2011


The Committee invited written submissions from individuals and organisations with an interest or expertise in the subject matters, to address any aspects of the findings and recommendations covered in this review. 


The closing date for submissions was Friday 15 November 2013. All submissions are treated as public documents and are published, unless confidentiality is requested or the Committee exercises it discretion. To date, the following submissions have been approved for publication as evidence:

Towards a 'Smart Grid'

pdf Mr John Boughey 36.22 Kb

pdf Mr Dean Stanyer 956.19 Kb

pdf Dr Federica Lamech 924.76 Kb

pdf Mrs Beatrix Vant 1.13 Mb

pdf Mrs Maureen Kirsch 1.11 Mb

pdf Ms Sheryl Phillips 933.16 Kb

pdf Mr Peter Allan 1.00 Mb

pdf Mr Andrew Samman 1.73 Mb

pdf Mr Christopher West 1.37 Mb

pdf Mr Anthony DeJong 415.45 Kb

pdf Ms Janobai Smith - Stop Smart Meters 907.43 Kb

pdf Mr Andrew Stewart 2.25 Mb

Use of Development Contributions by Local Government

pdfTrentham Community FORUM 5.10 Mb

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