Section 28(8) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 provides for any person to make a written submission to the Committee.

The Electoral Matters Committee has received submissions from the following individuals and organisations. If you require assistance accessing submissions please phone the Committee secretariat on (03) 8682 2887.

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  1. Nance Budge (pdf, 49KB) 04.07.09
  2. Associate Professor Ken Coghill (pdf, 80KB)
    Supplementary submission (pdf, 67KB) 07.07.09
  3. Warwick Gately, Electoral Commissioner, Western Australian Electoral Commission (pdf, 211KB) 17.07.09
  4. Dennis Galimberti (pdf, 132KB) 22.07.09
  5. Ann Birrell, Co-convenor, Port Phillip Greens (pdf, 2.0MB) 03.08.09
  6. Democratic Audit of Australia (pdf, 342KB) 03.08.09
  7. Michael Pearce SC, Liberty, Victorian Council for Civil Liberties (pdf, 178KB) 03.08.09
  8. Steve Tully, Victorian Electoral Commissioner, Victorian Electoral Commission (pdf, 162KB) 03.08.09
  9. William Robert Jacomb (pdf, 5MB) 03.08.09
  10. Australian Press Council (pdf, 203KB) 05.08.09
  11. Australian Electoral Commission (pdf, 292KB) 05.08.09
  12. Julian Burnside AO QC (pdf, 18KB) 14.08.09
  13. Colin Hughes (pdf, 82KB) 23.09.09