Metropolitan School Visits

The Parliament of Victoria is taking the Parliament to the people through its metropolitan school visits program. The visits are an opportunity for year 5, 6 and 7 students and VCE students to learn about the Parliament from experienced Parliament tour guides in their own classroom.

If you are unable to come to Parliament House for a tour, give us a call and we will bring the Parliament to you!

Legislative Assembly Tour Guides visit schools in metropolitan Melbourne to conduct a Parliament Role Play in the class room. Using props and equipment including banners, nameplates, and a replica Mace, the classroom is set up to replicate the Legislative Assembly chamber at Parliament House. The topics covered align with curriculum requirements such as Victorian Curriculum F-10,  VCE Legal Studies and Australian Politics Study Guides.

 Role play teaches students how the Parliament of Victoria:

  • makes laws
  • provides representative democracy for Victorians
  • has a rich and colourful history


Primary school students are welcome to use their own role play script rather than one of our prepared scripts. For more information on how to prepare a role play script please follow the instructions in the attached document. How_to_prepare_a_self-scripted_role_play.pdf


Metropolitan school visits are available for students in years 5, 6 and 7 and VCE. Bookings can be made for non-sitting weeks and Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays of sitting weeks at 10.00 am. The visit will last approximately ninety minutes and it is important that sufficient time is allocated to ensure the presentation is completed. To check for available times see the Booking Availability.

See the Calendar for sitting days.

The maximum number of students for each vist is 30.

To book please call the Tour Booking Office on (03) 9651 8568 or e-mail

Metropolitan school visits are free of charge.