Public Hearings

Completed Public Hearings

Date Witness  Transcript and related papers


12 December 2012


Department of Health

 pdf Corrected Transcript 114.54 Kb

pdf Presentation 1.48 Mb

pdf Department of Health Response.pdf 10.34 Mb

 17 April 2013

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

 pdf Corrected Transcript 133.92 Kb

pdf Presentation 485.15 Kb


29 May 2013 


Australian Nursing Federation (Vic Branch)

 pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 70.67 Kb

Australian Medical Association (Victoria)

 pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 54.78 Kb

pdf AMA Response.pdf 220.60 Kb

12 June 2013

 Australian Medical Council

 pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 62.91 Kb

 Health Professions Accreditation Councils’ Forum

 pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 32.66 Kb

26 June 2013


Australian Doctors' Fund

 pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 79.51 Kb

pdf ADF Response.pdf 473.97 Kb

Health Services Commissioner

 pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 37.70 Kb

pdf HSC Response.pdf 512.58 Kb

 9 August 2013

 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 44.46 Kb

pdf RACGP Response.pdf 81.24 Kb

 Jennifer Morris

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 53.41 Kb

 Rural Doctors Association Victoria

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 51.30 Kb

 Australian Society of Ophthalmologists

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 49.12 Kb

pdf ASO Glaucoma information.pdf 451.92 Kb

 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 51.47 Kb

 Avant Mutual Group Limited

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 52.46 Kb

pdf Avant Response.pdf 1.46 Mb

 Health Issues Centre

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 47.03 Kb

 Australian Association of Surgeons

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 43.34 Kb

 21 August 2013

 Professor Paddy Dewan

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 63.80 Kb

pdf Presentation.pdf 1.35 Mb

 4 September 2013


 Victorian Doctors Health Program

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 51.06 Kb

 Nurses and Midwifery Health Program

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 53.05 Kb

 18 September 2013

 College of Organisational Psychologists (Vic)

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 67.88 Kb

pdf Response.pdf 262.20 Kb

pdf Measures Comparison Table.pdf 180.79 Kb

pdf Diagram.pdf 289.81 Kb

 22 November 2013











 Australian Medical Association, Queensland

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 416.25 Kb











 Department of Health, Queensland

 Health and Community Services Committee, Queensland

 Bond University, Queensland

 Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Queensland

& Queensland Medical Interim Notifications Group

 27 November 2013

 Victorian Board of the Medical Board of Australia

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 120.14 Kb

pdf VBMBA QoN Response 091213.pdf 401.01 Kb

 11 December 2013

 Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

pdf Corrected Transcript.pdf 148.58 Kb

pdf Presentation.pdf 260.55 Kb

pdf Response to QON 231213.pdf 53.54 Kb