Inquiry into the Victorian Government’s COVID‐19 Contact Tracing System and Testing Regime


See below the data files received for the inquiry into the Victorian Government's COVID-19 contact tracing system and testing regime

Department of Health and Human Services:
Letter from Deputy Secretary - Contact Tracing Inquiry178.72 KB
Data summary53.90 KB
CT1a - Testing to notification23.62 KB
CT1a_2 - Timing of contacts21.72 KB
CT1a and CT3c - av timing test531.50 KB
CT1b - communication notification modes533.25 KB
CT2a - workforce data32.88 KB
CT2a1 - CCOM job cards5.80 MB
CT2a2 - CCOM PDs1.18 MB
CT2a3 - departmental response39.22 KB
CT3a and b - contact tracing call data39.78 KB
CT3c - SMS messages sent16.93 KB
T3 and 4 - testing175.27 KB
Last Updated on Monday, 23 November 2020