Inquiry into the Victorian Government’s COVID‐19 Contact Tracing System and Testing Regime


Submissions for this inquiry have closed. For further information, please contact the Committee secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfKarl Chlebowczyk445.39 KB
  2. pdfVanessa Teague447.84 KB
  3. pdfName Withheld450.08 KB
  4. pdfName Withheld446.21 KB
  5. pdfName Withheld559.42 KB
  6. pdfName Withheld560.25 KB
  7. pdfGiuseppe Garra605.71 KB
  8. pdfSalesforce384.70 KB
  9. pdfCedar Meats11.73 MB
  10. pdfLynn Nash445.55 KB
  11. pdfDr Michael Baron454.60 KB
  12. pdfName Withheld750.99 KB
  13. pdfTom Voigt581.19 KB
  14. pdfDr Marina Malcolm466.28 KB
  15. pdfName Withheld448.38 KB
  16. pdfOffice of the Victorian Information Commissioner777.56 KB
  17. Confidential
  18. pdfDr Anita Munoz475.16 KB
  19. Confidential
  20. pdfWilliam Albon5.50 KB
  21. pdfPublic Health Association of Australia821.45 KB
  22. pdfParousya Technologies1.36 MB
  23. pdfDepartment of Health and Human Services1.90 MB
  24. pdfYvonne Hrusak670.01 KB
  25. pdfName Withheld449.70 KB
  26. pdfAMA Victoria732.42 KB
  27. pdfVictorian Multicultural Commission1.24 MB
  28. pdfDr Tim Read MLA561.81 KB
  29. pdfInes Rio931.52 KB
  30. pdfBrimbank City Council375.40 KB
  31. pdfName Withheld446.02 KB
  32. pdfCommunity and Public Section Union - Victorian branch765.37 KB
  33. pdfMulticultural Centre for Women's Health1.42 MB
  34. pdfBrent Allan2.04 MB
  35. pdfParliamentary Budget Officer1.34 MB
  36. pdfAustralian Government Department of Health 1.61 MB
    1. pdfAttachments A-F2.56 MB
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 February 2021