Inquiry into Support for Older Victorians from Migrant and Refugee Backgrounds

Hearings and Transcripts

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available. Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Wednesday 30 March 2022
Eastern Hub Geelong

Time Witness Transcript
10:00 am

Joy Leggo, Chief Executive Officer
Rebecca Smith, General Manager, Community Aged and Disability

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10:35 am

National Council of Women of Victoria
Dr Deborah Towns, Convenor, State Standing Committees
Nurcihan Ozturk, Multicultural and Migration Advisor, State Standing Committees

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11:05 am


11:55 am

Barwon Community Legal Service
Alexandria Jones, Community Development Manager

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12:25 pm Break  
1:10 pm ABRISA
Alba Chliakhtine, Executive Officer
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1:45 pm

U3A Geelong
Nanette Tunnicliffe, President
Loretta Winstanley, former president

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2:30 pm

Barwon Health
Carol Mioduchowski, North Area Facility Manager, Barwon Health

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Thursday 31 March 2022
Mercure Ballarat Hotel and Convention Centre

Time Witness Transcript
10:00 am

Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council
Teresa Azzopardi, Social Support Manager
Sherley Hart, community member

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10:35 am

Ballarat African Association
Dr Michael Akindeju, President
Lateef Adeleye, Deputy Secretary

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11:05 am


11:20 am

Ballarat Indian Association
Dr Sundram Sivamalai, Advisor

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11:55 am

Central Highlands Elder Abuse Prevention Network
Louise Feery, Manager Health Promotion, Ballarat Community Health
Kate Diamond-Keith, Gambling Harm and Elder Abuse Prevention Project Consultant, Ballarat Community Health
Lesley McKarney, Health Promotion Officer, Ballarat Community Health

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12:25 pm Break  
1:10 pm

City of Ballarat
Matthew Wilson, Director Community Wellbeing
Dr Sundram Sivamalai, Intercultural Advisory Committee Member

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1:45 pm

Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services
Sonia Di Mezza, Chief Executive Officer

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 2:15 pm Break   
2:30 pm

Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre
Lisa Dinning, Workforce Development Adviser

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Tuesday 1 March 2022
Coburg Concert Hall

Time Witness Transcripts
10:00 am   

Moreland City Council
Elly Gardner, Living and Ageing Well Officer
Petr Svoboda, Social Policy Officer
Ikbal El-Imam, Moreland resident
Sumaya El Masri, Mrs El-Imam’s carer

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 pdfQuestions on notice408.42 KB

10:45 am

UNITED Spanish Latin American Welfare Centre
Barbara Leon, Operations Manager
Rafaela Lopez, Community Advisor, UNITED Committee of Management
Demetrio Ortega, community member 
Lucy Salinas, community member

 pdfTranscript187.96 KB
11:25 am Break  
11:40 am

North and West Metro Elder Abuse Prevention Network
Carla Wilkie, Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Liaison Officer (Western Health)
Della Robb, Team Leader Healthy Ageing (Merri Health)

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12:20 pm Break  
1:00 pm

Victorian Arabic Social Services
Farah Abdyashoa, Access and Support Worker
Lina Hassan, Aged Care and Disability Intake and Case Manager
Kieran Hough, Senior Social Worker

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1:45 pm Arabic Welfare

Dalal Sleiman, Community Capacity Building and Engagement Leader
Fahim Elsheikh, community member
Ebtesam Chniker, community member
Alexander Mouassab, community member
Helen Elsheikh, community member

 pdfTranscript144.92 KB
2:10 pm

PRONIA Australian Greek Welfare Society
Peter Andrinopoulos, Community Support Program Coordinator
Kathy Barbakos, Client and Community Services Coordinator
Litsa Volou, community member

 pdfTranscript174.59 KB
2:35 pm

Alevi Community Council of Australia
Serap Yildiz, Vice President
Katibe Yesilyurt, community member
Guzide Suluk, community member 
Huseyin Duman, community member

 pdfTranscript142.41 KB


Friday 18 February 2022
Video conference

Time Witness Transcripts
10:00 am   

Victorian Multicultural Commission
Vivienne Nguyen, Chairperson
Hakan Akyol, Executive Senior Adviser

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 pdfPresentation300.03 KB

10:45 am

Municipal Association of Victoria
Kim Howland, Manager, Community Services
Jan Bruce, Positive Ageing Policy Adviser

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11:25 am Break  
12:05 pm

Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Jackie Galloway, Chief Executive Officer
Kirsten Young, Community Engagement, Education and Legal Policy Officer

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 pdfQuestions on notice108.61 KB

12:45 pm Break  
1:00 pm

John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research, La Trobe University
Professor Irene Blackberry, Chair and Director

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1:45 pm

Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing
Lisa Tribuzio, Manager
Nikolaus (Niki) Rittinghausen, Senior Advisor and Project Officer

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2:25 pm Break  
2:40 pm

Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria
Eddie Micallef, Chair
Emiliano Zucchi, Chief Executive Officer

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 pdfQuestions on notice

3:20 pm Break  
3:30 pm Department of Families, Fairness and Housing

Nicola Young, Acting Deputy Secretary, Fairer Victoria

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 pdfQuestions on notice142.14 KB


Monday 31 January 2022
Video conference

Time Witness Transcripts
10:00 am    Commissioner for Senior Victorians
Gerard Mansour, Commissioner
 pdfTranscript173.13 KB
10:45 am Justice Connect

Yvonne Lipianin, Manager, Seniors Law
Megan King, Principal Solicitor, Seniors Law

 pdfTranscript157.37 KB
11:25 am Break  
11:40 am Good Things Foundation

Jess Wilson, Chief Executive Officer
Cassandra Strakosch, Head of Communications and Engagement

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 pdfPresentation2.71 MB

12:20 pm Break  
1:00 pm AMES Australia

Maria Tsopanis, Senior Manager Community Development and Social Participation
Conor Butler, Research Officer
Ali Sakkour, Industry and Client Manager

 pdfTranscript154.11 KB
1:45 pm cohealth
Christopher Turner, Acting Chief Executive
Robyn Wilmshurst, Healthy Ageing Leader

Margaret Yung, Acting Program Facilitator, Aged, Residential and Outreach

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 pdfQuestion on notice109.78 KB

 pdfSupplementary comment69.65 KB

2:25 pm Break  
2:40 pm

National Ageing Research Institute, Seniors Rights Victoria,
Multicultural Centre for Women's Health and Carers Victoria
Professor Bianca Brijnath, Director Social Gerontology, National Ageing Research Institute
Rebecca Edwards, Manager & Principal Lawyer, Seniors Rights Victoria
Giang Tran, Research Project Officer, Multicultural Centre for Women's Health
Judith Abbott, Chief Executive Officer, Carers Victoria

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 pdfNARI presentation886.14 KB

 pdfCarers Victoria questions on notice242.21 KB

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