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November 27 2000

  • Professor R. Officer, Chairman; and Mr B. Mountford, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Workcover Authority.

December 4 2000

  • Mr D. Gregory, General Manager, Workplace Relations Policy; and Ms A. Kaminski, Workcover Adviser, Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Mr P. Fennelly, Director, and; Mr P. Deakin, Senior Adviser OHS/WorkCover, Australian Industry Goup.
  • Mr L. Hubbard, Secretary; and Mr J. Moran, Workcover Liaison Officer, Victorian Trades Hall Council.

December 12 2000

  • Mr L. Miller, Executive Director, Geelong Chamber of Commerce.
  • Mr F. Ruggeri, Manager, and Mr L. Cropley, Workcover Manager, Brentwood Nursing Home.
  • Ms A. Lord, Risk Management Coordinator, Greater Geelong City Council.
  • Ms S. Patterson, Risk Management Officer; andMr C. Knight, Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, Colac-Otway Shire Council.
  • Mr J. James, General Manager, Business Services, St Laurence Community Services.
  • Mr G. Esler, Regional Manager, Geelong Branch, Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Mr J. Kranz, Secretary, Geelong and Region Trades and Labour Council.
  • Mr C. Herbert, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, and Mr P. Ansell, Manager, Legal Affairs, Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Mr A. Spira, Managing Director; and Mr P. Walsh, Financial Controller, Geelong Wool Combing Ltd.
    Mr T. Ridgewell, Administration Manager, Josie’s Transport.
  • Mr S. Stewart, Director; and Mrs D. Stewart, Director, Wendouree Cleaning Services.
    Mr G. Shearer, Secretary, Ballarat Regional Trades and Labour Council.
  • Ms T. Browne, Group Manager, Health Safety & Environment, Bendix Mintex Pty Ltd.
  • Mr P. O’Brien, Manager, Employee Services, Ballarat City Council.
    Mr T. Ryan, Owner-Proprietor, Designer Commercial Furniture.
  • Mr I. Manton, Managing Director; and Mr G. Harvey, Finance Director, Valcor Australia Sales Pty Ltd.
  • Mr B. Hughes, Manager-Proprietor, Ausworkforce Pty Ltd and Vic Brand Road Surfacing Pty Ltd.
  • Mr A. Wibberley, General Manager, Manufacturing; and Ms K. Muir, Group HR Manager, Maxitrans Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Mr G. Cann, Manager, Australian Valve and Engineering.

December 13 2000

  • Mr B. Young, Shearing Contractor.
  • Mr P. Green, Chief Executive Officer; and Mr R. Trew, General Manager, Finance, CVGT Employment and Training.
  • Mr M. Antolos, Assistant Managing Director, Pacific Textiles.
  • Mr D. Rodgers, Accountant, Blackforest Timbers.
  • Ms R. Smith-Clark, Risk Manager; and Mr K. Gill, General Manager, Frew Kyneton Pty Ltd.
  • Mr. A. Sandner, Owner/Proprietor, Strathvillage Newsagency.
  • Mr A. Moyle, Owner, Colonial Leather.
  • Ms K. Kyle, Secretary, Bendigo Trades Hall Council.
  • Mr C. Barton, Owner, Rositas.

December 18 2000

  • Mr P. Bancroft, Managing Director; and Mrs L. Iurato, Financial Controller, Sticky Products.
  • Mr A. Abbott, Proprietor, Nanson Nominees (trading as Chelsea Drycleaners).
  • Mr P. Beattie, Managing Director; and Ms L. Fink, Secretary, Natures Gift Australia.
  • Mr P. Patroni, Managing Director, Kinetic Technology International Pty Ltd.
  • Mr R. Dannals, Operations Manager, Timstock Trading Pty Ltd.
  • Mr C. Mighell, Director, All Torque Transmissions Australasia Pty Ltd.
  • Mr P. Leipnik, Managing Director, The Specialty Group.
  • Ms C. Evans, Director; and Mr J. Long, Director, the Elly-Kay Centre.
  • Ms M. Aivatoglou, Proprietor; and Mr F. Nugent, External Accountant, Evangelia Aged Care Facility
    Mr P. Clark, Director, Belle Design and Manufacturing.
  • Mrs J. Waller, Owner, Waller’s Cakes.
  • Mr M. Mahon, Accountant, Fans Direct.



January 29 2001

  • Mr K. MacLeod, Managing Director, Strap Engineering.
  • Mr G. Burrows, Graeme Burrows Jewellers.
  • Mr R. Lake, Tasco Inland Australia.
  • Mr J. Judd; Ms H. Munro; and Ms D. Brown, United Panel Works and John Judd Industries.
  • Mr G. Martin, Martin Petroleum.
  • Mr G. Stone, G. D. and S. I. Stone Pty Ltd.

January 31 2001

  • Mr G. Lowe; and Mr C. Wood, Lowes Windows.
  • Mrs S. Duguid, A. Duguid and Co. Pty Ltd.
  • Ms W. McAllister; and Ms T. McKenzie, Grizzly Engineering Pty Ltd.
  • Mr I. Fisher, Alcheringa Hostel, and Chief Executive Officer, Swan Hill District Hospital.
  • Mrs L. Packer; and Mrs W. Blair, Swan Hill Chemicals.
  • Mr T. Pumpa, Director; and Ms C. Khan, Accountant, Pumpa Engineering.

February 19 2001

  • Mr C. Buckingham, President, Moe Development Group.
  • Ms K. Elliott, Mawarra Centre.
  • Mr T. Brorsen; and Ms L. Wright, Tabro Meats.
  • Mr D. Donaldson; and Mr P. Edwards, Liftmaster Strong Arm Australia.
  • Mr L. Jensen, Proprietor, Tarago River Cheese Pty Ltd.
  • Mr D. Sharp, Radford Abattoirs; and Mr R. Schaffer, National Meat Association.
  • Mr H. Mohideen, Director of Finance; and Mr B. Lemmon, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, West Gippsland Hospital.
  • Mrs D. Blackwood, Owner, Blackwood Engineering.
  • Ms T. Wakefield, Financial Controller, Safetech.
  • Mr P. Foster, National Logistics Coordinators.
  • Mr G. Rorison, Business Manager, Gippsland Aeronautics.

February 20 2001

  • Mr G. George, Proprietor, Pinky’s Pizza.
  • Mr G. Lindrea, Manager, G and S Machining.
  • Mr J. Castle, Principal, John Castle and Associates.
  • Ms E. Falkiner, Human Resources Officer; and Mr D. Rabbah, Risk Management Coordinator, Shire of Wellington.
  • Mr P. Brand, Farmer, Shenstone.
  • Mr B. Gordyn, Owner-Manager, Gordyn Abattoirs.
  • Mr I. Dietrich, Proprietor-Owner, Maffra Licensed IGA Supermarket.
  • Mr B. McLoughlan, Administration Manager, Neville Smith Timber Industries.

February 23 2001

  • Mr M. Greaves, Management Accountant; and Ms F. Krocaris, Human Resources Coordinator, Insulform Pty Ltd.
  • Mr M. Plymin, Owner, Henlor Sheet Metal and Roofing Pty Ltd.
  • Mr C. Risstrom, Managing Director/Owner; and Mr D. Woodgate, Britex Group.
  • Ms M. McKenzie, Director; Mr R. McKenzie, Managing Director, The Graffiti Eaters Pty Ltd.
  • Mr A. Bryant, Manager, Bryston Stainless Steel Fabrication.
  • Ms G. Knight, Office Manager, Carpenter’s Body Works and Modern Towing and Salvage (Aust) Pty Ltd.

March 6 2001

  • Mr R. Tozer, Financial Controller, Keppell Prince Engineering.
  • Mr R. McPherson, McPherson Plumbing Contractors Pty Ltd.
  • Ms K. Dean, President; and Mr I. Grant, Public Officer, Green Triangle Injured Persons Support Group.
  • Cr D. Atkinson, Mayor; Mr L. Merritt, Chief Executive Officer; and Mr D. Keenan, Director Economic Development, City of Warrnambool.
  • Mr M. Clarke, Managing Director; and Mr T. McLennan, Finance Manager, Clarke’s Pies.
  • Mrs Y. Bartlett, Owner, BAM Stone; and Mr J. McGrath, Managing Director, McGrath Consulting.
  • Mr C. Nolan, Chief Executive, Warrnambool Racing Club.
  • Ms M. Whitehead, Company Secretary, Sou West Seafoods
  • Mr I. Robb, The Whaler’s Inn, Warrnambool.
  • Mr A. Egan, Finance Manager; and Mr A. Westlake, Operations Manager, Midfield Meat Group.
  • Mr G. Daniels, General Manager, McDonalds.
  • Mr W. McKinniss, Financial Planner and Counsellor, Community Connections.
  • Mr B. Delaney, Owner, Swinton’s Carpet.

March 7 2001

  • Mrs M. Neal, Neal’s Transport.
  • Mr K. McCoombe, Human Resource Manager; Mr J. Scarrott, Director of Finance; and Ms J. Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Colac Community Health Services.
  • Ms L. Genua, Genua Brothers.
  • Mr D. Watson, CM Timbers.
  • Mr B. Loughnane, Terence’s Property Services.


March 29 2001

  • Mr Ian Haines, General Manager, Corporate and Community Services; and Mr Shane Brown, Human Resources Manager, Shire of Mitchell.
  • Mr B. Melbourne, Proprietor, Seymour Family Videoland.
  • Mr D. O’Dwyer, O’Dwyer’s Horseshoes.
  • Mr B. Nicholls, Managing Director, Chadcorp.
  • Mr T. Dobson, Owner and Operator, Kilmore Caravan Park.
  • Mr D. Asquith, Manager, Euroa Newsagency.
  • Mr C. Burton, Burton’s Stores.
  • Mr X. Thompson, Thompson’s Carpet Choice.
  • Mr D. Nicel, Euroa Clay Products Pty Ltd.
  • Mr S. McKernan, McKernan’s Engineering.

March 30 2001

  • Mr D. Scott, Scottie’s IGA Supermarket, Benalla.
  • Mr D. Maling, Edible Deli.
  • Mr L. Gawley; and Ms S. Gawley, Gawley Plumbing.
  • Mr G. McNulty, Ryan and McNulty.
  • Ms J. Crothers, Crothers Joinery.
  • Mr K. Haylan, Skanda Industrial Services.
  • Mr R. Kerr, Human Resources Manager, Dominance Industries.
  • Mr G. Wheeler, and Mr G. Voss, W.V. Management.
  • Ms G. Lee, Financial Controller, Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd, Wangaratta.
  • Mr P. Challman, Manager, Browns Wangaratta Pty Ltd.
  • Mr G. Clydesdale, Manager Human Resources, Rural City of Wangaratta.
  • Ms G. Taylor, Human Resources Manager, Brown Brothers, Milawa.
  • Mr G. Symons, Symons Pharmacy, Wangaratta.

April 9 2001

  • Mr J. MacKenzie, Chairman; and Mr W. Mountford, Chief Executive, Victorian Workcover Authority.

April 19 2001

  • Mr J. Lock, Manager, Human Resources, Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind.
  • Dr J. Honner, Coordinator of Social Policy, MacKillop Family Services.
  • Mr R. Cumpston, Partner, Cumpston Sarjeant Pty Ltd.
  • Mr C. Marshall, Policy Development Manager; and Ms S. Medson, Vice President and Board Member, Children’s Welfare Association of Victoria.
  • Ms J. Balshaw, Manager, Human Resources; and Ms N. Karibian, Workcover Coordinator, Yooralla Society of Victoria.

April 30 2001

  • Mr I. Little, Secretary; Mr J. Rosewarne, Director, Portfolio Analysis; and Mr A. Nye, Director, Insurance Policy, Department of Treasury and Finance.