Hearings and Transcripts

The Law Reform, Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee tabled its final report for this Inquiry on 3 September 2014. There will be no further public hearings for this Inquiry.

The Committee held public hearings for this Inquiry on the following dates:

A list of witnesses is available below, and transcripts are available for download in PDF format.

Melbourne — 30 September 2013

Mr J. Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Anex.
pdf Transcript - pdf 58.65 Kb

Mr L. Alvis, Chief Executive Officer, UnitingCare ReGen
Ms D. Ribton Turner, Director, Clinical Services, UnitingCare ReGen
pdf Transcript - pdf 67.89 Kb

Dr B. Lloyd, Strategic Lead, Population Health Research, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre.
Dr A. Pennay, Senior Research Fellow, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre
Dr M. Frei, Head of Clinical Services, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre
pdf Transcript - pdf 73.53 Kb

Associate Professor T. Walker, General Manager, Regional Services, Ambulance Victoria.
Associate Professor K. Smith, Manager, Research and Evaluation, Ambulance Victoria.
Mr A. Eade, Intensive Care Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 64.22 Kb

Professor P. Dietze, Head, Alcohol and Other Drug Research, Centre for Research Excellence in Injecting Drug Use, Burnet Institute
pdf Transcript - pdf 64.35 Kb

Ms J. Kelsall, Executive Officer, Harm Reduction Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 56.81 Kb

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Melbourne — 14 October 2013

Mr S. Biondo, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association
Mr S. Ruth, Director of Services, Victorian AIDS Council
pdf Transcript - pdf 76.34 Kb

Mr J. Rogerson, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Drug Foundation
Mr G. Munro, National Policy Manager, Australian Drug Foundation
pdf Transcript - pdf 60.65 Kb

Ms H. Pickard, Chief Executive Officer, Self Help Addiction Resource Centre
pdf Transcript - pdf 46.96 Kb

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Bendigo — 25 October 2013

Superintendent D. Clifton, Victoria Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 66.38 Kb

Ms C. Sobczyk, General Manager, Primary Health and Integrated Care, Bendigo Community Health Services
pdf Transcript - pdf 48.98 Kb

Mr D. Eltringham, Drug and Alcohol Care Coordinator, Emergency Department, Bendigo Health.
Ms C. Lever, Nurse Unit Manager, Emergency Department, Bendigo Health
Mr B. Jacobs, Nurse Manager, ECAT/Triage/PARC, Psychiatric Services, Bendigo Health.
Mr W. Daly, Nurse Unit Manager, Alexander Bayne Centre, Psychiatric Services, Bendigo Health.
pdf Transcript - pdf 68.14 Kb

Ms P. Gordon, Director, Community Wellbeing, Greater Bendigo City Council
Ms S. Mansell, Manager, Community Partnerships, Greater Bendigo City Council
pdf Transcript - pdf 35.56 Kb

Mr K. Strachan, Group Manager, Ambulance Victoria
Mr R. Marchingo, Ambulance Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 46.87 Kb

Ms D. Barker, Acting Senior Manager, ICMS and Residential Care, St Luke’s Anglicare.
Ms K. Donaldson, Manager, Community Programs, Youth Support and Advocacy Service, Bendigo.
pdf Transcript - pdf 63.11 Kb

Mr P. Noble, Coordinator and Lawyer, Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre
pdf Transcript - pdf 45.10 Kb

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Geelong — 28 October 2013

Mr T. Marshall, MICA Paramedic and Group Manager, Ambulance Victoria, Barwon District
Ms S. Grant, Advanced Life Support Paramedic and Team Manager, Ambulance Victoria, Barwon District
pdf Transcript - pdf 53.68 Kb

Dr D. Eddy, Director of Emergency Medicine, Barwon Health
Dr N. Reid, Emergency Staff Specialist, Emergency Department, Barwon Health
Dr C. Peake, Clinical Coordinator, Drugs and Alcohol Services, Barwon Health
pdf Transcript - pdf 72.64 Kb

Ms K. Kline, Drug and Alcohol Worker, Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-Operative
Mr N. Stanley, Youth Justice Worker, Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-Operative
pdf Transcript - pdf 53.87 Kb

Superintendent P. Pottage, Division Commander, Division 1 (Geelong) Western Region, Victoria Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 54.09 Kb

Ms M. Grady, Youth Worker, Barwon Youth
Mr T. Robinson, Co-ordinator, Barwon Youth
Mr D. Moyle, General Manager of Client Services, Barwon Youth
pdf Transcript - pdf 61.15 Kb

Ms A. Halloran-Lavelle, Chief Executive Officer, Zena Women’s Services
Ms C. Yeatman, Support Service Manager, Zena Women’s Services
pdf Transcript - pdf 41.72 Kb

Mr D. Holyroyd, Chair, Geelong Nightlife Association
Mr T. Bongiorno, Nightclub Proprietor, Geelong Nightlife Association
Mr M. Gregorio, Nightclub Proprietor, Geelong Nightlife Association
pdf Transcript - pdf 60.58 Kb

Ms B. McNair, Service Development Officer, Southern Territory Alcohol and Other Drugs Unit, Salvation Army, Kardinia
pdf Transcript - pdf 57.80 Kb

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Ballarat — 18 November 2013

Superintendent Andrew Allen, Divisional Commander, Ballarat Division, Western Region, Victoria Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 50.19 Kb

Dr Andrew Crellin, Director of Emergency, Ballarat Health Services
pdf Transcript - pdf 58.80 Kb

Associate Professor Peter Miller, Principal Research Fellow, School of Psychology, Deakin University
pdf Transcript - pdf 62.64 Kb

Ms Karen Heap, Chief Executive Officer, Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative.
Mr Peter Treloar, Emotional Wellbeing Nurse, Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative.
Ms Jo Warren, Health Unit Manager, Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative
pdf Transcript - pdf 61.59 Kb

Mr Grant Hocking, Clinical Support Manager, Grampians Region, Ambulance Victoria.
Mr Sam Caldow, Advanced Life Support Paramedic, Ballarat Branch, Ambulance Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 49.19 Kb

Mr Stuart Fenton, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
pdf Transcript - pdf 54.82 Kb

Ms Robyn Reeves, Chief Executive Officer, Ballarat Community Health Centre
Ms Claire Ryan, Alcohol and Other Drugs Services Team Leader, Ballarat Community Health Centre
pdf Transcript - pdf 40.50 Kb

Mr Peter Cranage, Alcohol and Other Drug Program Manager, UnitingCare Ballarat
pdf Transcript - pdf 80.47 Kb

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Mildura — 5 December 2013

Superintendent P. Naylor, Divisional Superintendent, Division 6, Western Region, Victoria Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 53.36 Kb

Dr D. Turner, Medical Director of Emergency, Mildura Base Hospital
Ms L. Dellar, Nurse Unit Manager, Emergency, Mildura Base Hospital
Mr D. Kirby, Director, Mental Health Services, Mildura Base Hospital
Ms J. Gleeson, Dual Diagnosis Consultant, Mildura Base Hospital
pdf Transcript - pdf 64.14 Kb

Mr R. McGlashan, Executive Officer, Northern Mallee Community Partnership (Project Ice Mildura).
Ms M. Withers, Integrated Services Coordinator, Northern Mallee Community Partnership (Project Ice Mildura)
pdf Transcript - pdf 69.82 Kb

Mr R. Kirby, Chief Executive Officer, Mallee District Aboriginal Services
Ms N. Davey, General Manager, Health/Family/Community, Mallee District Aboriginal Services.
Mr I. Mansoor, Manager, Primary Health Care, Mallee District Aboriginal Services
Mr B. McKinnon, Manager Mental Health Services, Tristar Medical Group
pdf Transcript - pdf 77.60 Kb

Mr P. Guest, Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria
Mr S. Fumberger, Group Manager, Sunraysia Region, Ambulance Victoria
Mr D. Richards, Clinical Support Officer, Loddon Mallee Region, Ambulance Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 42.78 Kb

Ms M. Bassi, Manager, Primary Health, Sunraysia Community Health Services
Ms M. Lonsdale, Team Leader, Drug Treatment Services, Sunraysia Community Health Services
pdf Transcript - pdf 62.06 Kb

Ms F. Harley, Deputy Executive Director, Mallee Family Care
Ms C. Murphy, Director of Disability and Mental Health Services, Mallee Family Care
Ms D. Sanders, Indigenous Engagement Officer, Mallee Family Care
pdf Transcript - pdf 71.50 Kb

Mr M. Hawson, General Manager, Community and Culture, Mildura Rural City Council.
Mr R. McGlashan, Executive Officer, Northern Mallee Community Partnership (Project Ice Mildura)
pdf Transcript - pdf 48.93 Kb

Mr G. Pearse, Vice President, Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council (SMECC)
pdf Transcript - pdf 55.60 Kb

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Melbourne — 9 December 2013

Mr Tony Parsons, Magistrate, Drug Court of Victoria
Ms Elisa Buggy, DCV Program Manager (currently on secondment to the Children’s Court), Drug Court of Victoria
Ms Kristy Rowe, Acting DCV Program Manager, Drug Court of Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 68.31 Kb

Ms S. Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Crime Stoppers Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 58.31 Kb

Mr L. Twentyman, OAM, 20th Man Fund
pdf Transcript - pdf 70.77 Kb

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Traralgon — 28 January 2014

Superintendent Jock Menzel, Divisional Commander, Division 5, Eastern Region, Victoria Police
Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Pegg, Divisional Crime Adviser, Division 6, Eastern Region, Victoria Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 66.62 Kb

Ms Amanda Cameron, Acting Chief Executive, Latrobe Regional Hospital
Dr Simon Fraser, Chief Medical Officer, Latrobe Regional Hospital
Ms Cayte Hoppner, Director of Mental Health, Latrobe Regional Hospital
Dr Tony Chan, Emergency Department Director, Latrobe Regional Hospital
pdf Transcript - pdf 64.35 Kb

Mr Clive Alsop, Regional Coordinating Magistrate, Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court
pdf Transcript - pdf 71.39 Kb

Mr Jon Borkowski, Coordinator Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Services Morwell, Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Cooperative (GEGAC)
Mr Christofer Beal, Coordinator, Tanderra AOD Services, Bairnsdale, Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Cooperative (GEGAC)
pdf Transcript - pdf 64.06 Kb

Mr Mark Allen, Team Manager, Morwell Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) Unit and Single Response Unit (SRU), Ambulance Victoria
Mr Dave Rice, Manager Sale Advanced Life Support Unit and Bairnsdale and Sale Single Responder MICA Units, Ambulance Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 63.82 Kb

Ms Kerstin Bichel, Manager AOD Service, Gippsland Lakes Community Health Centre
Mr Eion May, Alcohol and Drug Worker, Gippsland Lakes Community Health Centre
pdf Transcript - pdf 58.23 Kb

Mr James Dale, Acquired Brain Injury and Alcohol and Other Drug Clinical Consultant, Latrobe Community Health Services
Ms Debbie Stoneman, Alcohol and Other Drug Nurse Clinician, Latrobe Community Health Services
pdf Transcript - pdf 75.82 Kb

Mr Peter Wearne, Director of Services, Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS)
Ms Christine May, Manager Latrobe Valley, Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS)
pdf Transcript - pdf 72.53 Kb

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Melbourne — 3 February 2014

Ms T. Lynch, Manager, Royal Women’s Hospital Alcohol and Drug Service
Dr Y. Bonomo, Addiction Specialist, Royal Women’s Hospital Alcohol and Drug Service.
Dr E. Bowman, Paediatrician, Royal Women’s Hospital Alcohol and Drug Service
pdf Transcript - pdf 69.99 Kb

Dr R. Volk, Forensic and Other Drugs Counsellor, South East Alcohol and Drug Service.
Dr D. Jacka, Addiction Medicine Specialist, South East Alcohol and Drug Service
Ms E. Foster, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Monash Health, South East Alcohol and Drug Service
pdf Transcript - pdf 69.35 Kb

Professor R. Midford, Professor of Health in Education, School of Education, Charles Darwin University
pdf Transcript - pdf 47.09 Kb

Mr J. King, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service
Dr N. Quiery, Senior Clinician, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service
pdf Transcript - pdf 54.64 Kb

Mr A. Pricolo, Chair, Strategic Harm minimisation in Pharmacy (SHarP) Advisory Group, Pharmacy Guild of Australia – Victoria
Mr S. Goma, Manager, Professional Services, Strategic Harm minimisation in Pharmacy (SHarP) Advisory Group, Pharmacy Guild of Australia – Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 75.06 Kb

Ms M. Raymond, Chairperson, Youth Projects
Ms K. Hunt, Collaborations and Development Officer, Youth Projects
Mr C. Hudson, Clinical Services Manager, Youth Projects
Mr R. Michell, Manager, Youth Outreach, Youth Projects
The Hon. M. Gould, Director, Youth Projects
pdf Transcript - pdf 72.49 Kb

Mr D. Giles, General Manager, Family and Community Services, Anglicare Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 61.12 Kb

Mr P. Dillon, Director and Founder, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia
pdf Transcript - pdf 49.51 Kb

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Canberra — 10 February 2014

Professor E. Savona, Executive Director, Joint Research Centre on Transnational Crime of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan and the University of Trento (Transcrime) (via video conference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 59.80 Kb

Ms J. Lind, Executive Director, Australian Crime Commission
Mr S. Neilson, Head of Determination, Australian Crime Commission
pdf Transcript - pdf 110.60 Kb

Dr M. Lauchs, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology (via teleconference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 60.25 Kb

Professor R. Broadhurst, Foundation Professor, Criminology, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University
pdf Transcript - pdf 83.03 Kb

Mr G. Neideck, Senior Manager, Housing, Homelessness and Drugs Group, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Ms A. Jefferson, Head, Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs Unit, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
pdf Transcript - pdf 46.50 Kb

Assistant Commissioner R. Jabbour, National Manager, Serious and Organised Crime, Australian Federal Police
Mr P. Whowell, Manager, Government Relations, Australian Federal Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 84.88 Kb

Ms A. Sergi, Researcher, University of Essex (via video conference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 56.41 Kb

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Canberra — 11 February 2014

Mr W. Tupman, University Fellow, Terrorism and Organised Crime Consultant, University of Exeter (via video conference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 49.41 Kb

Dr R. McKetin, Fellow, College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, Australian National University
pdf Transcript - pdf 73.76 Kb

Ms L. Briggs, Chief Executive Officer, National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (via teleconference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 59.18 Kb

Mr G. Vumbaca, Executive Director, Australian National Council on Drugs
pdf Transcript - pdf 66.30 Kb

Dr T. Goldsworthy, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Society and Design, Bond University (via teleconference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 58.88 Kb

Mr D. Smith, CEO, CrimTrac
pdf Transcript - pdf 71.72 Kb

Professor S. Allsop, Professor, and Director, National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University (via teleconference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 58.32 Kb

Professor A. Goldsmith, Strategic Professor of Criminology
Dr A. Groves, Research Officer, Flinders Law School, Flinders University (via video conference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 60.93 Kb

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Canberra — 12 February 2014

Professor R. Hobbs, Mannheim Centre for Criminology, London School of Economics and Political Science (via video conference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 56.02 Kb

Mr J. Ferris, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Science Research, University of Queensland (via video conference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 77.70 Kb

Mr J. Douglas, Regional Representative for South-East Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Ms M. Akullo, Project Coordinator, Project Childhood, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Mr S. Baumeister, Project Coordinator, Smuggling of Migrants, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
pdf Transcript - pdf 90.69 Kb

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Melbourne — 17 February 2014

Ms J. Rowe, Chief Executive Officer, Mirabel Foundation
Ms E. McCrea, Advocacy and Family Support, Mirabel Foundation
Ms R. Chattey, Family Support, Mirabel Foundation
pdf Transcript - pdf 73.65 Kb

Ms J. Shuard, Commissioner, Corrections Victoria
Mr L. Tucker, Acting General Manager, Community Correctional Services, Gippsland region, Corrections Victoria
Mr J. Insana, General Manager, Community Correctional Services, South-east Metropolitan Region, Corrections Victoria
Ms M. Wood, Assistant Director, Community Correctional Services, Corrections Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 96.13 Kb

Mr W. Muir, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
Ms A. Vickery, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
pdf Transcript - pdf 56.89 Kb

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Wodonga — 24 February 2014

Superintendent P. O'Halloran, Divisional Commander, Eastern Region, Division 4 North-East, Victoria Police
Detective Leading Senior Constable J. Bray, Wangaratta Criminal Investigation Unit, Victoria Police
Detective Sergeant D. Loiterton, Wangaratta Divisional Tasking Unit, Victoria Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 73.42 Kb

Ms P. Northam, Supporting Young Parents Case Manager, Junction Support Services.
Ms K. Hodgens, Youth Services Manager, Junction Support Services
Mr Z. Mason, Youth Worker, Junction Support Services
Mr D. Reid
pdf Transcript - pdf 63.83 Kb

Mr A. Fisher, Clinical Leader, Drug and Alcohol Community Treatment Services, Albury Wodonga Health
pdf Transcript - pdf 63.57 Kb

Mr B. Wilson, Youth Outreach, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Team, Gateway Community Health.
Mr D. Currie, Team Manager Alcohol & Other Drugs, Gateway Community Health
pdf Transcript - pdf 77.41 Kb

Mr M. Fuery, Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 45.08 Kb

Mr M. Burke, Chief Executive Officer, Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation
Ms S. Jenkins, Aboriginal Family Violence Worker, Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation
Ms D. Griffin, Aboriginal Drugs and Alcohol Counsellor, Albury-Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service
Mr T. Church, Aboriginal Drugs and Alcohol Worker, Albury-Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service
pdf Transcript - pdf 76.40 Kb

Ms K. Johnston
Mr S. Johnston
pdf Transcript - pdf 40.30 Kb

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Shepparton — 25 February 2014

Superintendent M. Sayer, Eastern Region, Victoria Police
Detective Acting Inspector P. Maher, Goulburn Valley Division 3, Victoria Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 75.65 Kb

Mr C. McGregor, Senior Withdrawal Nurse, Goulburn Valley Health
Mr T. Tricarico, Alcohol and Other Drug Technician, Goulburn Valley Health
Mr C. Oguntade, Clinical Manager, Adult MHS, Goulburn Valley Health
pdf Transcript - pdf 56.21 Kb

Mr H. Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer, Primary Care Connect
Dr P. MacCartney, Medical Practitioner, Primary Care Connect
Ms L. Macdougall, Manager, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Primary Care Connect.
pdf Transcript - pdf 67.29 Kb

Mr H. Goonen, Drug and Alcohol Worker, Rumbalara Aboriginal Cooperative
Mr D. Sloan, Indigenous Advocate, Regional Information and Advocacy Council
pdf Transcript - pdf 65.23 Kb

Mr M. Whelan, MICA Team Manager, Ambulance Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 37.76 Kb

Ms M. Vidler, Youth and Family Support, The Bridge Youth Service
Ms A. Bruinier, Youth Connections, The Bridge Youth Service
pdf Transcript - pdf 67.26 Kb

Ms K. Gurney, Managing Lawyer, Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre
pdf Transcript - pdf 65.93 Kb

Ms T. Quibell, Deputy Director, Hume Region, Berry Street
Ms M. Bell, Senior Manager, Adolescent Specialist Care Services, Shepparton, Berry Street.
pdf Transcript - pdf 73.67 Kb

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Warrnambool — 3 March 2014

Superintendent D. Downes, Western Region, Division 2, Victoria Police
pdf Transcript - pdf 56.51 Kb

Dr R. Brough, Drug and Alcohol Physician, South West Healthcare
Dr T. Baker, Emergency Department Physician, South West Healthcare
Dr A. Pant, Director of Psychiatry, South West Healthcare
pdf Transcript - pdf 62.09 Kb

Mr M. Powell, Dual Diagnosis Senior Clinician, Headspace, Warrnambool
Mr A. Miller, Aboriginal Programs Manager, South West Healthcare, Warrnambool
Mr J. Chatfield, Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer, Victoria Police
Ms T. Dalton, Indigenous Family Violence Regional Coordinator, Department of Human Services.
pdf Transcript - pdf 64.49 Kb

Mr P. Mellas, Warrnambool Magistrates' Court
pdf Transcript - pdf 64.30 Kb

Mr G. Castledine, Group Manager South West, Ambulance Victoria
Mr P. Benbow, Acting Team Manager, Warrnambool, Ambulance Victoria
pdf Transcript - pdf 40.51 Kb

Mr G. Soma, Chief Executive Officer, The Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre (WRAD).
Ms C. Bligh, Youth Worker and AOD Counsellor, The Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre (WRAD).
Ms B. McIlroy, Manager, Glenelg Southern Grampians Drug Treatment Service (QUAMBY).
pdf Transcript - pdf 76.24 Kb

Mr F. Broeckman, Chief Executive Officer, Brophy Family and Youth Services
Mr P. Flanagan, Team Leader, Youth Homelessness Team, Brophy Family and Youth Services.
pdf Transcript - pdf 72.01 Kb

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Melbourne – 24 March 2014

Mr J. Thompson, General Manager, Mitchells and Partners
pdf Transcript - pdf 71.61 Kb

Mr S. Staunton, General Manager, Group Security, Finance and Business Services, Australia Post.
Ms R. McCarthy, General Manager, Last Mile Network, Parcels and Express Services, Australia Post
pdf Transcript - pdf 43.79 Kb

Ms M. Tsamis, Licensee, Chasers Nightclub and Inflation Nightclub, Melbourne Night Club Owners’ Association
pdf Transcript - pdf 75.78 Kb

Ms M. Madgwick, Koori Community Worker, Ngwala Willumbong Cooperative Ltd
Mr G. Freeman, Counsellor, Ngwala Willumbong Cooperative Ltd
Mr M. Richardson, Clinical Services Manager, Ngwala Willumbong Cooperative Ltd.
pdf Transcript - pdf 66.61 Kb

Dr N. Thomson, Research Fellow, School of Population and Global Health, and Field Director of the Whole of Victorian Government Hotspots Project, University of Melbourne.
pdf Transcript - pdf 70.71 Kb

Ms J. Berriman, Chief Executive Officer, YMCA Victoria
Mr M. Watt, Chief Executive Officer, White Lion
Mr A. Grimm, Coordinator, The Chatterbox Street Outreach Program, White Lion
pdf Transcript - pdf 80.42 Kb

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Melbourne – 31 March 2014

Ms J. Abbott, Acting Director, Community Programs and Prevention Branch, Mental Health, Drugs and Regions Division, Department of Health
Mr M. Turnbull, Manager, Service System Development and Reform, Community Programs and Prevention Branch, Mental Health, Drugs and Regions Division, Department of Health.
Ms C. Williams, Manager, Service Performance, Community Programs and Prevention Branch, Mental Health, Drugs and Regions Division, Department of Health.
pdf Transcript - pdf 102.63 Kb

Professor M. Wakefield, Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer, Cancer Council Victoria.
pdf Transcript - pdf 58.10 Kb

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Melbourne – 5 May 2014

Dr C. Hughes, Research Fellow, Drug Policy Modelling Program, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales (via teleconference)
pdf Transcript - pdf 53.91 Kb

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Mount Waverley – 5 June 2014

Mr M. Sabin MP, Member for Northland, New Zealand Parliament
pdf Transcript - pdf 107.58 Kb

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Melbourne – 16 June 2014

Mr D. Appel, Chief Executive Officer, Lifelounge Group
pdf Transcript - pdf 74.51 Kb

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Melbourne – 4 July 2014

Mr J. Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Penington Institute
pdf Transcript - pdf 63.98 Kb

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