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This petition of residents in Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Assembly to the growing concern casting a shadow over our families and children in the Sunraysia district, particularly Mildura. Many young people we know have been victims of unprovoked physical abuse. Our kids are being robbed of their innocence and safety due to the escalating youth crime rates. The situation has reached an alarming point where children can't even be kids anymore. The fear and insecurity they face every day is unacceptable. According to the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria, there has been an increase in youth crime incidents in recent years (source: CSA Victoria). This includes not only petty crimes but also serious offenses that put the lives of our children at risk. It's heartbreaking that some children are subjected to physical harm within their own communities where they should feel safest (source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare). We cannot stand by while our community's safety deteriorates further. Our kids deserve to live their lives without fear. The way the criminal justice system currently operates is ineffective and must be changed immediately.


The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly call on the Government to: (1) Implement tougher criminal penalties and sentencing laws that so that perpetrators of youth violence are held fully accountable for their actions, unlike the present “wash and repeat” situation where offenders are not answerable for their crimes. (2) Implement tougher criminal penalties and sentencing laws holding caregivers accountable for the actions of children in their care. (3) Implement tougher criminal penalties and sentencing laws for those, including juveniles, that record and distribute violent acts on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. (4) Implement legislative strategies that will better support victims of these violent attacks acknowledging the long-term physical and mental health impacts experienced.

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