Inquiry into the Firefighters' Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services Legislation Amendment (Reform) Bill 2017

Hearings and Transcripts

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available.

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript

Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria
Andrew Ford, Chief Executive Officer
Nev Jones, State President
Adam Barnett, Executive Officer

Jack Rush QC

  pdfTranscript(PDF 184.15 KB)

Jim Higgins ASM

  pdfTranscript(PDF 154.68 KB)


Emergency Management Victoria
Craig Lapsley, Commissioner

  pdfTranscript(PDF 187.47 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 2.09 MB)


Metropolitan Fire Brigade
Paul Stacchino, Acting Chief Officer

  pdfTranscript(PDF 154.56 KB)

Country Fire Authority
Steve Warrington, Chief Officer

  pdfTranscript(PDF 179.45 KB)

Department of Treasury and Finance
David Martine, Secretary
Simon Hollingsworth, Deputy Secretary

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pdfResponse to questions on notice(PDF 251.34 KB)


Monday 24 July 2017

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, East Melbourne

 Time Witness Transcript

United Firefighters Union
Peter Marshall, Secretary 

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pdfTabled Document(PDF 3.20 MB)


CFA Corio
Patrick Geary, Officer in Charge

CFA Craigieburn
David Maxwell, Officer in Charge

CFA Belmont
Mark Sinkinson, Officer in Charge

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pdfTabled Document(PDF 3.38 MB)


Mr Greg Mullins AFSM

  pdfTranscript(PDF 169.53 KB)

pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 1.46 MB)


CFA Bayswater Brigade
Diana Ferguson, Captain
Kim Phillips, First Lieutenant

CFA Epping Brigade
Robert Saitta, Captain
Rohan Stevens, First Lieutenant

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pdfPresentation(PDF 1.73 MB)


Victorian Farmers Federation
David Jochinke, President
Simon Arcus, Policy Director

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Friday 21 July 2017

The Tim Murray Room, Kantor Music and Performing Arts Centre, 1 Chaucer St, Hamilton

Time Witness Transcript
9.30am - 10.45am

CFA Portland
Grant Kidd, Officer in Charge
Ian Hamley, Executive Officer

CFA Ballarat
Anthony Pearce, Officer in Charge
Nicole McGrath, Secretary and Treasurer

CFA Warrnambool
Paul Marshall, Officer in Charge
Wayne Rooke, 1st Lieutenant

 pdfTranscript(PDF 202.80 KB)

pdfTabled Document - Anthony Pearce(PDF 3.07 MB)

pdfTabled Document - Paul Marshall(PDF 2.54 MB)

11.00am - 12.15pm

CFA Westmere Fire Brigade Group
David Blackburn, Group Officer
David Allen, Deputy Group Officer

CFA Horsham
John St Clair, Captain

CFA Hamilton 
Malcom Anderson, Captain

Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria, District 5
Owen O'Keefe, District 5 State Councillor

 pdfTranscript(PDF 195.46 KB)

pdfTabled Document - David Allen(PDF 2.04 MB)

pdfTabled Document - Owen O'Keefe(PDF 853.64 KB)

1.00pm - 2.00pm

CFA Assistant Chief Officers
Peter O'Keefe, Assistant Chief Officer West
Rohan Luke, Assistant Chief Officer South West

 pdfTranscript(PDF 170.88 KB)


Wednesday 19 July 2017

The Premier Function Centre, 29 Grey St, Traralgon

Time Witness Transcript

CFA Dandenong
Paul Carrigg, Officer in Charge
Pat Hunter, 1st Lieutenant 

CFA Hallam
Arthur Haynes, Officer in Charge 
Lee Austin, 1st Lieutenant 

CFA Morwell
Shane Mynard, Officer in Charge
John Holland, 1st Lieutenant 

CFA Traralgon
Chris Loeschenkohl, Officer in Charge
Ale Eenjes,1st Lieutenant 

 pdfTranscript(PDF 222.87 KB)

pdfTabled Document - Shane Mynard(PDF 1.15 MB)

pdfTabled Document - Chris Loeschenkohl(PDF 157.74 KB)

 pdfResponse to questions on notice - Paul Carrigg(PDF 1008.49 KB)


Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria District 8
Eric Collier, President 
William Watson, State Councillor

Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria District 9
Brian Brewer, President
Robert Auchterlonie, State Councillor

CFA Bairnsdale
Aaron Lee, Captain

CFA Lindenow South
Michael Freshwater, Captain

CFA Warragul
Brian Dalrymple, Captain

CFA Sale
Brendan King, 1st Lieutenant 

  pdfTranscript(PDF 221.00 KB)

pdfTabled Document - William Watson(PDF 630.02 KB)

pdfResponse to questions on notice - Eric Collier(PDF 265.82 KB)


CFA Assistant Chief Officer
Trevor Owen, Assistant Chief Officer, South East Region

  pdfTranscript(PDF 173.26 KB)

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Palm View Room, Ibis Styles Swan Hill Resort, 405-415 Campbell Street, Swan Hill

Time  Witness Transcript

District 20 Council Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria
Bryan Pickthall, Secretary
Paul Nicol, Executive
Greg Murphy, President
Keith Clough, Executive

   pdfTranscript(PDF 194.96 KB)

CFA integrated stations
Mick Lavery, Acting Officer in Charge, CFA Bendigo
Peter Polwarth, Brigade Chairman, CFA Bendigo
Mick Sporton, Acting Officer in Charge, CFA Mildura
Hayden Smith, 1st Lieutenant, CFA Mildura

CFA volunteer station
Dennis Turner, Captain, CFA Swan Hill

   pdfTranscript(PDF 187.11 KB)

CFA Assistant Chief Officer
John Deering, Acting Assistant Chief Officer, North West Region

   pdfTranscript(PDF 172.95 KB)


Monday 10 July 2017

Bogong Room, Quality Hotel Gateway Wangaratta, 29-37 Ryley Street, Wangaratta

Time  Witness Transcript

CFA Integrated Station Representatives 
Pete Dedman, Officer in Charge, Shepparton
Ben Linnett, 1st Lieutenant, Shepparton
Trevor Logan, Officer in Charge, Wangaratta
Jason Allisey, 1st Lieutenant, Wangaratta
Brett Myers, Officer in Charge, Wodonga
Gerard Peeters, 1st Lieutenant, Wodonga

  pdfTranscript(191.04 KB)

pdfTabled Document - Trevor Logan(PDF 1.61 MB)


North East CFA Volunteer Representatives
Garry Nash, Deputy Group Officer, Wangaratta Group
Geoff Rowe, Deputy Group Officer, Benalla Fire Brigade Group
Lachie Gales, Chairman, District 23 Planning Team
John Seymour, District 23 VFBV State Councillor
Derek McPherson, Officer, Moyhu Group
Sharron Jones, Secretary, Mansfield Group
Andrew Russell, District 24, Group Officer, Rutherglen Group

  pdfTranscript(186.16 KB)

pdfTabled Document - District 23(PDF 2.52 MB)


Ross Sullivan, Acting Assistant Chief Officer, North East Region

  pdfTranscript(153.85 KB)


Friday 7 July 2017

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Chris Eccles, Secretary
Tony Bates, Deputy Secretary, Governance Policy and Coordination
Andrew Minack, Director, Governance Branch

  pdfTranscript(269.66 KB)

  pdfPresentation(PDF 5.71   MB)

pdfResponses to questions on notice - DPC(PDF 7.93 MB)

pdfResponses to questions on notice - Minister for Emergency Services(PDF 3.16 MB)


Victorian Volunteer Firefighters Association
Dwight Goodman, President
Dianne English, Secretary

  pdfTranscript(160.38 KB)

Volunteer Firefighter Brigades Victoria
Andrew Ford, Chief Executive Officer
Adam Barnett, Executive Officer
Nev Jones, State President

  pdfTranscript(227.57 KB)

pdfResponse to questions on notice(PDF 3.99 MB)

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