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The Effects of Television and Multimedia
on Education in Victoria

The Minister for Education and Training has requested that the Education and Training Committee investigate and report on how the role of multimedia in student learning and achievement has changed since the Family and Community Development Committee presented its report, The effects of television and multimedia on children and families in Victoria, in October 2000. The Committee resolved to undertake this inquiry in accordance with Section 33(3) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 on Tuesday 14 March 2006. The Committee will focus on issues identified in Chapter 2, Multimedia and Education, and will report on:

the effects of current applications and usage levels of multimedia by young people on learning styles and educational achievement within different age groups and curriculum areas; and

whether students' media literacy needs have changed in recent years, in the context of rapidly increasing availability and use of multimedia by young people.

The Committee will report to Parliament by August 2006.

Dated: 14 March 2006

Follow this link to download Chapter Two, of the Family and Community Development Committee's report of 2000.