Terms of Reference

  1. That pursuant to Sessional Order 6, this Bill be referred to the Environment and Planning Committee for inquiry, consideration and report in relation to —
    1. undertaking proper consultation with peer sector economy providers, individuals and owners corporations short-stay letting providers; 
    2. the impact on individuals, families, apartment owners and owners corporations of short-stay letting in apartment buildings; 
    3. the adequacy of owners corporation rules in managing impacts on amenity, noting also the lack of adequate planning on the part of the building and construction sector to accommodate the impact of high intensity short-term lets;
  2. the Committee will present its final report to the Council no later than 7 March 2017; and
  3. the second reading of this Bill be deferred until the final report of the Committee is presented to the House in accordance with the terms of this resolution.”.


pdfTerms of Reference - Owners Corporations Amendment (Short-Stay Accommodation) Bill 2016(PDF 204.36 KB)

* Reporting date extended to 8 June 2017.