Other Documents

Other documents relating to the Inquiry will be posted here:

Attached is a letter from the CFA regarding a VFBV presentation and the VFBV response

pdfLetter from CFA regarding VFBV presentation(PDF 131.69 KB)

pdfVFBV response (PDF 512.07 KB)

Supplementary correspondence received from East Gippsland Wildfire Taskforce

pdfSupplementary correspondence - EGWT(PDF 242.46 KB) 

Listed below are other documents received by the Committee at public hearings held on the inquiry into Fire Season Preparedness.

Tuesday 28 February 2017

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Nillumbik Pro-Active Landowners 

pdfSubmission on DELWP's review of Victoria's native vegetation permitted clearing regulations and Victoria's biodiversity strategy 2016 review(PDF 7.89 MB)

Thursday 29 September 2016

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pdfMFB Response to UFU(PDF 288.99 KB)



Tuesday 27 September 2016

Witness Other Documents

Friends of the Gippsland Lakes

pdfPosition on planned burns(PDF 355.49 KB)

pdfSubmission to IGEM(PDF 111.70 KB)


Wednesday 14 September 2016

Witness Other Documents

Robert Green, CEO
Lachlan Spencer, General Manager Corporate Service
Michael Ryan, Forest Scientist

pdfVic Forests Inquiry-Fire Season Preparedness VicForests Response to Questions(PDF 86.45 KB)


Tuesday 6 September 2016

Witness Other Documents


pdfApplication to Fair Work Commission(PDF 568.35 KB)

pdfCoroner's finding(PDF 902.9 KB)

pdfLetter to Chair(PDF 369.35 KB)

pdfNewspaper Articles(PDF 225.49 KB)

pdfReview of Fire Services(PDF 6.85 MB)

pdfUFU Bulletins(PDF 165.58 KB)

pdfActing Chief Officer Memorandum

pdfPlan 2016-17(PDF 1.03 MB)

pdfMFB and UFU Operational Staff Agreement Draft V1-1(PDF 12.29 MB)

pdfReport on personal protective clothing(PDF 2.61 MB)

pdfSubmission to Fair Work Commission(PDF 10.23 MB)

pdfExtract of Report on Yarraville Structure Fire(PDF 160.84 KB)

Mr Joe Buffone

pdfLetter to Minister(PDF 198.89 KB)

pdfResignation Letter(PDF 24.06 KB)


Wednesday 31 August 2016

Witness Other Documents

Parks Victoria
Chris Hardman, Acting Chief Executive

David Nugent, Director Fire and Emergency Services

Jennifer Rebeiro, Executive Director Business and Infrastructure Services

pdfBushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Hazard Note (August 2016)(1.03 MB)

pdfPark Victoria Hazard Note(PDF 1.03 MB)



Wednesday 17 August 2016

Witness Other Documents

Mr Michael Tudball

pdfBoard Costing Notes(PDF 56.63 KB)

pdfTudball 20160610 Letter to Minister(PDF 30.76 KB)

pdfTudball Letter from Minister for Emergency Services 10 June 2016 (PDF 280.27 KB)

pdfTudball Letter from Minister for Emergency Services 10 June 2016(PDF 802.78 KB)


Tuesday 16 August 2016

Witness Other Documents

Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
Mr Adam Fennessy, Secretary
Mr Lee Miezis, Deputy Secretary, Forest, Fire and Regions
Mr Darrin McKenzie, Acting Chief Fire Officer

 pdfDELWP Response to request for additional info 2(PDF 81.85 KB)

pdfDELWP Response to questions on notice (PDF 7.48 MB)


Wednesday 3 August 2016

Witness Other Documents

Country Fire Authority

pdf00 Agenda 17 August 2015 (94.50 KB)

 pdf00 Agenda 21 September 2015(PDF 95.39 KB)

pdf00 Agenda 19 October 2015(PDF 98.85 KB)

pdf00 Agenda 16 November 2015(PDF 95.05 KB)

pdf00 Agenda 14 December 2015(PDF 232.56 KB)

pdf00 Agenda 15 February 2016 (PDF 253.21 KB)

pdf00 Agenda 21 March 2016 (PDF 295.71 KB)

pdf00 Agenda 18 April 2016 (PDF 211.18 KB)

pdf00 Agenda 16 May 2016 (PDF 211.72 KB) 

pdf00 Agenda 18 July 2016(PDF 221.99 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special January 2016(PDF 87.38 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special April 2016 (PDF 86.49 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special May 2016(PDF 86.47 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special 30 May 2016 (PDF 86.39 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special 2 June 2016 (PDF 74.95 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special 6 June 2016(PDF 86.42 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special 10 June 2016(PDF 81.46 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special 25 June 2016 (PDF 86.75 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special 11 July 2016(PDF 75.33 KB)

pdf00 Agenda Special August 2016(PDF 75.17 KB)

pdf17 oct 2016 SDPP Manual 2016-17 updated 13Jul2016-final 71771(PDF 1.16 MB)

pdf17102016203156 0001(PDF 1007.88 KB)

pdfAttachment 2 TY1415 CFA Training Performance Dashboard(PDF 227.57 KB)

pdfAttachment 3 TY 1314 CFA Training Performance Dashboard(PDF 402.06 KB)

pdfEB Update(PDF 111.71 KB)

pdfEB Update(PDF 148.96 KB)

pdfCorrespondence from OLT re Board update(PDF 233.91 KB)

pdfCorrospondance re approved version of letter for OLT(PDF 185.26 KB)

pdfApproved Letter for OLT(PDF 212.85 KB)

pdfSDPP Manual 2015-16(PDF 1.11 MB)

pdfState Preseason Briefing Powerpoint 201516(PDF 8.79 MB)

pdfTraining Courses - Career vs Volunteer(PDF 73.77 KB)

pdfCFA Board Resolution(PDF 65.46 KB)

pdfInquiry into Fire Season Preparedness Aug 2016(PDF 104.11 KB)

pdfJoint Statement of Intent(PDF 71.53 KB)

pdfLetter to CO(PDF 1.22 MB)

 pdfLetter to Parliamentary Inquiry 16.10.16(PDF 223.94 KB)

pdf2016-0822 2016-17 Pre-summer Season Briefing Program(PDF 7.93 MB)

pdfSchedule of dates for preseason activities 2016-17(PDF 401.20 KB)

pdfNo. 1176 Board Minutes 17.08(PDF 2.68 MB)

pdfNo. 1177 Board Minutes 21 09 2015(PDF 10.40 MB)

pdfNo. 1186 Board Special Minutes 10.05.2016(PDF 7.25 MB)

pdfNo. 1189 Board Special Minutes 02.06.2016(PDF 1.16 MB)

pdfNo. 1190 Board Special Minutes 06.06.2016(PDF 1.29 MB)

pdfNo. 1193 Board Special Minutes 25.06.2016(PDF 1.19 MB)

pdfNo. 1194 Board Special Minutes 11.07.2016(PDF 3.23 MB)

pdfNo. 1195 Board Minutes 18.07(PDF 9.47 MB)


Tuesday 2 August 2016

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Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV)

pdfEBA Uniforms(PDF 359.79 KB)