Media Releases

pdf22 JUN 2017 Report tabled on Fire Season Preparedness466.58 KB

pdf03 MAY 2017 New reporting dates for Environment and Planning Committee inquiries465.91 KB

pdf24 FEB 2017 Next hearing for fire season inquiry 465.41 KB

pdf08 DEC 2016 Interim report presented on fire season preparedness453.72 KB

pdf17 OCT 2016 Key agencies at hearing for fire season inquiry(PDF 323.39 KB)

pdf28 SEP 2016 Firefighters Union at hearing on fire season inquiry(PDF 323.46 KB)

pdf22 SEP 2016 Regional hearings on fire season inquiry and rate capping (PDF 324.63 KB)

pdf13 SEP 2016 Forestry focus for fire season hearing(PDF 323.98 KB)

pdf05 SEP 2016 Hearing this Tuesday on fire season inquiry(PDF 323.15 KB)

pdf29 AUG 2016 Hearings this week on fire season inquiry(PDF 323.5 KB)

pdf17 AUG 2016 Next hearing on fire season inquiry(PDF 322.66 KB)

pdf01 AUG 2016 Firefighters at hearings on fire season inquiry(PDF 323.78 KB)

pdf18 JUL 2016 Three days of hearings on fire season inquiry(PDF 323.58 KB)

pdf06 JUL 2016 First hearing on fire season inquiry(PDF 323.71 KB)

pdf22 JUN 2016 Extension of time for fire season submissions(PDF 324.02 KB)

pdf12 MAY 2016 Fire season preparedness to be investigated(PDF 323.81 KB)