The Environment and Planning Committee invites written submissions from individuals and organisations addressing one or more of the issues identified in the terms of reference.

To assist with your submission, please see the guidelines for Making a Written Submission to a Parliamentary Committee.

The submission closing date has been extended and is now Friday 31 May 2019.

Ways to make a submission:

  1. Email to
  2. Using the eSubmissions form
  3. Hardcopy; send to:
    The Secretary
    Legislative Council, Environment and Planning Committee
    Parliament House, Spring Street

All submissions should include:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details (either a postal address or phone number)
  • The text of your submission or an attachment containing your submission
  • A clear indication if you are seeking confidentiality

All submissions are public documents (and may be published on the Committee’s website) unless confidentiality is requested and granted by the Committee.  Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee.  Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

If you have any questions about the inquiry, please contact the committee secretariat.

Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee.

The following submissions have been accepted so far by the Committee:

  1. Pending.
  2. pdfTracy McGowan55.72 KB
  3. pdfPeta Hoiles73.64 KB
  4. pdfAbigail Elder668.29 KB
  5. pdfLeonie Chester32.49 KB
  6. pdfSusan Stafford34.46 KB
  7. pdfLoddon Shire Council720.93 KB
  8. Pending.
  9. pdfMildura Rural City Council875.78 KB
  10. pdfBrenton Ford63.03 KB
  11. pdfSophie Paterson1.52 MB
  12. pdfMaxwell Kitson71.12 KB
  13. pdfAaron Brooks31.96 KB
  14. pdfMelita Slieker69.31 KB
  15. pdfEmma Ward35.36 KB
  16. Pending.
  17. pdfPeter Lim40.51 KB
  18. pdfGemma Carr38.42 KB
  19. pdfJoey Remenyi42.51 KB
  20. pdfJames Burgoyne36.91 KB
  21. pdfKerry Lewis47.09 KB
  22. pdfNicholas Yalcin38.96 KB
  23. Pending.
  24. pdfIrina Zahra44.51 KB
  25. Pending.
  26. pdfSteven Cahill46.59 KB
  27. pdfChau Nguyen57.77 KB
  28. pdfWim Olivier38.59 KB
  29. pdfNicole Butcher38.95 KB
  30. pdfElle Kay51.11 KB
  31. pdfCaleb Ostwald51.72 KB
  32. pdfEmma Matthewsf62.25 KB
  33. Pending.
  34. pdfJohn Lynch40.29 KB
  35. pdfTamara Morgan86.65 KB
  36. pdfMelanie Nemer96.81 KB
  37. pdfKylie Aggio46.48 KB
  38. pdfNishani Nithianandan85.50 KB
  39. Withdrawn.
  40. pdfJorgina Glover133.65 KB
  41. pdfRobyn Kilpatrick69.82 KB
  42. pdfAaron Parsons292.80 KB
  43. pdfDario Bulfone87.95 KB
  44. pdfTom Davis68.75 KB
  45. Pending.
  46. Pending.
  47. pdfDebbie Davies37.71 KB
  48. pdfDietmar Brisker45.04 KB
  49. pdfDavid O'Brien43.77 KB
  50. pdfJohn Bowman54.12 KB
  51. pdfKitty Walker90.50 KB
  52. pdfNadine Joy29.40 KB
  53. pdfBrian Park63.27 KB
  54. pdfPenny Spencer61.90 KB
  55. pdfDeborah Cleaves63.05 KB
  56. Pending.
  57. pdfBernard Abadie66.37 KB
  58. pdfDaniel Thompson87.02 KB
  59. pdfChantelle Martin46.72 KB
  60. pdfSonia Bourne55.54 KB
  61. pdfSaba Khalid30.78 KB
  62. pdfAshley Leadbeatter85.10 KB
  63. pdfKarina Foster41.04 KB
  64. pdfHelen Schofield86.80 KB
  65. pdfBelinda Pearson736.92 KB
  66. Pending.
  67. Pending.
  68. pdfLaura Walsh45.31 KB
  69. pdfMo Phillips38.01 KB
  70. pdfKate Forster813.92 KB
    1. pdfKate Forster1.20 MB
  71. pdfValerie Forster78.43 KB
  72. Pending.
  73. pdfS D Van Der Kaay47.75 KB
  74. Pending.
  75. pdfNina Vincent82.33 KB
  76. pdfJulie Copeland56.94 KB
  77. pdfColin Smith72.44 KB
  78. pdfTrebor George61.28 KB
  79. pdfTegan Perry187.35 KB
  80. pdfLauren Starr50.78 KB
  81. pdfEmily Jeffery42.43 KB
  82. pdfMelba Rivera41.81 KB
  83. Pending.
  84. pdfMelissa Peterno50.95 KB
  85. pdfPhillip Geschke52.48 KB
  86. pdfDebbie Powell52.10 KB
  87. pdfDamon Geeves40.79 KB
  88. pdfLiz Spillane71.54 KB
  89. pdfRuth Varencia73.73 KB
  90. pdfClem Baade31.39 KB
  91. pdfLyn McMurdie66.38 KB
  92. pdfRyan Sherring46.12 KB
  93. Pending.
  94. Pending.
  95. pdfBill Featherstone60.55 KB
  96. pdfMichelle Davies53.76 KB
  97. pdfJean Christie42.26 KB
  98. pdfJulia Lewis112.43 KB
  99. pdfLauren Bugeja58.04 KB
  100. pdfAndroula Michaels46.01 KB
  101. pdfPeter Stafford99.66 KB
  102. pdfSaravanan Mani31.31 KB
  103. pdfTrish Morrow67.58 KB
  104. pdfMegan Hollick50.04 KB
  105. pdfJulie Doyle39.52 KB
  106. pdfSydney Braunfeld62.00 KB
  107. Pending.
  108. pdfMary Cotter51.43 KB
  109. Pending.
  110. pdfClare Sheppard59.35 KB
    1. pdfClare Sheppard52.95 KB
  111. pdfRob Michael41.80 KB
  112. Pending.
  113. pdfFrancesca Dias83.81 KB
  114. pdfSusan Patton58.90 KB
  115. pdfJo Adams80.52 KB
  116. pdfSamarra McErvale83.12 KB
  117. Pending.