Inquiry into Nuclear Prohibition


Submissions for this inquiry have closed. Submissions accepted by the Committee will be published on this page as they are processed. Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee. 
Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

  1. pdfDon Hampshire626.96 KB
  2. pdfRobert Heron606.04 KB
  3. pdfTerje Petersen908.42 KB
  4. pdfJanet Nixon620.21 KB
  5. pdfKaren Furniss620.22 KB
  6. pdfGraeme Tyschsen605.41 KB
  7. pdfBarbara Devine620.27 KB
  8. pdfVivian Smith610.40 KB
  9. pdfLachlan Dow619.19 KB
  10. pdfRVS Industries1.20 MB
  11. pdfAlan Hewett & Joan Jones618.24 KB
  12. pdfAudrey Gutte634.57 KB
  13. pdfAnne Wharton606.47 KB
  14. pdfProfessor John Quiggin645.48 KB
  15. pdfAmy Butcher646.58 KB
  16. pdfNick Pastalatzis1.77 MB
  17. pdfPhilip White750.20 KB
  18. pdfLeah McDermott625.78 KB
  19. pdfSimon Brink659.19 KB
  20. pdfCFMMEU Mining & Energy Vic1.52 MB
  21. pdfAzark Project1.45 MB
  22. pdfFriends of the Earth1.33 MB
  23. pdfProfessor Derek Abbott1.23 MB
  24. pdfFrank Simpson727.26 KB
  25. pdfNoel Wauchope835.30 KB
  26. pdfBill Buchanan594.57 KB
  27. pdfBarry Murphy1.62 MB
  28. pdfDr John Patterson660.05 KB
  29. pdfBart Wissink15.97 MB
  30. pdfRobyn Sharp636.19 KB
  31. pdfColin Smith618.58 KB
  32. pdfIan Hore-Lacy1.17 MB
  33. pdfHon Peter Vickery QC1.07 MB
  34. pdfMedical Association for Prevention of War1.34 MB
  35. pdfAlan Hamill648.23 KB
  36. pdfWomen in Nuclear (WiN) Australia1.19 MB
  37. pdfGNE Advisory847.18 KB
  38. pdfTony Irwin604.66 KB
  39. pdfFOE ACF EV joint submission1.96 MB
  40. pdfSMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd848.00 KB
  41. pdfBenjamin Cronshaw779.15 KB
  42. pdfNuScale Power1.85 MB
  43. pdfLogan Smith844.00 KB
  44. pdfNuclear for Climate Australia1.31 MB
  45. pdfNuclear Economics Consulting Group992.65 KB
  46. pdfAnthony Watson655.69 KB
  47. pdfBarrie Hill1.09 MB
    1. pdfBarrie Hill2.79 MB
  48. Confidential
  49. pdfDr Sarah Lawley695.79 KB
  50. pdfAustralian Nuclear Association820.32 KB
  51. pdfJohn Poppins770.13 KB
  52. pdfM V Ramana421.45 KB
  53. pdfRosalind Byass649.60 KB
  54. pdfKim Grierson660.43 KB
  55. pdfJoint Civil Society Statement1.75 MB
  56. pdfElectrical Trades Union Victoria Branch988.26 KB
  57. pdfAllison Roma Guerin613.97 KB
  58. pdfTelix Pharmaceuticals Limited853.28 KB
  59. pdfDamian Jones62.08 KB
  60. pdfPhil Bourne613.96 KB
  61. pdfVictorian Trades Hall Council37.78 MB
  62. pdfANSTO3.07 MB
  63. pdfEngineers Australia2.80 MB
  64. pdfMarcos Fernandes661.00 KB
  65. pdfRosamund Krivanek1.22 MB
    65A. pdfRosamund Krivanek1.74 MB
  66. pdfTracey Anton1.52 MB
  67. pdfAustralian Institute of Physics Vic Branch754.63 KB
  68. pdfAdam Corrie735.99 KB
  69. pdfSharon Wright691.06 KB
  70. pdfUniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania1.37 MB
  71. pdfAustralian Workers' Union6.44 MB
  72. pdfBarbara J Fraser629.60 KB
  73. pdfBree Bateman67.89 KB
  74. pdfBright New World15.94 MB
  75. pdfNuclear Now2.92 MB
  76. pdfTerrestrial Energy Inc1.14 MB
  77. pdfGE Hitachi Nuclear Energy1.33 MB
  78. pdfMinerals Council of Australia706.16 KB
  79. pdfThorium Network1.43 MB
  80. pdfTristan Passer981.28 KB


pdfPROFORMA A Signatories77.52 KB







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