Inquiry into Environmental Infrastructure for Growing Populations


Submissions for this inquiry have closed. For further information, please contact the Committee secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfGabrielle Stokes1.48 MB
  2. pdfDamian McCrohan1.46 MB
  3. pdfSouth Eastern Centre for Sustainability15.82 MB
    movSouth Eastern Centre for Sustainability - attachment 115.58 MB
  4. pdfFriends of Damper Creek Reserve1.44 MB
  5. pdfPony Club Victoria Inc.1.48 MB
  6. pdfANGAIR Inc.1.47 MB
  7. pdfFriends of Bats and Bushcare Inc.1.49 MB
  8. pdfKate Hutchison1.46 MB
  9. pdfWendy Miller1.46 MB
  10. pdfGraeme Hanigan1.47 MB
  11. pdfWellington Shire Council1.48 MB
  12. pdfTrevor Hodson1.43 MB
  13. pdfCampaspe Shire Council1.60 MB
  14. pdfIngrid Dodd1.44 MB
  15. pdfLouise Barbagallo1.42 MB
  16. pdfSue Hardy1.43 MB
  17. pdfJohn Jenkins1.41 MB
  18. pdfJohn Cahill1.42 MB
    pdfJohn Cahill - supplementary submission1.46 MB
  19. pdfPatrick Larizza1.42 MB
  20. pdfGary Sanderson1.42 MB
  21. pdfRachael Ferguson1.48 MB
  22. pdfThomas Nixon1.48 MB
  23. pdfLeadsun Australia1.48 MB
    pdfLeadsun Australia - attachment 12.14 MB
    pdfLeadsun Australia - attachment 22.00 MB
    pdfLeadsun Australia - attachment 32.22 MB
  24. pdfAnthony Downing1.48 MB
  25. pdfJohn Chapman1.40 MB
  26. pdfKaye Oddie1.85 MB
  27. pdfBrian Kuster1.48 MB
  28. pdfFriends of Wilson Botanic Park Berwick1.46 MB
  29. pdfNillumbik Shire Council1.84 MB
  30. pdfFriends of the Great South West Walk1.48 MB
    pdfFriends of the Great South West Walk - attachment 11.69 MB
  31. pdfFriends of Drouin's Trees2.87 MB
  32. pdfRobyn Senini1.45 MB
  33. pdfName Withheld1.48 MB
  34. pdfAboriginal Victoria1.55 MB
  35. pdfOcean Grove Community Association Inc.5.42 MB
  36. pdfFriends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve Inc.1.51 MB
  37. Confidential
  38. pdfWalking Club of Victoria1.45 MB
  39. pdfWalkerville Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management Inc.1.47 MB
  40. pdfKathryn Stanislawski1.47 MB
  41. pdfFrank Edwards1.46 MB
  42. pdfNational Ageing Research Institute (NARI)1.71 MB
  43. pdfGraham Proctor1.45 MB
  44. pdfCommittee for Melbourne1.49 MB
  45. pdfFriends of the Yarra Valley Parks Inc.1.75 MB
  46. pdfMark Gordon1.48 MB
  47. pdfDon Owers1.48 MB
  48. pdfLawrence Reddaway1.48 MB
  49. pdfJohn Myers1.48 MB
  50. pdfHans Georg Hennig1.48 MB
  51. pdfSustainable Population Australia1.55 MB
    pdfSustainable Population Australia - attachment 12.24 MB
    pdfSustainable Population Australia - attachment 21.47 MB
  52. pdfMichael Smyth1.48 MB
  53. pdfFriends of the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton Inc1.46 MB
  54. pdfLesley Dalziel1.42 MB
  55. pdfAireys Inlet and District Association Inc2.51 MB
  56. pdfLee Gardiner1.48 MB
  57. pdfRoyden James1.48 MB
  58. pdfSharon Berry1.48 MB
  59. pdfSurf Coast Energy Group893.61 KB
    pdfSurf Coast Energy Group - attachment 12.57 MB
  60. pdfRMIT Centre for Urban Research2.99 MB
  61. pdfFrankston Beach Association1.91 MB
  62. pdfRachael Miller1.48 MB
  63. pdfJohn Cull1.48 MB
  64. pdfMornington Peninsula Shire2 MB
  65. pdfSave Tootgarook Swamp1.48 MB
    pdfSave Tootgarook Swamp - attachment 11.62 MB
    pdfSave Tootgarook Swamp - attachment 21.59 MB
  66. pdfDenise Robinson-Hurst1.48 MB
  67. pdfICON Science Group2.01 MB
  68. pdfZoos Victoria1.67 MB
  69. pdfLawrence St Leger1.44 MB
    pdfLawrence St Leger - attachment 11.45 MB
    pdfLawrence St Leger - attachment 21.40 MB
  70. pdfFriends of Lake Knox Sanctuary1.48 MB
  71. pdfAmy Henson1.48 MB
  72. pdfBanyule City Council1.82 MB
    pdfBanyule City Council - attachment 11.41 MB
  73. pdfSandringham Foreshore Association2.44 MB
  74. pdfPhillip Island Conservation Inc1.56 MB
  75. pdfWalkerville Ratepayers and Residents Association1.50 MB
  76. pdfAustralian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)1.52 MB
  77. pdfCity of Greater Bendigo3.34 MB
    pdfCity of Greater Bendigo - attachment 1955.86 KB
    pdfCity of Greater Bendigo - attachment 22.32 MB
  78. pdfSouth Gippsland Conservation Society Inc3.01 MB
  79. pdfBatesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven Landcare Inc1.86 MB
  80. pdfMorica Community Network1.49 MB
  81. pdfJessica Brown1.46 MB
  82. pdfMelbourne Trail Horse Riders Club1.61 MB
  83. pdfGuy Dutson1.47 MB
  84. pdfBarry Lingham1.47 MB
  85. pdfFiona Grinham1.47 MB
  86. pdfGreater Shepparton City Council1.46 MB
  87. pdfFriends of Braeside Park5.58 MB
  88. pdfAustralian Trail Horse Riders Association1.49 MB
  89. pdfSpring Creek Horse Rides1.42 MB
  90. pdfCity of Monash2.29 MB
  91. pdfCity of Whittlesea4.84 MB
  92. pdfFriends of Edithvale Seaford Wetlands2.58 MB
    pdfFriends of Edithvale Seaford Wetlands - attachment 12.30 MB
  93. pdfGreat Ocean Road Coast Committee1.56 MB
  94. pdfSue Forster1.55 MB
  95. pdfSurfers Appreciating Natural Environment (SANE)1.56 MB
  96. pdfSurrey Hills Progress Association2.02 MB
  97. pdfFriends of the Barwon2.26 MB
  98. pdfSwinburne University School of Design1.89 MB
  99. pdfBreamlea Coastcare1.03 MB
  100. pdfCorinella Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc986.86 KB
  101. pdfCroydon Conservation Society1.48 MB
    pdfCroydon Conservation Society - attachment 11.49 MB
    pdfCroydon Conservation Society - attachment 21.53 MB
    pdfCroydon Conservation Society - attachment 31.47 MB
  102. pdfAnne Heath Mennell1.53 MB
    pdfAnne Heath Mennell - supplementary submission1.46 MB
    pdfAnne Heath Mennell - supplementary submission1.44 MB
  103. pdfBrimbank City Council2.10 MB
  104. pdfBel Fin1.46 MB
  105. pdfKeilor Residents & Ratepayers Association1.46 MB
  106. pdfHeart Foundation1.58 MB
  107. pdfPesh Wilson1.47 MB
  108. pdfNillumbik Horse Action Group1.53 MB
  109. pdfJohn Birthisel1.46 MB
  110. pdfAustralasian Alliance for Walking Activity Groups1.62 MB
  111. pdfNathan Osbourne1.46 MB
  112. pdfJill Pickering1.96 MB
    pdfJill Pickering - attachment 12.19 MB
  113. pdfHeather Paulet1.46 MB
  114. pdfSmythesdale Athra Club1.47 MB
  115. pdfForrest Horse Riding Club1.52 MB
  116. pdfDouglas Needham1.46 MB
  117. pdfKay Cruse1.47 MB
  118. pdfGrant Brace1.45 MB
    pdfGrant Brace - attachment 11.42 MB
  119. pdfCarolyn Johnston1.57 MB
  120. pdfManningham City Council1.54 MB
    pdfManningham City Council - attachment 11.70 MB
  121. pdfFriends of Buckley Falls1.45 MB
  122. pdfRose Nechwatal1.46 MB
  123. pdfAustralian Brumby Alliance2.10 MB
  124. Not available
  125. pdfDaniel Appleby1.46 MB
  126. pdfAshlee Appleby1.46 MB
  127. pdfNewlands Friends of the Forests1.42 MB
  128. pdfFriends of the Glenfern Green Wedge1.44 MB
  129. pdfAdrian Puglia1.46 MB
  130. pdfGreening of Riddell1.47 MB
    pdfGreening of Riddell - attachment 11.54 MB
  131. pdfChris Thrum1.45 MB
  132. pdfAustralian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies1.52 MB
  133. pdfBendigo Mountain Bike Club1.44 MB
  134. Confidential
  135. pdfSpray Point and Wild Coast Conservation Group1.65 MB
  136. Confidential
  137. pdfHealesville to Phillip Island Nature Link1.47 MB
  138. pdfWildlife Victoria2.10 MB
  139. pdfCraig Thomson2.10 MB
  140. pdfAldo Penbrook1.42 MB
  141. pdfNaomi Kinsella1.46 MB
  142. pdfRiddells Creek Landcare1.40 MB
  143. pdfBendigo and District Environment Council (BDEC), Northern Bendigo Landcare Group (NBLG), Wellsford Forest Conservation Alliance, Biolinks Alliance, and Ironbark Gully Friends1.68 MB
    pdfBendigo and District Environment Council (BDEC), Northern Bendigo Landcare Group (NBLG), Wellsford Forest Conservation Alliance, Biolinks Alliance, and Ironbark Gully Friends - attachment 11.46 MB
  144. pdfMildura Rural City Council1.66 MB
  145. pdfHobsons Bay City Council26.02 MB
  146. pdfInterface Councils1.59 MB
  147. pdfBEAM Mitchell Environment Group1.56 MB
  148. pdfGreater Dandenong City Council1.53 MB
  149. pdfInfrastructure Victoria15.25 MB
  150. pdfThe Kensington Association1.53 MB
  151. pdfDavid Taylor1.50 MB
    pdfDavid Taylor - attachment 17.93 MB
  152. pdfWerribee River Association2.80 MB
  153. pdfRiverland Conservation Society of Heidelberg1.43 MB
  154. pdfMaster Builders Victoria1.66 MB
  155. pdfHousing Industry Association2.78 MB
  156. pdfRichard Goonan1.47 MB
  157. pdfHume City Council3.00 MB
  158. pdfFriends of Steele Creek10.04 MB
  159. pdfCombined Residents of Whitehorse Action Group (CROWAG)1.78 MB
  160. pdfTown and Country Planning Association1.63 MB
    pdfTown and Country Planning Association - attachment 11.39 MB
  161. pdfEnvironmental Justice Australia1.69 MB
  162. pdfTrudy Little1.44 MB
  163. pdfAlbert Park Yacht Club1.48 MB
  164. pdfFriends of Canadian Corridor9.55 MB
    pdfFriends of Canadian Corridor - attachment 11.42 MB
    pdfFriends of Canadian Corridor - attachment 22.95 MB
    pdfFriends of Canadian Corridor - attachment 32.41 MB
  165. pdfDoctors for the Environment Australia1.79 MB
  166. pdfSally Eldridge1.38 MB
  167. pdfJames Walker1.44 MB
    pdfJames Walker - attachment 12.26 MB
  168. pdfSusan Murphy1.55 MB
  169. pdfMarilyn Olliff1.46 MB
  170. pdfTrust for Nature1.48 MB
  171. pdfWallan Environment Group1.50 MB
  172. pdfPhil Wright1.45 MB
  173. pdfCouncil Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment (CASBE)1.65 MB
  174. pdfIrene Wright1.46 MB
  175. pdfDeborah Evans1.47 MB
  176. pdfMerri Creek Management Committee3.75 MB
  177. pdfFriends of the Box Ironbark Forests (Mount Alexander Region)1.50 MB
  178. pdfInstitute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), Deakin University1.57 MB
  179. pdfCity of Yarra3.46 MB
  180. pdfCitizens for Melbourne1.47 MB
  181. pdfProfessor Billie Giles-Corti, Dr Jan Scheurer, Professor Michael Buxton, Professor Alan Pears, Professor Usha Iyer-Raniga, Professor Sarah Bekessy, Associate Professor Lauren Rickards, Professor John Fein, Professor Felicity Roddick, RMIT University’s Urban Futures Enabling Capability Development Platform1.65 MB
  182. pdfHelen Gibson, Catherine Heggen, Esther Kay, Ann Keddie, Jane Monk and Margaret Pitt2.68 MB
  183. pdfBirrarung Council1.52 MB
  184. pdfBlackburn & District Tree Preservation Society1.51 MB
  185. pdfMoorabool Shire Council2.00 MB
  186. pdfCity of Melbourne1.89 MB
  187. pdfProtectors of Public Lands, Victoria1.48 MB
  188. pdfParks and Leisure Australia (Vic/Tas Region)2.40 MB
  189. pdfYarra Riverkeeper20.76 MB
  190. pdfChris Chesterfield1.58 MB
  191. pdfBlackburn Village Residents Group1.65 MB
  192. pdfJerome N Rachele and Maximillian P de Courten1.51 MB
  193. pdfWyndham City Council1.47 MB
    pdfWyndham City Council - supplementary submission1.65 MB
  194. pdfNorth and West Melbourne Association2.06 MB
  195. pdfYarra Ranges Council2.21 MB
  196. pdfMAB Corporation14.89 MB
  197. pdfPort Phillip EcoCentre1.47 MB
  198. pdfVictorian National Parks Association6.08 MB
    pdfVictorian National Parks Association - attachment 111.46 MB
  199. pdfBaw Baw Shire1.43 MB
  200. pdfPhillip Island Boardriders Club Committee1.45 MB
  201. pdfPat Turner and Chris Healy1.45 MB
  202. pdfBush User Groups United1.47 MB
    pdfBush User Groups United - attachment 11.52 MB
    pdfBush User Groups United - attachment 21.41 MB
    pdfBush User Groups United - attachment 31.47 MB
  203. pdfCastlemaine Landcare Group1.49 MB
  204. pdfJane Kopecek1.44 MB
  205. pdfFriends of Leadbeater's Possum1.48 MB
  206. pdfBallarat Social Trail Horse Riders Club1.55 MB
  207. pdfIronbark Gully Friends1.83 MB
  208. pdfAndrew Booth1.49 MB
    pdfAndrew Booth - attachment 13.99 MB
  209. pdfMalcolm Robins1.47 MB
  210. pdfBrian Coffey1006.43 KB
  211. pdfCatherine Rouse1.54 MB
  212. pdfBendigo District ACF Community915.75 KB
  213. pdfCity of Casey1.61 MB
  214. pdfEmma Songdahl1.46 MB
  215. pdfWhitehorse City Council1.53 MB
  216. pdfGlen Eira City Council1.52 MB
  217. pdfMacedon Ranges Residents' Association1.51 MB
  218. pdfFriends of Edwards Point1.48 MB
  219. pdfKilmore and District Residents & Ratepayers Association (KADRRA)1.46 MB
    pdfKilmore and District Residents & Ratepayers Association (KADRRA) - supplementary submission1.56 MB
  220. pdfLatrobe University1.56 MB
  221. pdfFriends of Merri Creek2.52 MB
  222. pdfAustralian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment1.64 MB
  223. pdfNursery & Garden Industry Victoria2.35 MB
    pdfNursery & Garden Industry Victoria - attachment 12.32 MB
  224. pdfCraig Jones1.47 MB
  225. pdfVictorian Planning Authority2.25 MB
  226. pdfGreater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust1.72 MB
  227. pdfAustralian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Victorian Chapter1.77 MB
  228. pdfCommissioner for Environmental Sustainability1.97 MB
  229. pdfGoulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance and Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance1.80 MB
  230. pdfChrista Botsman1.40 MB
  231. pdfFriends of the Earth Melbourne2.15 MB
  232. pdfJulie Trigg and Peter Schmidt1.44 MB
  233. pdfDarebin City Council1.87 MB
  234. pdfRubicon Forest Protection Group1.45 MB
  235. pdfKinglake Friends of the Forest3.64 MB
  236. pdfBoroondara Bicycle Users Group2.20 MB
  237. pdfDarren McClelland1.46 MB
  238. pdfMitchell Shire Council1.69 MB
  239. pdfJesuit Social Services1.67 MB
  240. pdfRail Trails Australia1.47 MB
  241. pdfFriends of Newport Lakes1.46 MB
  242. pdfHamilton Field Naturalists Club1.46 MB
  243. pdfVicWater1.81 MB
  244. pdfPlanning Institute Australia (Vic)1.51 MB
  245. pdfJeannie Haughton1.53 MB
    pdfJeannie Haughton - attachment 11.62 MB
    pdfJeannie Haughton - attachment 21.64 MB
  246. pdfWarran Hocking1.47 MB
    pdfWarran Hocking - attachment 11.58 MB
    pdfWarran Hocking - attachment 21.45 MB
  247. pdfAmy Gillett Foundation and Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q)1.68 MB
  248. pdfChristine K Singam3.04 MB
  249. pdfKeep Hosken Reserve Accessible for All1.47 MB
  250. pdfGolden Plains Shire Council1.56 MB
  251. pdfAustralian Deer Association5.08 MB
  252. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service1.56 MB
  253. pdfJane Holroyd1.76 MB
  254. pdfDepartment of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)4.63 MB
    pdfVic Catchments1.57 MB
    pdfCorangamite Catchment Management Authority (CMA)2.00 MB
    pdfNorth Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA)2.12 MB
    pdfMelbourne Water3.39 MB
    pdfSustainability Victoria1.38 MB
    pdfParks Victoria2.82 MB
  255. pdfMetropolitan Development Advisory Panel (MDAP)1.47 MB
  256. pdfBendigo Family Nature Club1.53 MB
  257. pdfKeysborough Golf Club16.68 MB
  258. pdfDarebin Appropriate Development Association1.78 MB
  259. pdfOffice of the Victorian Government Architect6.71 MB
  260. pdfCity of Port Phillip1.54 MB
  261. pdfFrankston City Council1.94 MB
  262. pdfUrban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA)1.50 MB
  263. pdfAlison Joseph1.45 MB
  264. pdfBallarat City Council1.46 MB
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