Inquiry into Tackling Climate Change in Victorian Communities


Submissions for this Inquiry have now closed.

All submissions are public documents (and may be published on the Committee’s website) unless confidentiality is requested and granted by the Committee.

Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee. Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.


  1. pdfSuzanne Stojanovic1.47 MB
  2. pdfGraham Woods1.47 MB
  3. pdfWo Chong1.45 MB
  4. pdfKen Gellert1.44 MB
  5. pdfLinks Community Garden Lalor1.83 MB
  6. pdfBallarat Climate Action Network1.44 MB
  7. pdfShane Markey1.45 MB
  8. pdfStewart Day1.47 MB
  9. pdfSimon Hunt1.47 MB
  10. pdfPeter Donnelly1.52 MB
  11. pdfAlan Barron1.01 MB
  12. pdfKen Matthews1.48 MB
  13. Not available
  14. pdfMoyne Shire Council6.24 MB
  15. pdfMordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc1.70 MB
  16. pdfGary Paul1.44 MB
  17. pdfJames Rowlands838.45 KB
  18. pdfToni Phillips777.35 KB
  19. pdfAnthony Smith762.62 KB
  20. pdfCity of Kingston1.63 MB
  21. pdfRudi Horvat809.50 KB
  22. pdfMichael Wasley782.32 KB
  23. pdfJohn Boom2.82 MB
  24. pdfPeter Clapinski1.49 MB
  25. pdfYicheng Liu1.45 MB
  26. pdfGolden Plains Shire Council1.59 MB
  27. pdfSouth Gippsland Conservation Society Incorporated2.33 MB
  28. pdfDarcy Vermont1.42 MB
  29. pdfSebastian Golotta1.45 MB
  30. pdfPhil Day1.62 MB
  31. pdfMargaret Joubert1.44 MB
  32. pdfBec Pillari1.53 MB
  33. pdfGippsland Climate Change Network1.65 MB
  34. pdfEastern Climate Action Melbourne1.47 MB
  35. pdfQueensland Department of Environment and Science3.46 MB
  36. pdfBass Coast Shire Council1.92 MB
  37. pdfMelton City Council1.48 MB
  38. Confidential
  39. pdfManningham City Council1.50 MB
  40. pdfLandcare Networks in West Gippsland1.44 MB
  41. pdfHepburn Z-NET14.07 MB
  42. pdfSouthern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Partnership1.46 MB
  43. pdfCardinia Shire Council1.4 MB
  44. pdfSarah Lucy1.49 MB
  45. pdfGannawarra Shire Council2.82 MB
  46. pdfBaw Baw Shire Council1.44 MB
  47. pdfEnergy Australia1.45 MB
  48. pdfElaine V Brogan1.87 MB
  49. pdfNeighbours United for Climate Action (NUCA)6.12 MB
  50. pdfVictorian National Parks Association2.68 MB
  51. Not available
  52. pdfEmergency Management Victoria3.68 MB
  53. pdfRobert Evans1.57 MB
  54. pdfHume City Council2.38 MB
  55. pdfCFA2.38 MB
  56. pdfLIVE (Locals Into Victoria's Environment)1.57 MB
  57. pdfPaul Schreurs813.43 KB
  58. pdfCori Nelson808.44 KB
  59. RMIT University students
    pdf59A - Group 11.42 MB
    pdf59B - Group 21.42 MB
    pdf59C - Group 31.46 MB
    pdf59D - Group 4797.44 KB
  60. pdfDaryl Scherger1.74 MB
  61. pdfEastern Melbourne Climate Alliance Inc1.00 MB
  62. pdfBayside Climate Change Action Group (BCCAG)1.03 MB
  63. pdfWodonga Albury Toward Climate Health (WATCH)807.11 KB
  64. pdfHepburn Wind1.16 MB
  65. pdfCoalition for Community Energy1.70 MB
  66. pdfWimmera-Mallee Sustainability Alliance782.1 KB
  67. Confidential
  68. pdfBRACE (Barwon Region Alliance for Community Energy)806.24 KB
  69. pdfMacedon Ranges Shire Council974.40 KB
  70. pdfNicola McKay848.83 KB
  71. pdfLisa McKenna800.91 KB
  72. pdfRowan O'Hagan768.83 KB
  73. pdfLoddon Shire Council2.19 MB
  74. pdfCentre for Climate Safety827.14 KB
  75. pdfBeyond Zero Emissions9.85 MB
  76. pdfWarrandyteCAN1.26 MB
  77. pdfBREAZE3.28 MB
  78. pdfCity of Ballarat8.82 MB
  79. pdfBass Coast Climate Action Network (BCCAN)847.45 KB
  80. pdfGreening Australia811.49 KB
  81. pdfBaw Baw Sustainability Network (BBSN)841.97 KB
  82. pdfLighter Footprints969.75 KB
  83. pdfCity of Wodonga3.02 MB
  84. Not available
  85. Not available
  86. pdfSurf Coast Shire Council1.36 MB
  87. pdfSECAN (South East Climate Action Network)799.10 KB
  88. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS)1.28 MB
  89. pdfFrankston City Council1.42 MB
  90. Not available
  91. pdfCentre for New Energy Technologies (C4NET)906.22 KB
  92. pdfNewlands and East Coburg Community Hubs Inc (NECCHI)773.80 KB
  93. pdfCity of Port Phillip5.59 MB
  94. pdfNursery and Garden Industry Victoria1.73 MB
  95. pdfRenewable Newstead8.35 MB
  96. pdfCERES1.29 MB
  97. pdfCouncil Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment (CASBE)1.75 MB
  98. pdfSave Our Strathbogie Forest1.87 MB
  99. pdfCommunity Power Agency2.76 MB
  100. pdfVictorian Marine and Coastal Council1.28 MB
  101. pdfLatrobe Valley Sustainability Group791.83 KB
  102. pdfEmerald Community House6.08 MB
  103. pdfMake a Change Australia1.24 MB
  104. pdfBusiness Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals1.4 MB
  105. pdfColin Hocking871.19 KB
  106. pdfBendigo Sustainability Group1.79 MB
  107. pdfGeelong Sustainability1.39 MB
  108. pdfGreater Shepparton City Council827.54 KB
  109. pdfBanyule City Council914.87 KB
  110. pdfRussell Northe MLA, Member for Morwell2.89 MB
  111. pdfCroydon Conservation Society900.16 KB
  112. pdfEnergy Networks Australia1.12 MB
    pdfEnergy Networks Australia - supplementary submission1.53 MB
  113. pdfCentral Victorian Greenhouse Alliance1.73 MB
  114. pdfMount Alexander Shire Council936.79 KB
  115. pdfVictorian Planning Authority6.68 MB
  116. pdfMoreland City Council867.79 KB
  117. pdfVictorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)834.73 KB
  118. pdfNorthern Alliance for Greenhouse Action805.38 KB
  119. pdfHepburn Shire Council977.48 KB
  120. pdfCity of Melbourne991.89 KB
  121. pdfMornington Peninsula Shire2.24 MB
  122. pdfJesuit Social Services1.45 MB
  123. pdfRob Catchlove807.33 KB
  124. pdfCity of Darebin1.17 MB
  125. pdfVictorian Farmers Federation885.74 KB
  126. pdfGreen Building Council Australia1.39 MB
  127. pdfCSIRO863.74 KB
  128. pdfCity of Greater Bendigo1.44 MB
  129. pdfAustralian Government Department of the Environment and Energy917.36 KB
  130. pdfJewish Ecological Coalition806.27 KB
  131. pdfIndigo Shire Council1.97 MB
  132. pdfCOTA Green Sages1.30 MB
  133. pdfPort Phillip EcoCentre872.50 KB
  134. pdfLaw Institute of Victoria883.35 KB
  135. pdfCentre for Urban Research - Climate Change Transformations (CCT) Research Group1.48 MB
  136. pdfSouth East Councils Climate Change Alliance1.68 MB
  137. pdfPyschology for a Safe Climate1.48 MB
  138. pdfTotally Renewable Yackandandah1.84 MB
  139. pdfEastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA)1.61 MB
  140. pdfGoulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance1.59 MB
  141. pdfDepartment of Environment, Water, Land and Planning (DELWP)3.93 MB
    pdfSustainability Victoria2.45 MB
    pdfVictorian Environmental Water Holder1.45 MB
    pdfVic Catchments3.14 MB
    pdfVicWater1.58 MB
    pdfCommissioner for Environmental Sustainability5.50 MB
  142. pdfBrotherhood of St Laurence1.55 MB
  143. pdfWestern Alliance for Greenhouse Action1.99 MB
  144. pdfEast Gippsland Shire Council1.70 MB
  145. pdfFriends of the Earth2.56 MB
  146. pdfThe Otway Agroforestry Network and the Australian Agroforestry Foundation1.58 MB
  147. pdfRVS Industries Pty Ltd1.33 MB
  148. pdfLandcare Victoria2.53 MB
  149. pdfJane Hildebrandt1.41 MB
  150. pdfWarrnambool City Council1.53 MB
  151. pdfDocklands Science Park2.77 MB
  152. pdfBenalla Sustainable Future Group1.58 MB
  153. pdfWomen's Climate Justice Collective1.84 MB
  154. pdfJulianne Langshaw1.46 MB
  155. pdfMark Dossetor1.44 MB
  156. pdfMichael Reid764.16 KB
  157. pdfKnights of the Southern Cross Northern 8 District771.63 KB
  158. pdfDeakin University2.09 MB
  159. pdfEnvironment Victoria1.55 MB
  160. pdfSwan Hill Rural City Council1.48 MB
  161. pdfMurray Dairy10.25 MB
  162. pdfVillage Well1.50 MB
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