Options Paper

The Options Paper on the Inquiry into Exceptions and Exemptions to the Equal Opportunity Act 1995 was tabled in the Parliament on 7 May 2009.

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Options Paper (by section)

Introductory pages pdf PDF 70 Kb

Committee membership
Terms of Reference
How to make a submission
Chair’s Foreword

Introduction pdf PDF 96 Kb

Background: General Questions
Reviewing the Exceptions: Approaches and Principles–


1 - Exceptions to discrimination in employment pdf PDF 190 Kb
2 - Exceptions to discrimination in education pdf PDF 52 Kb
3 - Exceptions to discrimination in the provision of goods and services and the disposal of land pdf PDF 32 Kb
4 - Exceptions to discrimination in accommodation pdf PDF 40 Kb
5 - Exceptions to discrimination by clubs and club members pdf PDF 19 Kb
6 - Exceptions to discrimination in Sport and Local Government pdf PDF 30 Kb
7 - General Exceptions pdf PDF 213 Kb
8 - Relationship with other Acts pdf PDF 53 Kb

Appendices pdf PDF 32 Kb

A – List of exceptions and exemptions in the Equal Opportunity Act 1995
B – Sample Special Measures Provisions
C – Comparison of Statutory Authority provisions in other States and Territories

Minority Report pdf PDF 15 Kb