Inquiry into the Management, Governance and Use of Environmental Water


The Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee invites written submissions from individuals and organisations addressing one or more of the issues identified in the terms of reference.

To assist with your submission, please see the guidelines for Making a Written Submission to a Parliamentary Committee.

Ways to make a submission:

  1. Email to
  2. Using the eSubmissions form
  3. Hardcopy; send to:

The Executive Officer
Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee
Parliament House, Spring Street

All submissions should include:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details (either a postal address or phone number)
  • The text of your submission or an attachment containing your submission
  • A clear indication if you are seeking confidentiality


All submissions are public documents (and may be published on the Committee’s website) unless confidentiality is requested and granted by the Committee.  Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee.  Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

If you have any questions about the inquiry, please contact the committee secretariat.


List of submissions

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee

  1. pdfOffice of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability(PDF 280.05 KB)
    pdfOffice of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Attachment 1(PDF 453.05 KB)
  2. pdfNeville Goulding(PDF 224.35 KB)
  3. pdfJohn Bentley(PDF 491.62 KB)
  4. pdfThe Goulburn Valley Environment Group( PDF 144.31 KB)
  5. pdfKeith Greenham(PDF 1.45 MB)
    a pdfKeith Greenham Attachment 1(PDF 43.01 KB)
  6. pdfEnvironmental Farmers Network(PDF 174.74 KB)
  7. pdfCommonwealth Environmental Water Holder(PDF 1.60 MB)
  8. pdfBarry Bishop(PDF 260.01 KB)
  9. pdfJan Beer and Ken Pattison(PDF 449.96 KB)
  10. pdfJohn Laing(PDF 87.10 KB)
  11. Number not used.
  12. pdfFriends of Lake Wallace(PDF 341.92 KB)
  13. pdfMurry Darling Basin Authority(PDF 6.45 MB)
  14. pdfGary Constantine(PDF 237.44 KB)
  15. pdfRodger Schifferle(PDF 611.75 KB)
  16. pdfRoss McPherson(PDF 298.53 KB)
  17. pdfRiver Basin Management Society(PDF 540.95 KB)
  18. pdfName Withheld(PDF 3.11 MB)
  19. pdfAustralian Environment Foundation(PDF 151.78 KB)
  20. pdfKerang Lakes Land and Water Action Group(PDF 1.65 MB)
  21. pdfGreater Shepparton City Council(PDF 373.01 KB)
  22. pdfYarra Riverkeeper Association(PDF 372.70 KB)
  23. pdfEnvironment Victoria(PDF 351.03 KB)
  24. pdfThe Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nation(PDF 348.87 KB)
  25. pdfKen and Jill Hooper(PDF 1.58 MB)
  26. pdfFederation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations(PDF 447.97 KB)
  27. pdfConcerned Lake Meran Community Members(PDF 497.45 KB)
    a. pdfConcerned Lake Meran Community Members Attachment 1(PDF 2.29 MB)
  28. pdfThe Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre(PDF 168.96 KB)
  29. pdfChris Bromley(PDF 215.44 KB)
  30. pdfVictorian Farmers Federation(PDF 558.18 KB)
  31. pdfThe Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body(PDF 413.35 KB)
  32. pdfWentworth Group of Concerned Scientists(PDF 1.79 MB)
  33. pdfInstitute for Land and Water Society(PDF 347.07 KB)
    a. pdfInstitute for Land and Water Society Attachment 1(PDF 924.55 KB)
    b.       Institute for Land and Water Society Attachment 2
  34. pdfAustralian Competition and Consumer Commission(PDF 479.11 KB)
  35. pdfDarren Baldwin(PDF 225.36 KB)
     a. Darren Baldwin Attachment 1
     b. Darren Baldwin Attachment 2
  36. pdfPeople for a Living Moorabool(PDF 2.52 MB)
     a. pdfPeople for a Living Moorabool Attachment 1(PDF 47.77 KB)
  37. pdfInfrastructure Victoria(PDF 1.43 MB)
  38. pdfMurray Darling Association(PDF 310.46 KB)
  39. pdfVictorian Government Submission(PDF 3.26 MB)
     pdfAppendix 1(PDF 3.76 MB)
    pdfAppendix 2(PDF 1.29 MB)
    pdfAppendix 3(PDF 2.62 MB)
    pdfAppendix 4(PDF 406.58 KB)
    pdfAppendix 5(PDF 148.57 KB)
    pdfAppendix 6(PDF 132.71 KB)
    pdfAppendix 7(PDF 994.08 KB)
    pdfAppendix 8(PDF 140.28 KB)
    pdfAppendix 9(PDF 356.25 KB)
    pdfAppendix 10(PDF 239.94 KB)
    pdfAppendix 11(PDF 153.20 KB)
    pdfAppendix 12(PDF 390.45 KB)
    pdfAppendix 13(PDF 188.23 KB)
    pdfAppendix 14(PDF 649.60 KB)
    pdfAppendix 15(PDF 119.55 KB)
    pdfAppendix 16(PDF 936.94 KB)
Last Updated on Friday, 03 November 2017