Inquiry into Electric Vehicles

Hearings and Transcripts

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this Inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available.

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.


Tuesday 13 February 2018

Meeting Room G.6, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
9.15 am Transport for Victoria
Fiona Calvert, Director, Transport Analysis and Assessment
Paul Salter, Acting Executive Director, Network Strategy
pdfTranscript(PDF 142.37 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 5.06 MB)
10.00 am Victorian branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Daryl Budgeon, Victorian Branch Secretary
Bryce Gaton, Executive Committee
pdfTranscript(PDF 146.84 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 1.71 MB)
pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 181.81 KB)
pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 148.84 KB)
11.00 am Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance
Marissa O'Halloran, Project Manager
pdfTranscript(PDF 132.23 KB)
pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 140.48 KB)
pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 5.65 MB)
11.30 am Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
Ashley Wells, Policy Director

pdfTranscript(PDF 133.14 KB)
pdfSupporting document(PDF 839.43 KB)
pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 1.3 MB)

1.00 pm Sassafras Group
Tim Olding, Electric Vehicle Transport and Energy Consultant
pdfTranscript(PDF 132.88 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 3.27 MB)
1.30 pm La Trobe University
Professor Aniruddha (Ani) Desai, Director of Centre for Technology Infusion
pdfTranscript(PDF 116.81 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 9.27 MB)
pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 3.19 MB)
2.00 pm

ABB Australia
Dino Hazdic, Engineer
pdfTranscript(PDF 120.56 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 16.09 MB)
2.30 PM

Institute for Sensible Transport
Dr Eliot Fishman, Director
Liam Davis, Transport Analyst
pdfTranscript(PDF 138.03 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 12.01 MB)
3.00 pm Hydrogen Mobility Australia
Claire Johnson, Chief Executive Officer
pdfTranscript(PDF 236.83 KB)
pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 673.06 KB)



Tuesday 21 November 2017 - CANCELLED

The public hearing scheduled for Tuesday 21 November was cancelled due to a re-scheduled sitting of the Legislative Council.


Thursday 9 November 2017

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street East Melbourne

 Time Witness Transcript
9.30 am Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce
Steve Bletos, Senior Research Analyst
Geoff Gwilym, Executive Director
pdfTranscript(PDF 148.11 KB)
10.15 am Quickar
Scott Browning, Chief Executive Officer
pdfTranscript(PDF 115.42 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 8.07 MB)
10.45 am JetCharge
Tim Washington, Founder
pdfTranscript(PDF 128.82 KB)
11.30 am SGFleet
Yves Noldus, Head of Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Investor Relations
pdfTranscript(PDF 115.80 KB)
12.00 pm The University of Melbourne
Dr Julian de Hoog, Honorary Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Engineering
pdfTranscript(PDF 111.41 KB)
pdfPresentation(PDF 2.79 MB)
12.30 pm GoGet Car Share
Tristan Sender, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Christopher Vanneste, Head of Locations and Partnerships
pdfTranscript(PDF 111.33 KB)



Wednesday 8 November 2017

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
9.45 am Electric Vehicle Council
Behyad Jafari, Chief Executive Officer
pdfTranscript(PDF 131.92 KB)
10.15 am Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action
Scott McKenry, Executive Officer
Cr Mike Clarke, Yarra Ranges Council
pdfTranscript(PDF 117.17 KB)
pdfResponse to question on notice(PDF 321.86 KB)
11.15 am Moreland City Council
Stuart Nesbitt, Climate Change Technical Officer
Sue Vujcevic, Manager Sustainable Development Branch
pdfTranscript(PDF 135.56 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 10.06 MB)
12.00 pm ClimateWorks
Scott Ferraro, Head of Implementation
Claire Painter, Project Manager
pdfTranscript(PDF 110.46 KB)
12.30 pm SEA Electric
Tony Fairweather, Managing Director
pdfTranscript(PDF 145.60 KB)
pptxPresentation(PPTX 1.48 MB)


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