Inquiry into the Use of School Buses in Rural and Regional Victoria

Hearings and Transcripts

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available.

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Friday, 17 September 2021
via Zoom

Time Witness Transcripts
10:00 am Department of Education and Training
Tony Bates
Deputy Secretary, Financial Policy and Information Services

pdfTranscript460.40 KB

pdfPresentation393.46 KB

pdfResponse to QON556.82 KB

11:00 am Department of Transport
Nick Foa
Head, Transport Services
pdfTranscript517.72 KB



Wednesday, 25 August 2021
via Zoom

Time Witness Transcripts
10:15 am Infrastructure Victoria
Dr Jonathan Spear
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Llewellyn Reynders
Director, Research & Economics

Peter Kartsidimas
Director, Networks & Planning
pdfTranscript138.45 KB
11:30 am

Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare
Dr Michele Lonsdale
Deputy CEO

Georgette Antonas
Manager, Policy
pdfTranscript497.12 KB
12:15 pm

Youth Affairs Council VIC
Sebastian Antoine
Research and Policy Officer

Claire Lock
pdfTranscript507.37 KB
2:00 pm Transport for NSW
Barbara Wise
Executive Director, Transport Partnerships
Regional and Outer Metropolitan

pdfTranscript498.67 KB

pdfResponses to QONs1.51 MB

2:45 pm Wellington Shire Council
Catherine Vassiliou
Acting Manager, Communities, Facilities and Emergencies
pdfTranscript501.62 KB



Wednesday, 11 August 2021
via Zoom
Time Witness Transcripts
 9:30 am

Dr Janet Stanley
Principal Research Fellow-Urban Social Resilience Architecture,
Building and Planning
University of Melbourne

John Stanley
Adjunct Professor
Bus Industry Confederation Senior Fellow in Sustainable Land Transport
University of Sydney

pdfTranscript132.82 KB


pdfPresentation919.24 KB

 10:15 am Bus Association Victoria
Chris Lowe
Executive Director
pdfTranscript207.88 KB
11:30 am Commissioner for Senior Victorians
Gerard Mansour
pdfTranscript192.45 KB
12:15 pm VICTAS Community Transport Association
Suzanne Phoenix
Executive Officer

Lyndon Stevenson

pdfTranscript197.38 KB

pdfResponses to QONs83.68 KB

2:00 pm Regional Catholic Diocese
Paul Velten
Chief Information and Infrastructure Officer
Catholic Diocese of Sale
pdfTranscript195.46 KB
3:15 pm

Victorian Principals Association
Andrew Dalgleish, President

Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals
Colin Axup, President

Parents Victoria
Gail McHardy, Executive Officer

 pdfTranscript392.25 KB


Tuesday, 27July 2021
via Zoom

Time Witness Transcripts
9.30 am Mallee Family Care
Teresa Jayet, CEO
pdfTranscript132.57 KB
10.15 am Country Education Partnership
Phil Brown
Executive Officer

Kevin Phillips
 pdfTranscript392.79 KB
11.30 am Sandlant Bus
Graeme Sandlant
 pdfTranscript382.75 KB
12.15 pm Federation University
Professor Carolyn Unsworth
Discipline Lead Occupational Therapy, School of Health

pdfTranscript206.84 KB

pdfResponses to QONs101.42 KB

2.00 pm City of Ballarat
James Guy
Executive Manager, Economic Growth

pdfTranscript192.68 KB

pdfIntegrated Transport Action Plan - Part A5.08 MB

pdfIntegrated Transport Action Plan - Part B22.69 MB




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