Inquiry into the Use of School Buses in Rural and Regional Victoria


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All submissions are public documents (and may be published on the Committee’s website) unless confidentiality is requested and granted by the Committee.

Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee. Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

  1. pdfGreater Shepparton City Council615.22 KB
  2. pdfName Withheld563.22 KB
  3. pdfName Withheld562.57 KB
  4. pdfEmma Muller562.04 KB
  5. pdfRoss Jones637.16 KB
  6. Confidential
  7. pdfName Withheld562.87 KB
  8. pdfCreswick Neighbourhood Centre562.35 KB
  9. pdfName Withheld562.71 KB
  10. pdfKaren Gray561.94 KB
  11. pdfName Withheld562.83 KB
  12. pdfName Withheld964.12 KB
  13. pdfName Withheld562.72 KB
  14. pdfName Withheld562.92 KB
  15. pdfMatt Swann562.51 KB
  16. pdfTeagan Uttridge562.16 KB
  17. pdfDavid Gittus562.89 KB
  18. pdfSherrin Caird565.18 KB
  19. pdfName Withheld562.55 KB
  20. pdfKylie Eicke562.12 KB
  21. pdfName Withheld562.68 KB
  22. pdfName Withheld562.75 KB
  23. pdfKaren Humphris562.98 KB
  24. pdfMandy Clingan449.77 KB
  25. pdfName Withheld563.45 KB
  26. pdfName Withheld562.73 KB
  27.  Confidential
  28. pdfSt Marys Primary School562.22 KB
  29. pdfOur Lady of the Way632.16 KB
  30. pdfName Withheld562.65 KB
  31. pdfMichael Edwards564.88 KB
  32. pdfTimothy Portwine562.08 KB
  33. pdfName Withheld562.59 KB
  34. pdfName Withheld562.69 KB
  35. pdfJodi Schmedje562.24 KB
  36. pdfJenni Candy564.01 KB
  37. pdfSt Josephs College567.95 KB
  38. pdfRegional Catholic Dioceses of Victoria747.8 KB.
  39. pdfName Withheld562.87 KB
  40. pdfPhillip Island Community and Learning Centre566.02 KB
  41. pdfLynette Oates562.39 KB
  42. pdfAnthony Martinelli-Walsh640.96 KB
  43. pdfBob Redden562.31 KB
  44. pdfGlenrowan Improvers Incorporation 562.39 KB
  45. pdfNumurkah Community Learning Centre 562.64 KB
  46. pdfBus Association Victoria1.24 MB
  47. pdfBallarat North Senior Citizens562.10 KB
  48. pdfSt Anne's College565.16 KB
  49. pdfKrystal Styles569.11 KB
  50. pdfSandlant Buses2.10 MB
  51. pdfName Withheld612.85 KB
  52. pdfBrendan Paterson562.82 KB
  53. pdfRobyn Neville2.02 MB
  54. pdfKeryn Bolte568.14 KB
  55. pdfJulian Cleary568.09 KB
  56. pdfCalum Johnston568.82 KB
  57. pdfSarah Mahoney568.19 KB
  58. pdfName Withheld569.22 KB
  59. pdfBrian Eddy568.07 KB
  60. Confidential
  61. pdfName Withheld563.94 KB
  62. pdfRebecca Beggs557.50 KB
  63. pdfName Withheld113.01 KB
  64. pdfLynn Bunning558.47 KB
  65. pdfElizabeth Fenton557.66 KB
  66. pdfName Withheld557.81 KB
  67. pdfIndigo Shire Council1.19 MB
  68. pdfName Withheld557.72 KB
  69. pdfTim Collyer557.21 KB
  70. pdfVictorian Principals Association753.65 KB
  71. pdfHeidi Benson563.74 KB
  72. pdfName Withheld563.84 KB
  73. pdfCatherine Forster563.68 KB
  74. pdfKate Ranson564.38 KB
  75. pdfName Withheld563.91 KB
  76. pdfName Withheld563.91 KB
  77. pdfName Withheld564.12 KB
  78. pdfName Withheld564.17 KB
  79. pdfScott Field621.66 KB
  80. pdfName Withheld563.98 KB
  81. pdfName Withheld614.91 KB
  82. pdfLeo Dridan563.76 KB
  83. pdfAmanda Rieniets563.96 KB
  84. pdfRussell Summers557.85 KB
  85. pdfAmanda Ross557.64 KB
  86. pdfBen Ross557.69 KB
  87. pdfName Withheld558.06 KB
  88. pdfName Withheld558.24 KB
  89. pdfPrincipals of Cobram Secondary College, Cobram Primary School, Cobram and District Specialist School, St Joseph’s Primary School, Katunga South Primary School and Cobram Anglican Grammar School829.11 KB
  90. pdfName Withheld558.33 KB
  91. pdfWellington Shire Council2.79 MB
  92. pdfName Withheld630.39 KB
  93. pdfName Withheld557.81 KB
  94. pdfName Withheld558.90 KB
  95. pdfSally Gilleece562.21 KB
  96. pdfElizabeth Kilduff557.86 KB
  97. pdfSherryn Ross1.70 MB
  98. pdfName Withheld557.95 KB
  99. pdfMelissa McCoy557.57 KB
  100. pdfName Withheld558.21 KB
  101. pdfName Withheld563.74 KB
  102. pdfName Withheld563.94 KB
  103. pdfName Withheld564.03 KB
  104. pdfName Withheld564.27 KB
  105. pdfFrancine Hall52.80 KB
  106. pdfName Withheld558.03 KB
  107. pdfAmanda Campbell557.75 KB
  108. pdfName Withheld558.11 KB
  109. pdfName Withheld564.02 KB
  110. pdfName Withheld564.26 KB
  111. Confidential
  112. Confidential
  113. pdfLisa Smith698.78 KB
  114. Confidential
  115. pdfName Withheld564.36 KB
  116. pdfName Withheld563.77 KB
  117. pdfName Withheld564.07 KB
  118. pdfName Withheld564.67 KB
  119. pdfTransitioning Well681.31 KB
  120. pdfSt Michaels Primary School2.05 MB
  121. pdfMallee Family Care1.97 MB
  122. pdfVictorian Association of State Secondary Principals1.49 MB
  123. pdfMarist-Sion College2.43 MB
  124. pdfVicHealth839.90 KB
  125. pdfCancer Council Victoria & National Heart Foundation of Australia988.15 KB
  126. pdfPeninsula Advisory Committee for Elders4.85 MB
  127. pdfVICTAS Community Transport Association712.25 KB
  128. pdfTawonga & District Community Association598.86 KB
  129. pdfWattle Bank Community Group Inc674.10 KB
  130. pdfVicki Dobson567.13 KB
  131. pdfHepburn Shire Council792.55 KB
    1. pdfHepburn Shire Council2.53 MB
  132. pdfInfrastructure Victoria1.02 MB
  133. pdfMildura City Council1.38 MB
  134. pdfNicola Strating568.41 KB
  135. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service1.09 MB
  136. pdfU3A Network Victoria664.83 KB
    1. pdfU3A Network Victoria764.71 KB
  137. pdfYouth Affairs Council Victoria4.01 MB
  138. pdfCountry Education Partnership663.31 KB
  139. pdfCouncil on the Ageing (COTA) Victoria811.26 KB
  140. pdfCommissioner for Senior Victorians980.58 KB
  141. pdfName Withheld569.47 KB
  142. pdfKellie Showell704.59 KB
  143. pdfName Withheld566.76 KB
  144. pdfCentre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare921.88 KB
  145. pdfOpportunities Pyrenees Ararat and Northern Grampians709.63 KB
  146. pdfFiona Whale617.04 KB
  147. pdfParents Victoria1.54 MB
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