Inquiry into Expanding Melbourne's Free Tram Zone


The Economy and Infrastructure Committee invites written submissions from individuals and organisations addressing one or more of the issues identified in the terms of reference. To assist with your submission, please see the guidelines for Making a Written Submission to a Parliamentary Committee.

The submission closing date has been extended to 31 January 2020.

Ways to make a submission:

  1. Email to
  2. Using the eSubmissions form
  3. Hardcopy; send to:
    The Executive Officer
    Economy and Infrastructure Committee
    Parliament House
    Spring Street

submissions should include:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details (either a postal address or phone number)
  • The text of your submission or an attachment containing your submission.

All submissions are public documents (and may be published on the Committee’s website) unless confidentiality is requested and granted by the Committee.

Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee. Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

  1. pdfLuc Nguyen716.94 KB
  2. pdfLynne Wenig120.34 KB
  3. pdfRichard Gould101.18 KB
  4. pdfAndrew Lampert53.48 KB
  5. pdfElizabeth Tembo93.64 KB
  6. pdfMahnoor Gillani104.24 KB
  7. pdfViral Mehta98.50 KB
  8. pdfJessica Anthonipillai95.93 KB
  9. pdfFaith Newman97.61 KB
  10. pdfMatthew Tomlinson104.28 KB
  11. pdfJeffy Thomas96.44 KB
  12. pdfNieve Powell98.78 KB
  13. pdfShirley Hu101.89 KB
  14. pdfEuodia Mosoro97.78 KB
  15. pdfNula Dailer96.87 KB
  16. pdfZiyue Wang98.34 KB
  17. pdfFarah Qazi95.82 KB
  18. pdfSonia Bryfman100.55 KB
  19. pdfRichard Coathup99.87 KB
  20. pdfGeorgia Christopoulos93.09 KB
  21. pdfAdam Ford205.45 KB
  22. pdfMichael Wang94.59 KB
  23. pdfFransesca Hunter96.57 KB
  24. pdfLynne Roche98.08 KB
  25. pdfShabz Taban98.83 KB
  26. pdfYang Yang32.13 KB
  27. pdfEric Wong96.29 KB
  28. pdfIlena Swallow97.93 KB
  29. pdfVivian Wu92.10 KB
  30. pdfOscar Tudge67.76 KB
  31. pdfMichael Smolders76.83 KB
  32. pdfBus Association Victoria981.81 KB
  33. pdfMichael Lewin68.34 KB
  34. pdfHaans Lewin103.08 KB
  35. pdfRonald Margieson68.64 KB
  36. pdfJohn Haasz68.27 KB
  37. pdfRudy Lopes67.16 KB
  38. pdfHazem Alkazemi65.25 KB
  39. pdfMengxu Fan66.46 KB
  40. pdfCraig Rowley75.41 KB
    1. pdfCraig Rowley67.37 KB
  41. pdfWinona Freihaut66.76 KB
  42. pdfBonita Rui67.33 KB
  43. pdfBronte Ford-Snell65.43 KB
  44. pdfHarriett Steenholdt65.97 KB
  45. pdfSu-Sze Kam70.10 KB
  46. pdfJeslin Shaji65.91 KB
  47. pdfNikitha Oommen65.21 KB
  48. pdfLawrence Chong68.47 KB
  49. pdfLi Qin Khoo70.80 KB
  50. pdfChia Yiong Wong67.58 KB
  51. pdfAlexandra Almond66.58 KB
  52. pdfPeter Parker80.93 KB
  53. pdfMonica Subiantoro70.36 KB
  54. pdfDadang Utomo65.12 KB
  55. pdfKaren Natalia Nino Fierro65.89 KB
  56. pdfJonathon Le Mesurier77.58 KB
  57. pdfCallum Simpson74.79 KB
  58. pdfAndrew Turner66.60 KB
  59. pdfBrenton Golding68.61 KB
  60. pdfClare Gu66.62 KB
  61. pdfRenhau Luo66.12 KB
  62. pdfSu Chow65.04 KB
  63. pdfTina Hoang67.27 KB
  64. pdfJeremy Mills67.50 KB
  65. pdfShaneshi Jayartne65.50 KB
  66. pdfKa Yi Cheung67.18 KB


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