Inquiry into sustainable employment for disadvantaged jobseekers


Submissions for this inquiry have closed. For further information, please contact the Committee secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfKenneth McLeod152.16 KB
  2. pdfWayne Thompson667.24 KB
  3. pdfDimitri Franghis143.10 KB
  4. pdfAssociate Professor Leah Ruppanner115.72 KB
  5. pdfAnne Maxwell154.53 KB
  6. pdfPeter Parker2.47 MB
  7. pdfName Withheld148.01 KB
  8. Confidential
  9. pdfBrendan Paterson157.85 KB
  10. pdfBen Dennis150.69 KB
  11. pdfName Withheld150.01 KB
  12. pdfMoses Abiodun149.10 KB
  13. pdfAlpine Shire Council152.74 KB
  14. Confidential
  15. pdfName Withheld82.56 KB
  16. Confidential
  17. pdfRod Barton MP318.86 KB
  18. pdfGrant Leeworthy129.26 KB
  19. pdfApprenticeship Employment Network1.14 MB
  20. pdfWyndham Community & Education Centre407.05 KB
  21. pdfInner Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network759.22 KB
  22. pdfVictorian Alcohol & Drug Association330.00 KB
  23. pdfName Withheld151.82 KB
  24. pdfName Withheld156.45 KB
  25. pdfVolunteering Geelong151.09 KB 
    pdfVolunteering Geelong - Attachment 1275.03 KB
  26. pdfFuture Connect811.48 KB
  27. pdfSacred Heart Mission1.13 MB
  28. pdfGrahame Rowland121.25 KB
  29. pdfYarrawonga Neighbourhood House832.83 KB
  30. pdfMelton City Council762.48 KB
  31. pdfSt Vincent de Paul Society Victoria210.81 KB
  32. pdfBrimbank City Council692.92 KB
  33. pdfMunicipal Association of Victoria1.78 MB
  34. pdfAMES Australia1.15 MB
  35. pdfAustralian Lawyers for Human Rights485.40 KB
  36. Confidential
  37. pdfNational Disability Services252.84 KB
  38. pdfSex Work Law Reform Victoria7.41 MB 
    pdfSex Work Law Reform Victoria - Attachment 14.04 MB 
    pdfSex Work Law Reform Victoria - Attachment 248.29 KB 
    pdfSex Work Law Reform Victoria - Attachment 3282.32 KB 
    pdfSex Work Law Reform Victoria - Attachment 455.91 KB
  39. pdfBass Coast Shire Council401.46 KB
  40. pdfOuter Eastern LLEN194.05 KB
  41. pdfNorthern Futures123.36 KB 
    pdfNorthern Futures - Attachment 1428.78 KB
  42. pdfAnglicare Victoria973.65 KB
    1. pdfSupplementary submission176.86 KB
      pdfSupplementary submission - Attachment 1573.19 KB
  43. pdfCity of Greater Bendigo228.76 KB
  44. pdfSocial Research Centre153.45 KB
  45. pdfFoundation House - The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture578.91 KB
    pdfFoundation House - The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture - Attachment 1629.39 KB
  46. pdfJoint submission - Maribyrnong and Moonee Valley LLEN, Future Connect and WynBay LLEN125.97 KB
  47. pdfCarlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre593.76 KB 
    pdfCarlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre - Atttachment 1502.29 KB 
    pdfCarlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre - Atttachment 2462.31 KB 
    pdfCarlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre - Atttachment 3364.99 KB
  48. pdfCity of Stonnington360.62 KB
  49. pdfCommittee for Melbourne528.02 KB
  50. pdfInner Northern Local Learning and Employment Network656.75 KB 
    pdfInner Northern Local Learning and Employment Network - Attachment 11.11 MB
  51. pdfCapital City Local Learning and Employment Network148.74 KB
  52. pdfMcAuley Community Services for Women1.07 MB
    1. pdfSupplementary submission157.83 KB
  53. pdfNational Centre for Vocational Education Research322.45 KB
  54. pdfGreater Dandenong Regional Employment Taskforce465.56 KB 
    pdfGreater Dandenong Regional Employment Taskforce - Attachment 125.99 MB
  55. pdfCouncil on the Ageing Victoria1.05 MB
  56. pdfFitted for Work736.45 KB
  57. pdfAustralian Government Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business747.56 KB
  58. pdfEthnic Communities' Council of Victoria684.45 KB
  59. pdfJobWatch398.23 KB
  60. pdfCultural Infusion1.47 MB
  61. pdfHume City Council508.35 KB 
    pdfHume City Council - Attachment 15.99 MB 
    pdfHume City Council - Attachment 25.08 MB 
    pdfHume City Council - Attachment 3671.18 KB 
    pdfHume City Council - Attachment 41.02 MB
  62. pdfJoint submission - WEstjustice Community Legal Centre and Springvale Monash Legal Service724.41 KB
  63. pdfLife Without Barriers243.57 KB
  64. pdfMission Australia772.25 KB
    1. pdfSupplementary submission620.55 KB
  65. pdfCate Newcomen153.61 KB 
    pdfCate Newcomen - Attachment 12.42 MB
  66. pdfDjerriwarrh Community & Education Services839.09 KB
  67. pdfPublic Transport Users Association218.21 KB
  68. pdfDr Colin Benjamin158.62 KB 
    pdfDr Colin Benjamin - Attachment 11.03 MB
  69. pdfMoonee Valley City Council533.23 KB
  70. pdfCentral Goldfields Shire Council194.00 KB
  71. pdfAspergers Victoria1.12 MB
  72. pdfUniting Vic.Tas120.39 KB
  73. pdfMildura Rural City Council187.88 KB
  74. pdfYourtown3.25 MB
  75. pdfJoint submission - Victorian Trades Hall Council and National Union of Workers250.61 KB
  76. pdfCouncil to Homeless Persons1.53 MB
  77. pdfPublic Service Research Group, UNSW Canberra223.23 KB
  78. pdfGood Shepherd Australia New Zealand849.48 KB
  79. pdfVictorian TAFE Association215.46 KB
  80. pdfG21 - Geelong Region Alliance
  81. pdfVictorian Government Department of Health and Human Services299.40 KB
  82. pdfJoint_submission - Give Where You Live Foundation and GROW G21 Region Opportunities for Work1.84 MB
  83. pdfJesuit Social Services848.86 KB
  84. pdfGippsland East LLEN516.91 KB
  85. pdfCity of Greater Geelong434.69 KB
  86. pdfOrygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health197.29 KB
  87. pdfNational Employment Services Association1011.91 KB
  88. pdfAustralian Network on Disability579.26 KB
  89. pdfCentre for Multicultural Youth1.20 MB
  90. pdfJobs Australia358.44 KB
  91. pdfChildren and Young People with Disability Australia265.96 KB
  92. pdfNational Social Security Rights Network755.48 KB
  93. pdfCentre for Policy Development1.39 MB
  94. pdfWhitelion757.4 KB
  95. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service1003.93 KB
  96. pdfBrotherhood of St Laurence984.14 KB
    1. pdfSupplementary submission504.47 KB
  97. pdfVictorian Multicultural Commission316.79 KB
  98. pdfVictorian Local Learning and Employment Networks357.19 KB
  99. pdfVictorian Government Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions2.68 MB
  100. pdfThe Gordon270.88 KB
  101. pdfName Withheld237.51 KB
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