Submissions for this Inquiry have closed. For further information, please contact the committee secretariat.


The following submissions have bee accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfMr Mark Naish(450.99 KB)
  2. pdfName withheld(343.00 KB)
  3. pdfMrs Jessica V.D. Clarke(397.52 KB)
  4. pdfVoyager Technologies International Pty Ltd(113.87 KB)
  5. pdfMr Aaron Ridding(359.41 KB)
  6. pdfMr Gary Roberts(215.21 KB)
  7. pdfMr Gary Davis(356.26 KB)
  8. pdfMrs Sarah Bubb-Dempster(355.00 KB)
  9. pdfMrs Mary Missen(352.17 KB)
  10. pdfMr Jonathan Aitken(350.23 KB)
  11. pdfCity of Greater Geelong(178.43 KB)
  12. pdfMr Paul Goujon(221.67 KB)
  13. pdfMr Stephen Koci(407.49 KB)
  14. pdfMr Tony Grasso(354.56 KB)
  15. pdfMs Brenda Coughlan(149.33 KB)
  16. pdfRural City of Wangaratta(265.13 KB)
  17. pdfMrs Enid Kay(354.80 KB)
  18. pdfRoyal Automotive Club of Victoria (RACV)(16.47 MB)
  19. pdfColac Otway Shire(1.69 MB)
  20. pdfMr W.F. Stannard(363.32 KB)
  21. pdfMrs Yvonne Martin(353.04 KB)
  22. pdfMrs Belinda Rocka(352.67 KB)
  23. pdfViva Energy Australia(1.13 MB)
  24. Confidential
  25. pdfMs Lynne Miller(378.14 KB)
  26. pdfHorsham Rural City Council(669.17 KB)
  27. pdfAustralian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)(701.30 KB)
  28. pdfMr Kyle Nicholas(1.25 MB)
  29. pdfInformed Sources (Australia)(1.56 MB)
  30. pdfGovernment of Western Australia, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety(367.76 KB)
  31. pdfGeelong Chamber of Commerce(614.48 KB)
  32. pdfAustralasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association (ACAPMA)(1.14 MB)
  33. pdfAustralian Institute of Petroleum(2.82 MB)
  34. pdfNational Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA)(6.35 MB)
  35. pdfMr Robert Newell(345.71 KB)
  36. pdfVictorian Farmers Federation(256.27 KB)
  37. pdfAPCO Service Stations (1.03 MB)
    1. pdfAttachment A(388.09 KB)
    2. Confidential
    3. Confidential
    4. pdfAttachment D(5.55 MB)
    5. pdfAttachment E(352.94 KB)