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Wednesday 31 May 2017

The Connection Shepparton 7287 Midland Highway, Shepparton

Time Witness Transcripts
9.30am Greater Shepparton City Council
Mr Greg McKenzie, Manager, Environment
 pdfTranscript(PDF 211.97 KB)
Renewable Albury Wodonga (RAW)
Ms Michelle Wilkinson, Committee Member
 pdfTranscript(PDF 144.69 KB)
10.30am Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance
Mr Thomas Brown, Executive Officer
 pdfTranscript(PDF 161.98 KB)
11.15am Euroa Environment Group
Professor Kate Auty, Member
Ms Shirley Saywell, Member
Ms Fiona Townsend, Member
Mr Jeff Wilmot, Member, Sustainable Seymour
 pdfTranscript(PDF 164.86 KB)
11.45am Moira Shire Council
Ms Sally Rice, Manager, Safety, Amenity and Environment
Mr Jackson Tennant, Environmental Services Technical Officer
Mr Thomas Brown, Environment Sustainability Officer
 pdfTranscript(PDF 143.73 KB)
12.15pm Totally Renewable Yackandandah
Mr Matthew Grogan, Co-Chair
Mr Ben McGowan, Secretary
 pdfTranscript(PDF 147.53 KB)


Tuesday 30 May 2017

The Paddock Room, Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, 13 Camp Street, Daylesford

Time Witness Transcripts
11.00am Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group
Mr Ralf Thesing, Vice President
Mr Barry Mann, Committee Member, Renewable Energy Action Group
 pdfTranscript(PDF 158.69 KB)
Hepburn Wind
Dr David Perry, Chair
pdfTranscript(PDF 150.34 KB)
12.00pm Mr Simon Holmes à Court
 pdfTranscript(PDF 147.21 KB)
1.00pm Bendigo Sustainability Group
Mr Chris Weir, President
 pdfTranscript(PDF 158.20 KB)
1.30pm Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions (BREAZE)
Mr Ian Rossiter, President
 pdfTranscript(PDF 149.47 KB)
2:15pm Renewable Newstead
Ms Genevieve Barlow, Communitcations & Engagement Director
Ms Meg Norris, Group Participant
Mr Simon Beckett, Group Participant
Mr Andrew Skeoch, President, Newstead 2021 Inc.
pdfTranscript(PDF 159.71 KB)
2.45pm Mount Alexander Sustainability Group
Mr Mick Lewin, Deputy Chair
Ms Mandy Field, Communications and Community Engagement Officer
 pdfTranscript(PDF 144.06 KB)


Monday 20 March 2017

55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
10.00am Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Mr Scott Hamilton, Executive Director, Renewable Energy
Ms Alex Badham, Acting Director, Energy Markets Policy and Regulation
Mr Simon Cover, Manager Statutory Policy, Planning, Building and Heritage
 pdfTranscript(PDF 194.45 KB)
University of Melbourne
Professor Michael Brear, Director, Melbourne Energy Institute
Dr Sara Bice, Director, Research Translation, Melbourne School of Government
 pdfTranscript(PDF 173.28 KB)
12.00pm Mr Simon Corbell, Victorian Renewable Energy Advocate
 pdfTranscript(PDF 149.84 KB)
1.00pm Countrywide Energy
Mr Geoff Drucker, Director
 pdfTranscript(PDF 159.19 KB)
1.30pm Essential Services Commission
Dr Ron Ben-David, Chairperson
Dr John Hamill, Chief Executive Officer
Mr David Young, Director, Energy
 pdfTranscript(PDF 153.49 KB)
2.00pm Frontier Impact Group
Ms Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Managing Director
 pdfTranscript(PDF 148.18 KB)


Monday 6 March 2017

The Conference Room, Traralgon Business Centre, 55 Grey Street, Traralgon

Time Witness Transcripts
12.00pm Voices of the Valley
Ms Wendy Farmer, President
Mr Ron Ipsen, Vice President
 pdfTranscript(PDF 316.36 KB)
12:45pm Earthworker Cooperative
Mr Dan Musil, Secretary
Mr Ian Southall, Investor
 pdfTranscript(PDF 257.17 KB)
1:45pm Bass Coast Shire Council
Ms Deirdre Griepsma, Manager Sustainability
Councillor Michael Whelan
 pdfTranscript(PDF 240.65 KB)


Latrobe City Council
Mr Phil Stone, General Manager, City Development
Mr Bruce Graham, Coordinator Regional Strategy
 pdfTranscript(PDF 279.20 KB)
2:45pm Committee for Gippsland
Ms Mary Aldred, Chief Executive Officer 
 pdfTranscript(PDF 279.81 KB)


Wednesday 15 February 2017

Sir James Fairfax Room, The Radisson Blu Sydney, 27 O'Connell Street, Sydney 

Time Witness Transcripts
10.00am ClearSky Solar Investments
Emeritus Professor Warren Yates, Board Member
 pdfTranscript(PDF 249.46 KB)
10.30am Pingala
Mr Tom Nockolds, Secretary
 pdfTranscript(PDF 260.65 KB)
11.15am Sydney Renewable Power Company
Ms Allegra Spender, Chair
Mr Andy Cavanagh–Downs, Founding Director
pdfTranscript(PDF 255.45 KB)


Australian Wind Alliance
Mr Charlie Prell, NSW Organiser
 pdfTranscript(PDF 240.73 KB)


Monday 5 December 2016

Deakin University, Waurn PondsCampus, 75 Pigdons Road, Waurn Ponds


Time Witness Transcripts
12.00pm Deakin University
Professor Peter Hodgson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Mr Ian Kett, Director, Strategic Programs
Professor Samantha Hepburn, Director, Centre for Energy & Natural Resources, Faculty of Business and Law
pdfTranscript(PDF 405.06 KB)
1:15pm Renew Point Henry Consortium
Ms Vicky Grosser, Carbon Manager, Manage Carbon
Mr Pat Simons, Yes 2 Renewables, Cleantech Jobs Coordinator, Friends of the Earth (Melbourne)
  pdfTranscript(PDF 278.26 KB)
1:45pm Geelong Sustainability
Mr Dan Cowdell, Project Coordinator – CORE Geelong
Mr Tim Adams, Geelong Sustainability Committee Member, Geelong Sustainability

pdfTranscript(PDF 279.73 KB)

Monday 21 November 2016

55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
9.30am Senvion Australia
Mr Chris Judd, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Ms Megan Wheatley, Manager, Communications and External Affairs
 pdfTranscript(PDF 159.74 KB)
10.00am Darebin City Council
Ms Libby Hynes, Acting Director, Operations and Environment
 pdfTranscript(PDF 149.53 KB)
10.30am South East Councils Climate Change Alliance
Ms Dominique La Fontaine, Executive Officer
Mr Brett Munckton, Committee Member
 pdfTranscript(PDF 176.32 KB)
11.30am WestWind Energy
Mr Tobias Geiger, Managing Director
 pdfTranscript(PDF 129.99 KB)
12.00pm Energy Innovation Cooperative
Ms Susan Davies, Secretary/Director
 pdfTranscript(PDF 159.54 KB)
1.00pm Windlab
(via videoconference)
Mr Roger Price, Chief Executive Officer
 pdfTranscripts(PDF 115.88 KB)


Monday 7 November 2016

55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
10.00am Victorian Community Solar Alliance
Ms Linda Parlane, Board Member, Moreland Community Solar
Mr Les Pradd, Director, Yarra Community Solar Co-operative
pdfTranscript(PDF 325.67 KB)
11.15am AGL Energy
Mr David Spree, Senior Manager, Government Affairs
Mr Tony Chappel, Head, Government and Community Relations
 pdfTranscript(PDF 151.63 KB)
11.45am Meridian Energy Australia
Mr Ed McManus, Chief Executive Officer
 pdfTranscript(PDF 141.02 KB)
12.45pm Australian Energy Council
Mr Kieran Donoghue, General Manager, Policy and Research
Ms Emma Richardson, Policy Adviser
 pdfTranscript(PDF 161.10 KB)
1.30pm Clean Energy Council
Ms Alicia Webb, Policy Manager
pdfTranscript(PDF 149.33 KB)
2.00pm Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia (CORENA) 
(via videoconference)
Ms Heather Smith, Management Committee Member
pdfTranscript(PDF 149.09 KB)
3.00pm Energy Locals
Mr Adrian Merrick, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
pdfTranscript(PDF 151.14 KB)


Monday 24 October 2016

55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcripts
10.00am Coalition for Community Energy
Ms Nicky Ison, Secretariat Coordinator
Ms Taryn Lane, Chairperson
  pdfTranscript(PDF 178.58 KB)
10.45am Moreland Energy Foundation Limited
Mr Gavin Ashley, Principal, Sustainable Energy and Urban Development
Mr Manny Pasqualini, Renewables Broker
  pdfTranscript(PDF 147.26 KB)
11.30am Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action
Mr David Meiklejohn, Executive Officer
Mr Rob Law, Project Manager
  pdfTranscript(PDF 314.96 KB)
12.10pm AusNet Services
Mr Andrew Dillon, General Manager, Corporate Affairs
Mr Mark Judd, Energy Solutions Innovation Manager

  pdfTranscript(PDF 176.60 KB)
1.45pm Environment Victoria
Dr Nicholas Aberle, Campaigns Manager
  pdfTranscript(PDF 153.62 KB)
2.15pm Energy for the People
Mr Tosh Szatow, Director and Co-founder 
 pdfTranscript(PDF 141.46 KB)
2.45pm Friends of the Earth (Melbourne)
Ms Emily Gayfer, Yes 2 Renewables, Community Energy Coordinator
Mr Pat Simons, Yes 2 Renewables, Cleantech Jobs Coordinator
  pdfTranscript(PDF 141.43 KB)