What's happening in Parliament - February 2022


Below are some of the current Committee Inquiries and Bills that are before both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council. More information about what is happening in Committees and during each sitting week can be found on the Committee's and Bills this week pages.

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Three ways to use the three levels of government flashcards

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Our new three levels of government flashcards can be used in many ways to teach students about the responsibilities of each of the three levels of government and the relationship between them.

The cards include 30 different examples of responsibilities and services along with a key that lists the level of government that has the most oversight for each of the responsibilities and services. But for many of the examples the oversight is far more complicated. This means for examples like taxes, education and roads there are opportunities for students to discuss how the different levels of government interact and manage different aspects of a service. For instance, schools are both state (Government) and federal (Independent), while universities are the responsibility of federal government, TAFE is the responsibility of state governments.

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Parliament's longest sitting days

Longest sitting

With a new sitting year having started, we thought it timely to look back on some of the longer Chamber debates.

During the last sitting week of 2021, the Legislative Council had a particularly long sitting day. On the 30th of November, the Council sat from 11.35am until 12.29pm the following day making it a 24 hour and 54 minute sitting day, mainly considering the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill.

While it’s not common for Parliament sittings to go for that long, it’s not unheard of, and the Victorian Parliament has had many overnight sittings in its time.

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Making connections for primary teachers

 Making Connections PD Promo

Narelle Wood and Carolyn Scott educators in the community engagement team, hosted an online professional learning workshop titled Making connections: Parliament, students and communities. The workshop provided primary, casual relief and preservice teachers from schools and universities across metropolitan and regional Victoria an opportunity to explore educational resources and learning activities.

The 90-minute interactive workshop explored key themes including parliament, representation, three levels of government, separation of powers, law making, voting and decision making.

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Meet Bronte, our youth associate

Bronte wide 1

Bronte Olander has been working with the Community Engagement team as a Youth Associate in graphic design since late June. A large part of her role has been implementing the new branding guidelines within the education resources, such as a suite of professional learning resources based on the panel discussion Parliament and the people: a focus on committees and a new law reform case study: Medically Supervised Injecting Centres. You may have also seen Bronte’s work on some of our recent social media posts.

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