Research tips for the Parliament Prize 2021

Research tips for the 2021 Parliament Prize

In the lead up to the launch of our annual Parliament Prize competition on 31 May, we've been developing resources to help you make the most of this learning opportunity in your classroom.

Last month we provided some ideas to help students identify a topic for the Parliament Prize. In this edition we've provided some research tips that aim to help students further develop and expand upon their issue or topic of choice.

When assembling this resource we sat down with our Parliamentary Librarians, Carolyn Macvean and Dolly MacKinnon, to see what advice they had for researching big topics and ideas.

They suggested that one of the most important tasks, and perhaps the hardest, is to connect the issue to why it matters. So, whether students have ideas for issues of local or global importance, by asking why their issue should matter to someone else, to their local community, or to a whole state, they can help focus their research and enhance their Parliament Prize entry.

You can download the resource below and you'll also find some more tips from Carolyn in the following video, that you might like to use in your classroom.

Entries to the Parliament Prize will open on Monday 31 May and prizes will be awarded to the winners and their schools in three categories: grades 5 and 6; years 7 to 9; and years 10 to 12.

Research tips for the 2021 Parliament Prize

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