School Programs

 School Programs

Parliament offers a range of education programs at Parliament House or at schools, including tours of Parliament, metropolitan and regional visits and parliament role plays.

Parliament Role Plays

Parliament role plays give Year 5, 6 and 7 students the opportunity to act out the various roles in Parliament and pass their own law. This interactive activity takes place in the Legislative Assembly chamber and allows students to experience the law-making process first hand.

VCE Role Plays

The VCE Role Play is a program for Year 11 and 12 VCE Legal Studies students, which allows students to gain an understanding of how a law is made by following a scripted role play.

Metropolitan and Regional Visits

Presentations for Years 5-7 and VCE students at your school or in a regional venue by experienced presenters from the Legislative Assembly.

You can find more information on these school programs in the Visit section of this website.

For more information on public tours or to book a school or group tour call the Tour Booking Office on (03) 9651 8568 or email

Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program

The Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program brings primary and secondary students to Parliament to debate issues and participate in democratic processes. 

The Primary Schools' Parliamentary Convention is held in August (date for 2020 is Tuesday 11 August).

The Secondary Schools' Parliamentary Convention is held in September, with local school conventions held in the lead up to this date (date for 2020 is Tuesday 8 September).

Attendees of the Secondary Schools' Convention can apply to attend the three-day national convention in Canberra the following year.

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 Download Proceedings of the State Secondary Conventions

2018 pdfDoes the Constitution meet the needs of modern Australia.pdf435.04 KB

2017 pdfShould Australia abolish compulsory voting and should the voting age be lowered to 16.pdf330.01 KB

2016 pdfEqual rights - myth or reality.pdf485.19 KB

2015 pdfAustralia's Responses to Global Security are Necessary and Appropriate.pdf247.1 KB

2014  pdf  Australia is in a 'budget crisis'and all Australians must share the burden - directly or indirectly (pdf, 219.36 Kb)
2013 pdf  The Australian version of democracy is flawed (pdf, 208.26 Kb)
2012 pdf Australia is a good global citizen (pdf, 239.03 Kb)
2011 doc Shaping Australia's energy future in a global context (word 279.00 Kb)
2010 doc Population growth is good for Australia (word, 255.00 Kb)
2009  The Preamble to Constitution (word, 319.50 Kb)
2008  The Australian citizenship test should be abolished  (word, 341.00 Kb)
2007 Future Victorian power generation plans should include a nuclear energy option  (word, 651.50 Kb)
2006  The Australian Government's anti-terrorrism legislation is undemocratic. It should be repealed  (word, 220.50 Kb)
2005  Should Victoria have a charter of human rights? (word, 212.50 Kb)
2004  Should our rights and civil liberties be protected by the Australian constitution? (word, 199.50 Kb)