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Parliament Education Victoria – Advisory Panel

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The Advisory Panel for Parliament Education Victoria is designed to provide strategic guidance and a sounding board for the Victorian Parliament’s education program.

The panel will help to ensure the parliament’s education activities and resources align with the curriculum, reflect contemporary teaching practices, and meet the needs of teachers and students throughout Victoria.

Education program

The Victorian Parliament provides activities and resources for primary, secondary and tertiary students and teachers, as well as for adult education, EAL and VCE legal studies. In providing its advice on the program, the advisory panel will have regard to the principles of our parliamentary education program:

  • Engaging information and activities
  • Catering for diverse communities of students and educators
  • Progressing through the ages of learning
  • Linked to the curriculum
  • Making best use of the latest technology

Panel membership

Our advisory panel comprises 8 educators who are currently working in the Victorian education system and reflect its diversity. We also have one student representative. Panel members are knowledgeable about the civics and citizenship curriculum and contribute to the ongoing development of parliamentary education in Victoria.

Panel members are appointed for as one-year term, and may be offered term extensions. We may also seek nominations for new members.

Terms of reference

The Advisory Panel for Parliament Education Victoria will provide advice on:

  1. The direction and focus of the parliamentary education program, including activities, events and resources
  2. Ongoing development of the program in line with the curriculum and contemporary teaching practices
  3. Opportunities for broadening the reach of the program, particularly to engage with educators and students who do not currently access it
  4. Options to enhance the program through the use of ICT.

Method of operation

The Advisory Panel meets quarterly at Parliament House in Melbourne. The secretariat for the panel is provided by the Victorian Parliament’s Community Engagement and Education Unit. A Chair for the panel is appointed from among the panel members. In between meetings, advice may be sought from panel members via email.

Selection criteria

Panel members need to demonstrate:

  • Good understanding of the civics and citizenship curriculum in Victoria
  • Extensive practical experience in designing and delivering informative and engaging programs for students
  • Keen interest in parliamentary education and its place in a contemporary learning environment
  • Knowledge of ICT use in improving the learning experience for students

For more information

For more information on the advisory panel, including on how to register an interest in becoming a panel member, email or phone 8622 2898.