Aboriginal Change Makers resource now available

Aboriginal Change Makers

On 23 July 2021, we were pleased to release this new resource for Victorian schools, which has been produced through a partnership between Worawa Aboriginal College and the Parliament of Victoria. 

Aboriginal Change Makers shares stories of political and social activity, self-determination and empowerment, as well as the struggle for recognition in the face of another more dominant and colonising society. 

The stories presented here, by Dr Lois Peeler AM, Principal of Worawa Aboriginal College, honour just some of the Change Makers who, through their commitment and determination, made a difference in Aboriginal society in Victoria that rippled across the country.

Follow the 'read more' link above for further information about this resource.

You'll find options to view the free eBook online or download a copy. You can also view a special introduction from Dr Lois Peeler AM and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Colin Brooks.



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