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Education programs and resources

The Parliament of Victoria provides a range of educational programs and resources.

For school tours of Parliament, including role plays or a metropolitan school or regional visit, go to School Tours and Role Plays.

The Community Engagement and Education Unit provides educational material for students and teachers in the following areas:

These resources include DVDs and print resources such as publications and posters.

 For an interactive history timeline see From Westminster to Spring Street, and see all the steps in law making in How a Law is Made. A range of YouTube clips provides comprehensive material to supplement these interactives.

You can take a Virtual Tour of Parliament House. For an extensive range of fact and information sheets, and links to relevant politics and civics and citizenship sites go to Useful Links.

Further education resources about Parliament can be found on other pages of this website. For example, for an overview of Parliament go to About Parliament or for detailed information on a range of topics go to the Factsheets in the Publications & Research section.