Legislative Council Standing Orders - Chapter 3



3.01    Every Member to attend sittings of Council

Every Member will attend the service of the Council, unless given leave of absence by the Council on account of his or her own illness, the illness or death of a near relation, urgent business, or for other sufficient cause to be stated to the Council.


3.02    Leave of absence

(1)    Notice will be given of a motion for giving leave of absence to any Member, stating the cause and period of absence.

(2)    Any Member having leave of absence shall forfeit it by attending the Council before the leave expires.

(3)    Members without leave of absence who, when ordered, do not attend sittings of the Council may be dealt with as the Council may think fit.


3.03    Introduction of new Members

(1)    A Member chosen to fill a casual vacancy in the Council will be escorted to the Table by the Usher of the Black Rod and sworn in by the President.

(2)    If the office of President is vacant, a new Member will be sworn in by a Commissioner appointed by the Governor for swearing Members, prior to the election of a new President.


3.04    Allocation of places in Chamber

The President will determine all questions regarding the allocation of seats in the Council Chamber.