Legislative Council Standing Orders - Chapter 24



24.01  Practices of Westminster system observed where applicable

In all cases that are not provided for in these Standing Orders or by sessional or other orders, or by the practice of the Council, the President will determine the matter and reference may be made to the rules, forms and practices of parliaments operating under the Westminster system.


24.02  Sessional Orders

The Council may from time to time adopt Sessional Orders which will have effect for the duration of the Session, unless a lesser period is agreed to by the Council.


24.03  Standing Orders may be suspended

Any or all of the Standing Orders and Rules of Practice may at any time be suspended or dispensed with by the Council, but (except by leave of the Council or on the ground of urgency) no motion will be made to dispense with any such Order or Rule without due notice.


24.04  Urgency – how decided

(1)    When the question of urgency arises in relation to the application of Standing Orders 1.10 or 24.03, such question will be decided by the Council upon motion without notice or debate, other than a statement by the mover of the particulars claimed to establish urgency.

(2)    No such motion will be allowed where the President declares that in his or her opinion the case could not reasonably be regarded as one of urgency.


24.05  Interpretation of “Leave of the Council”

In these Standing Orders, the expression "leave of the Council" means the leave of the Council granted without any dissenting voice.