Legislative Council Standing Orders - Chapter 20



20.01  Transmission and broadcasting of proceedings

(1)    The proceedings of the Council may be -

        (a)    transmitted by sound or visual recording to offices within the precincts of Parliament House; or

        (b)    published on the internet or by any other electronic means; or

        (c)     recorded in sound and/or visual form by persons and organisations outside Parliament House -

        on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the President or the Council from time to time.

(2)    The broadcasting and re-broadcasting of proceedings of the Council may be undertaken by radio and television stations, internet and other electronic media in accordance with Standing Order 20.02.


20.02  Rules relating to the transmission and broadcasting of the proceedings

 (1)    Media organisations or individuals must be accredited by the President.

 (2)    Sound will be recorded only from the audio signal of proceedings transmitted by the Council monitoring system by representatives of accredited media organisations or individuals.

 (3)    The use of separate recording equipment and/or alteration to the sound relay equipment is not permitted without the authority of the President.

 (4)    Visual and/or sound recordings and excerpts of visual and/or sound recordings must not commence until the commencement of the prayer and must conclude on the adjournment of the Council or as soon as the Chair is vacated for a suspension of proceedings.

 (5)    Visual and/or sound recordings must be used only for the purpose of fair and accurate reports and reasonable balance between all sides is to be achieved by avoiding undue concentration on any one Member.

 (6)    Visual and/or sound recordings and excerpts of visual and/or sound recordings and still photography must not be used for -

        (a)    political party advertising or election campaigns; or

        (b)    satire or ridicule; or

        (c)     commercial sponsorship or commercial advertising; or

        (d)    radio, television and electronic advertisements or promotion.

 (7)    Visual and/or sound transmissions or broadcasts of, or broadcasts or re-broadcasts of recordings of, proceedings -

        (a)    will be such as to provide in context a balanced presentation of differing views; and

        (b)    may not include events in the Council Chamber unrelated to the proceedings of the Council.

 (8)    Visual and/or sound excerpts of recordings of proceedings -

        (a)    must be placed in context and Members should be identified at least by name; and

        (b)    must not misrepresent any proceeding before the Council, or the seating position, or office held by any Member of the Council.

 (9)    Any filming or photography of the public gallery is strictly prohibited at all times.

 (10)  Camera operators and still photographers must operate within the guidelines issued by the President.

 (11)     Media personnel are required to obey any instruction given either generally or in a particular case by the President or, through him or her, by the Clerk, other Table Officers or the Principal Attendant.