Legislative Council Standing Orders - Chapter 19



19.01  Custody of records and documents

The Clerk will keep custody of all records or other documents belonging to the Council and will not permit any to be removed without leave of the Council, or during any adjournment or prorogation, without leave of the President.


19.02  Minutes of the Proceedings

(1)     All proceedings of the Council will be recorded by the Clerks at the Table, and such records will constitute the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Council.

(2)     The Minutes of the Proceedings will be signed by the Clerk of the Council and published under the authority of the Government Printer.

(3)     The record of the Committee of the whole Council will be published as a supplement to the weekly Minutes of the Proceedings.

(4)     The Council may at any time by order restrain the publication of its proceedings.


 19.03  Reproduction of parliamentary documents

The President may authorise reproduction and/or publication for educational or historical purposes, subject to any conditions the President sets, of documents tabled in the Council more than 30 years earlier and not ordered to be published as parliamentary papers.


19.04  Disclosure of documents and evidence not tabled

 (1)    Where documents or evidence have been presented to a Council committee but not tabled in the Council they may be transferred by the Clerk to the Public Record Office.

 (2)    The President, subject to Standing Order 19.04(3), may permit any person to examine and copy such documents or evidence.

 (3)    If the documents or evidence were accepted by the committee on a confidential or restricted basis, disclosure will not take place unless the documents or evidence have been in the custody of the Council for at least 30 years and, in the opinion of the President disclosure is appropriate.

 (4)    A statement of any documents or evidence disclosed under Standing Order 19.04(3) must be included in the annual report of the Department of the Legislative Council.


19.05  Clerk to keep record of Members’ addresses

The Clerk will keep a record of the name and the nominated address of every Member.