Legislative Council Standing Orders

The current Standing Orders for the Legislative Council are available to download as an Adobe Acrobat format document:

Legislative Council Standing Orders

Please note, the Standing Orders must be read in conjunction with the Sessional Orders to understand the current rules of the House, as they apply. The following consolidated Standing Orders incorporates Standing and Sessional Orders:

Consolidated Standing Orders (as at 25 June 2021)

The Standing Orders can also be viewed by Chapter below. These must be read in conjunction with the current Sessional Orders.

Chapter 1 - Opening of Parliament and Address In Reply
Chapter 2 - President, Deputy President and Acting Presidents
Chapter 3 - Attendance of Members
Chapter 4 - Sitting and Adjournment Of The Council
Chapter 5 - Business
Chapter 6 - Notices, Motions and Orders Of The Day
Chapter 7 - Questions and Amendments
Chapter 8 - Questions Seeking Information
Chapter 9 - Tabling of Papers
Chapter 10 - Petitions
Chapter 11 - Production of Documents
Chapter 12 - Debate
Chapter 13 - Conduct of Members
Chapter 14 - Bills
Chapter 15 - Committee of the Whole Council
Chapter 16 - Divisions
Chapter 17 - Witnesses
Chapter 18 - Messages from and Addresses to the Governor
Chapter 19 - Records of The Council
Chapter 20 - Broadcasting, Recording and Photography of Proceedings
Chapter 21 - Privilege and Right Of Reply
Chapter 22 - Strangers
Chapter 23 - Council Committees
Chapter 24 - Operation and Suspension of Standing Orders


Joint Standing Orders
Joint Rules of Practice

Resolution of continuing effect - Parliamentary Integrity Adviser